They may be silly

but they are my family

and this is one of the hundreds of reasons

That Adam Jennings is the best man in the world to me.
...and Adam may need dental work after this game.

Happy Tuesday,


P.S. I haven't seen my phone since Monday so sorry if you're trying to call me! Try Adam's phone!


You Could Be An Airplane Hostess in the 60's

For your Monday enjoyment, oldies but goodies..

I'm not cryin', I've just been cutting onions.
I'm making a lasagna...for one.


Turn, turn, turn

Sometimes, on days like this, it's hard to believe that it will be like this

in a few months.

But you know what?  I'm not dreading it like I was a couple of months ago.  I'm actually excited about fall and it's crisp autumn air and the crunchy leaves under my feet.  God was pretty smart the way he made the seasons- just when you're really, really sick of winter, spring comes around and you really appreciate it and you prematurely wear flip flops and skirts.  And then when you're really hankerin' for the sun, summer comes and warms your little soul up.  Then, when you're sweating in your sleep and freckle-faced and scorching your feet on the concrete, fall starts to approach and it always brings this new excitement:  back-to-school supplies feeling, you know.  And then it's been so many months since you've seen snow, you're ready to see the world caked in white, totally clean once again.  

...Or maybe it's just because I've only been through one Erie winter?


Wine Times

The sampler stacks at Ferrante Wineries. They move in order from dry wines to sweeter wines.

Our dear friends, Brooke & Freeland.

we're pensive

A super hot guy sampling wine.

So, Freeland's mom took us all to some wineries in Ashtabula, Ohio last Saturday. Lemme tell you what, they have some good wineries. No offense, Northeast, but they kinda show yours up. (Don't take it personal.)

My favorite winery was the Ferrante Winery. They had music outside and a nice patio area and I really enjoyed their wines. Normally, I prefer red wine but they have an excellent chardonnay.
The sampler at Debonne Winery

I also really liked the Debonne Winery. There were having a polka festival, too. These two yahoos got out there and shook a leg.

testing out some white...

Brooke getting a big ol' whiff of that special aroma.
That's how we classy folks do it.
pretty winery

Freeland's Mama


You Are the Dancing Queen..

Oh, friends.

Last night, Bethany, Brooke, and I went to see Mamma Mia! It was such a fun movie. I think even Adam would've liked it although he would've scowled and pretended that he wasn't into it. But in his heart, he would've been saying, "Yes, sweet musical, yes!"

The whole movie I kept trying to figure out who that lead girl (Sophie) was. I knew that I had seen her somewhere...and then I googled it at home and it was Karen from Mean Girls. How bizarre! But she's adorable and did a great job, I thought.

Meryl Streep, though, was the diva. Let's be honest. She and her two girlfriends were hilarious, hilarious and she can belt it. Brooke said it right when she said, "Meryl just makes it look effortless." Too true, too true.

The weak link: Although Pierce Brosnan is easy on the eyes, he's hard on the ears. Bless his heart, he can't sing well, folks. I was surprised that they didn't dub his voice. And it didn't help that he was singing duets with ol' Meryl who can belt it like it's her job. (It is, incidentally)

All in all, the movie was fantastic. Of course, it's a musical. It will have a few cheesy parts, folks. That's the beauty. But then they turn the cheese into hilarity and it's all good, then! (I.e. the serenade on the beach between Sky & Sophie that turned into the speedo men in flippers dance on the dock... I loved it.)

The music is excellent. ABBA knows how to rock it. I recommend it for you & a girlfriend. We literally sang out loud in the theater. It's hard not to when an entire greek community is singing "Dancing Queen."


Dog Days of Summer

Powers on the way to pick up his besties.

Friends, I'm sorry that it's been since Saturday!  We had some very important friends visiting and we were having way, way too much fun.

These is Brooke and Freeland's dog, Oliver. 
He and his sister, Madeline, came and visited us while 
B & F were gone to Canada with Freeland's visiting momma. 

They're kinda large so they had to hang out in the back of Adam's truck
under the camper.  They stuck their head into the truck to say "Hey."

Here's Maddy!!!

After a long, hot walk...

Oliver likes the close-ups.

Madeline likes to tuck in for a nap. 

Powers is a little sad this his friends are gone but, really, he prefers Brooke and Freeland's cats. Happy Tuesday.


Fight Or Fist Pump

Dear Bloggy Friends, 

Thank you for the peanut butter help.  I feel confident that you helped save my husband from an untimely death of honey roasted deprivation.  Gracias.

I don't know about you, but whenever I see a picture of a baseball team, I always have to look hard to see if they're celebrating or fighting. 

For example, victory or vengeance?

I'm learning that a dogpile is usually a sign of happiness as opposed to anger.  
Glad or Mad?

answers:  Happy, Mad, Mad, Happy


WANTED: Reward on head

Have you seen this peanut butter?

When Adam & I first met, he ate this peanut butter non-stop.  Even once we were married and I was cooking, he ate a jar a week, easy.  Then, suddenly the Salmonella scare of  2006 occurred and we cannot find our beloved Peter Pan Honey Roast Crunchy peanut butter anywhere!

We frantically searched all over Waco and in my home town.  Once we moved to Erie, we ransacked the aisles looking for our crunchy friend to no avail.   We had given up all hope.   Then, two weeks ago, our lives changed.  As we perused the aisles of Winn Dixie in Navarre, Florida, Adam stopped dead in his tracks and let out a gasp.  

