Henry Vs. Elliot- 13.5ish months






Oh wow. I have really fallen behind on blogging ever since the privacy switch. Between Adam's hours and these two boys and preparing to move and my cozy bed, the drive just hasn't been there, folks. A few pictures:

trapdoor jammies

making cookies with some friends

thanskgiving at the Jennings' home

our new neighborhood playground!

Tillery Park (We go to playgrounds quite often)

Sweet Elliot.

Elliot recently had his one month appointment- he is doing great! He has lost weight since 9 months (due to weaning and moving around more) so he is much lower on the weight chart and about average for height. Big head, though! He walked a few times about a week after his first birthday but, since then, not much has happened in that department. He is a happy little guy and not nearly as serious as Henry was at this age. Elliot is really into cars and playing with balls and starting fights with Henry by getting into whatever Henry is playing with. I am seeing a nurturing big-brother side come out of Henry, though (at times) and it's awfully sweet.

More later, must go pack!


Henry was really into decorating our Christmas tree this year. We did a little guy tree since we're in the process of moving (oh, did I not mention that?! Right before Christmas. We're wild) and it's been fun to see Henry get really excited and into all the festivities. His decorating of the tree was classic- all the ornaments on one branch...so good.

Henry is being kinder and sweeter towards Elliot, most of the time. Henry really is at such a special age- I love two (again, most of the time) and all the questions and pretend-play and genuine sweetness that is appearing in my little Guy.

Elliot is still a gem too. I'll write more about him next time. For now, my man is off work and I'm going to go spend time with him!


Picture Palooza.

Henry laid up on the couch with the stomach bug...it went around our family: Elliot, Mama, Adam and then Henry.


Weaning (lots of details)

Mama is in the process of weaning my one-year-old. With Henry, I was encouraged by the bag doctor to wean him because I was pregnant, so Henry had his last nursing-feeding at 11 months.

However, with Elliot, I am not pregnant and not as motivated to wean. Well, until he got his 4th tooth in this week and I am a little more motivated now. I have been dropping a feeding a week. On Thursday and Friday, I just nursed him for bedtime (and yowza- going from two feedings to one is painful! By bedtime, I was about to burst!) But this morning, when Elliot woke up at 4:15 and wouldn't fall back asleep, I whipped out the milk express so I am back at two feedings a day.

I know that Elliot will be fine but I'm still a little sad about weaning this kid. I love that time of rocking and nursing and having his little hands on my face (or in my mouth, nose, or pulling my earrings...not always as fun). Breastfeeding has been an incredible experience for me and I'm so blessed to have been able to nurse this long, thank you, Lord!

Elliot At One.

Elliot At One:

almost 22 pounds (he's actually lost weight since the beginning of the summer. probably a combination of moving more and not nursing as much)

has exactly 4 teeth and about 10 on the way, it seems. He got his teeth a lot later than Henry did!

loves to walk around with someone holding his hands. He hasn't taken his first step yet but crawls to get around.

has learned to scream and squeal to get his way.

knows how to charm people.

loves his big brother but is learning to stand up to him. (see above: squealing or screaming when things don't go his way)

loves clapping his hands and raises his arms up high to sing, "Daaaaaaaa!"

loves playing the drum.

Favorite Food: Yo Baby blueberry yogurt.

Loves people but is definitely a Mama's boy right now.

Sleeps through the night (until at least 5 a.m. and takes one nap a day usually- plus sometimes one additional cat nap in the morning in the stroller or car)


Let Him Eat Cake!

With the combination of a tiny rent house and Adam's crazy residency schedule, we decided to have a little get together on Adam's night off this past week. Adam's parents came over and my mama drove in and we enjoyed hanging out and celebrating Elliot's first year of life! I was feeling a bit guilty since Henry had big blowout parties for birthdays one and two but I don't think Elliot minded the small celebration and we did what worked for this year!

Happy birthday to brooooodder! Happy birthday to Henry! Happy birthday to Beaaaar! (sung by Henry).



Getting weepy tonight over the fact that my baby, my second born, will be one tomorrow. Elliot Hayden Jennings, my little smiley man.

What a year it's been. Elliot, you are so dear to me. You are a precious gift from a loving heavenly Father. I love you!

(This post was written last night- Elliot is one today 10.25)



I am currently listening to Henry yell/sing the lyrics to The Wheels on the Bus and his ABC's in his crib where he is avoiding his nap.