And two months later...here I am, posting again.  I think that's just life these days.  I can't get on the computer whilst the kids are awake or else they are all over me wanting to watch garbage truck videos or something of the like and then when it's night time, I do other stuff (like...really important stuff, you know).

To catch up, though, I am 26 weeks pregnant and currently switching doctors due to some insurance changes (we need to stay in our network now or else pay out of pocket like crazy).  Adam is on the best month of residency to date:  it's an elective and he chose Anesthesiology and Ultrasound and he basically works Monday through Friday 8-5, give or take a little.   Residency has made me so appreciate having him home on weekends or being able to go to church as a whole family.  Having him home every night for supper and bath time and bed routines is bliss.

Speaking of, we have had some wild shenanigans with bedtime over past two months.  Henry was dealing with some fear during August and it fell while Adam was working overnights.  I could tell that Henry was really scared as he wouldn't even walk into a dark room during the day time.  We prayed a lot and talked a lot and in the end, I let him sleep in our bed those few nights.  Then, he had some breakthrough (Praise God!)  and I felt like he really wasn't scared anymore but he was in the habit of sleeping in our bed. So we tried to move Elliot into his room and that was three nights of pure chaos.  I was so glad that Adam was back on days during that transition because, by the grace of God, we were able to laugh together about all the craziness.  We ended up moving Elliot back into his old room and the new baby will just sleep in our room for a few months then we will try again.

Yet, Henry still wanders into our room a few times a night.  Adam is a very sound sleeper and so I usually walk Henry back into his room a few times but, if he persists (like some nights every 20 minutes for over two hours), then I usually give in and let him into my bed.  Other nights, I win and he ends up staying in his bed.  I really wouldn't mind him sleeping with us except that he can be a dreadful bed partner (last night, I ended up going and sleeping in his bed...not the first time).  Alas, we all do what we can to catch a few winks around here and a new baby will be fun to add to the mix.

There's more about fall and visits and riding the train and playgrounds but I am tuckered so I will have to blog again about all of that later (hopefully not two months later).   Adieu!    Adieu!  To you and you and youuuu.