There it was.  Our precious.  Sitting there perched so innocently.  We took as many jars of crunchy (creamy, puh-lease...) as they had on the shelf (only about six, sadly.)  We ran for the check-out lane, hoping & praying that no one would stop us.  We succeeded and have been filling our stomachs with it's honey-roasted goodness ever since.  

But soon, we'll run out.  So, my question is:  Have you seen this peanut butter?  If so, could you let me know?  Muchas Gracias, bloggy friends.  You may have just saved my husband's life....and our marriage...and a rain forest....and a unicorn.


Era Excitement!

Ladies and Gents, we got a new poll. Check it out below the ad.

Also, for your enjoyment, here is a post from http://stuffwhitepeoplelike.com/
It is a hoot. And P.S., please don't take it too seriously and become super offended.
And P.P.S., check out the website, too. You'll giggle.
P.P.P.S. I would name that website stuff yuppies like

#87 Outdoor Performance Clothes
March 11, 2008 by clander
As white people get older, they like to make clear boundaries between their professional and personal lives. They don’t mind talking about their personal life at work, but they hate talking about their work life when they are enjoying a weekend or vacation. But with blackberries and laptops, white people could be working anywhere, at any time. So how do you know when they are off the clock? It’s easy, check their clothes.
When white people aren’t working, they generally like to wear Outdoor Performance Clothes. The top suppliers of these garments and accessories include
North Face, REI, Mountain Equipment Co-Op, Columbia Sportswear, and Patagonia.
When you see white people wearing these, it is important that you do not discuss business matters. Instead you should say things like “where did you get that fleece?” and “what’s that thing
holding your keys to your shorts?” White people will be more than happy to talk to you about their sustainably produced possessions.
The main reason why white people like these clothes is that it allows them to believe that at any moment they could find themselves with a
Thule rack on top of their car headed to a national park. It could be 4:00 p.m. on a Saturday when they might get a call “hey man, you know what we need to do? Kayak then camping, right now. I’m on my way to get you, there is no time to change clothes.”
Though it is unlikely that they will receive this call, White people hate the idea of missing an opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities because they weren’t wearing the right clothes.
If you plan on spending part of your weekend with a white person, it is strongly recommended that you purchase a jacket or some sort of “high performance” t-shirt, which is like a regular shirt but just a lot more expensive.


Smith Wiener Races

So, Monday night I had my first "Buck Night" experience at a Sea Wolves game. First off, the Erie Sea Wolves are the local baseball team, for you non-Erie folks. Furthermore, "Buck Night" refers to a night that hot dogs, beer, pretzels, etc. are all $1 each.
AND it's not those gross hot dogs that have been sitting on a rotisserie for hours. They're Smith hot dogs being grilled on an actual grill by a nice man who looks like my uncle.
Nice, right?

We attended with the Usual Suspects..

Anywhoos, baseball is one of those things that I forgot I really enjoy until I go. We had so much fun! My favorite activity was the Smith wiener races. Yep, they raced around the field...
Another thing that I like about the Sea Wolves game is that they're definitely family friendly. They have a "Kids Stampede" where hundred of kids sprint across the field (hilarious!), lots of crowd participation activities between innings, and the kids stand on the dugouts and lead the "Cotton-Eyed Joe" after the 7th inning stretch.

Sadly, the Sea Wolves lost to Altoona. Happily, we didn't get smacked in the face with a foul ball.

EDIT: Can anyone see these pictures? They're not showing up for me.


Greek Fest, Gyro Time...

Well, this weekend was the annual Greek Fest in ol' Erie, PA. Since it was Freeland & Brooke's first summer in Erie, we offered to escort them (after all, we are such seasoned Erie-ites)

Brooke's not so sure about joining in on the dancing...

Our favorite drummer was back from last year! Only, I didn't see him smoking & tambourineing this year so maybe he quit? If so, way to go Transition lens man!

I just want to say, I hope I'm half as awesome as this woman when I grow older. She is one put-together, sassy lady.

In conclusion, I love Greek Fest (Hi Carrie!) . It makes me wish that I was greek. How 'bout another gyro?
P.S. Went to the Sea Wolves game last night for buck night. A-stinkin-mazing. More details on that, next post.
P.P.S. Just saw that Brooke posted about this yesterday. Read here- it's a good recap!


Oh, Brother!

Eight years ago, the summer before my senior year in high school, I was blessed with my first nephew, Caleb. He is a goose & I love him.

Then, two years later, along came Nephew #2, Cade. He loves his big brother. I love him, too.

Caleb is the entertainer of the family. Nothing makes him happier than donning a wig & a cheesing it up for his audience.

Cade is very adventurous. He'd jump right into the deep end of a tank filled with sharks.

Caleb is very organized and likes to have his belongings stored in a very orderly fashion. He enjoys lining things up in order, just like his grandma.

Cade likes to fly by the seat of his pants. He enjoys disrupting Caleb's organizing process and knocking over a thing or two in order to bask in a little attention from his big brother.

Cade likes to be where Caleb is, doing what he is doing. Sometimes, Caleb might want a little space from little brother.

Sometimes, they might need to throw a little sand at each other to demonstrate their frustrations.

But, at the end of the day, they are brothers.

And they really love each other.

And there's nobody that they'd rather float to Cuba with than each other.