numero uno husband

I had to display them. They showed up at work from the future Dr. Jennings! Great surprise!


b & free's magical matrimony

This weekend we flew into ole Tejas to witness the marriage of our beloved friends, brooke and freeland. And, also to witness their 2 great danes walking down aisle as flowergirl and ring bearer (wish i had a picture of THAT!) The dogs were outfitted in huge wreaths with the vet. walking them down the aisle! It was one of the coolest things i've seen at a wedding. But enough about the dogs already.

When Adam & I flew into Texas, it was like flying home. It felt like we'd been on a long trip to Erie and now we should be driving to our old rent house! It was weird to stay in a hotel in Waco! But we love Erie (minus the lack of GOOD mexican food) and feels more home-like everyday. It was stinking hot in Texas, too. We are not used to all that crazy heat. Hace mucho calor!

I got to spend a lot of Saturday with the old roommates and friends of Waco, while Adam pulled groomsmen duty. I love sitting on the couch next to girls who know you so stinking well and talking about meaningful life things one second and doing an imitation of a roommate's dance moves the next second. In addition to seeing Lindsey, Holly, Haley, and Bethany, I also got to meet Caroline's fiance!

We like him. He is the milk to her shake.

The wedding was at this old mansion in Waco and was completely beautiful. I wouldn't have changed anything. We are so glad we got to fly in for it! Also, we were on the same flight as Brooke and Free the next morning! Now, some might think that'd be awkward, right? "Hey guys.... hows the honeymoon going?" But not with Brooke and Free- we ate breakfast with them in the Houston airport, even. We love those guys.

Now the pictures you've been waiting for...


quality times

Well, this weekend was no disappointment! The besty came in town and we had a blast, even including our long run. Marylou was a sport and loved on Powers and rearranged my refrigerator. I was sad to watch her go and hope that one day we can at least live next door to one another in a retirement community. It was so fun to have my 2 favorite people AND my favorite dog all in the house.

And, since a picture is worth a thousand words- a novel about our weekend.

Yes, that was our "best friends" matching rings that we bought at claire's boutique...


emergency 9-1-1

It all started with a routine vet visit. We loaded powers up in the jeep, harnessed him in with Adam's genius "keep Powers from jumping out of the jeep after a squirrel while we're traveling 45 m.p.h." contraption. Then we went to the vet for ordinary vaccines, check up, etc. The vet waiting room is a funny area. Everyone looks at their pets and giggles quietly as other people's pets whine or dance around. Owners say things like "Easy, Fluffy." and "She is just so excited, aren't you sweet baby girl!"

Anywhoos, Powers finally gets called and we go in, have the shots, get weighed (speaking of, we also received some interesting news- after years of Powers not being able to gain weight, here he is, after only 3 months of mixing canned food with the dry, FAT.) Well, the vet didn't actually say he was FAT, but he did say he could stand to lose a few. So, basically, he's fat. I'm sure I don't help the situation with my sneaky table scraps that I slide to Powers. (Adam does not approve)

So, as we're on the way home, Powers vomits 3 times in the jeep. Then we get home and he pukes again in the yard and lies down. He's panting all crazy-like. This is weird, up 'vaccine reaction dog" on the internet and it sounds bad, so I call the vet place & get the machine. Then we call the Emergency vet place and they tell us that we need to come in. So, we're like, "hey Powers! We're going for a ride- c'mon!" nothing. He doesn't get up, its so weird. So, Adam picks him up and carries him to the jeep. He lays in my lap all pathetic-like.

We get to the Emergency vet place and it is so interesting-
there's a big boxer there that got stung by a bee and has a huge tongue and swollen eye- he was funny. There's a golden lab there that ate paintballs that the neighbor's kids shot. His vomit was bright green. Also, there was a sad, older couple there with their tiny terrier. The terrier had a little tiny i.v. and the couple was so sad. Its funny how much a part of our lives our pets become, you know? They're so wonderful and always love you and are always happy to see you. Anyways, long story short- he got pumped full of steriods and benadryl and he's better now! He had a reaction to the Leptospirosis vaccine, which he didn't have in Texas. So, we go home and he drinks copious amounts of water and then passed out. We have to keep giving him Benadryl for the next few days, so he'll be a little calmer, a little more mellow, a little more drunk.

