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This past Thursday was a hot one. The same day I had chosen to do my long run at the park. It was an uphill battle and just as I was about to jump into the lake a woman rode her bicycle up beside me and said "hey- its good to see a woman really sweat. You always see those tiny little things up in this park who never even have a drop of sweat!"

So, apparently I'm "not tiny" and "really sweaty." Thats fantastic! No, it actually didn't bother me, rather distracted me because it was pretty stinking funny!

It is cooling off a lot this week and I keep hearing the sound of old bicycle horns coming from the sky. I look up and there are the geese in their "V's" preparing to go down south for the winter! Its actualy pretty cool! They are loud fellows and don't SOUND very graceful, but they're actually really pretty to watch.

My best pal is coming into town on Friday! Mary Lou Kavanaugh Oswalt will be making her grand entrance into the exciting town of Erie, which will, in all likelihood, never recover. Just kidding. I'm excited for her to be here and after we get that pesky long run out of the way, we're going to have some real fun! touristy-style. We're going to rent those bike buggies at the park and go to town! Woohoo.

Adam has a quiz today and has been studying like its his job all weekend. I guess it is his job so that makes sense. He is such a hard worker!!!

I have on my cowboy boots today at work. Bringing Texas to the north.

Okay, I Have to go because I'm at work- but I will post later. Patience, little grasshoppers!

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Lora said...

We Conville Women can sweat with the best of them!