Its cool in Erie- this morning when I was driving to work, the car thermometer said 46 degrees!!! Yay fall! And my best pal is coming in tomorrow!!!


real girls

This past Thursday was a hot one. The same day I had chosen to do my long run at the park. It was an uphill battle and just as I was about to jump into the lake a woman rode her bicycle up beside me and said "hey- its good to see a woman really sweat. You always see those tiny little things up in this park who never even have a drop of sweat!"

So, apparently I'm "not tiny" and "really sweaty." Thats fantastic! No, it actually didn't bother me, rather distracted me because it was pretty stinking funny!

It is cooling off a lot this week and I keep hearing the sound of old bicycle horns coming from the sky. I look up and there are the geese in their "V's" preparing to go down south for the winter! Its actualy pretty cool! They are loud fellows and don't SOUND very graceful, but they're actually really pretty to watch.

My best pal is coming into town on Friday! Mary Lou Kavanaugh Oswalt will be making her grand entrance into the exciting town of Erie, which will, in all likelihood, never recover. Just kidding. I'm excited for her to be here and after we get that pesky long run out of the way, we're going to have some real fun! touristy-style. We're going to rent those bike buggies at the park and go to town! Woohoo.

Adam has a quiz today and has been studying like its his job all weekend. I guess it is his job so that makes sense. He is such a hard worker!!!

I have on my cowboy boots today at work. Bringing Texas to the north.

Okay, I Have to go because I'm at work- but I will post later. Patience, little grasshoppers!


sicky sick.

Well, I have arrived from Chicago. The weekend was fantastic and the wedding went off beautifully. Also, there were bridesmaids coming in from all over the country, people that robyn had known from all different times of life. And, that could've been bad, right? But it was so great and we all got along wonderfully and had a really fun girls weekend! And Robyn was a beautiful bride and the wedding was in this park and it was beautiful!

However, not everything was fantastic. Sunday, at the wedding, I started to get this headache. It progressed and eventually my head felt so bad and I was feeling nauseated. So, I felt bad because I wanted to be upbeat bridesmaid, but I felt like poop. So, I found this place to lie down where no one could see me (in the tent where robyn got ready) and laid on the ground. But then I started feeling really sick to my stomach. And the wedding was outside, so I was like well maybe if I walk around I'll feel better. Well, everyone was dancing, no one was really sitting, so I went and sat by Robyn's grandmother because I knew if I sat alone, someone would think I was depressed-loner girl and want to come pity-talk to me. And I did not feel up to talking. So, I'm sitting by Robyn's nanny, who doesn't mind sitting silently while I do lamaze-style breathing. Then, suddenly I'm like, oh man i'm going to be sick. So I walk over to the pond and sit on some slate stones. Then I realize Robyn's little cousin (7 years old) has followed me over there.) He's a sweet little guy but I couldn't say, hey listen. I'm about to vomit. Shoo. I couldn't really talk at all, I was trying to fight the urge. But then it happened. I threw up everywhere 4 times and it got on my bridesmaid dress. Lovely. Riley (robyn's cousin) said "What happened?" And I tearfully said "I just threw up." And he said "do you feel better?" And I said, "Yeah." And he said, "Maybe we should go dance." cutie pie. Anywhoos, now I need to find someone to take me back to the hotel. Luckily as I walked towards the dance floor, Robyn's friend Amy, who is an angel of kindness , was like whats wrong. And, I was all teary, and was blubbering I just threw uuuuuup. Why am I crying? I don't know. So she took my to the hotel. I called Adam and he was like, I'm coming to get you. The sweetest husband. However, it would take longer for him to come and get me then for me to just catch my plane and come on back. So, I made it back and now I'm feeling much better!

My boys survived this weekend. It was so good to see them. I don't like being apart from Adam, even though this weekend was really fun, its just not the same without my besty. Okay, I'll post pictures from the wedding soon. Enjoy the end of your Labor Day