Officially That Time of Year...

explanation for picture at bottom of page

Well, we successfully hosted our first Thanksgiving! We had a marvelous time at it- there were 10 grown-ups and 2 babies and the food was wonderful and we ate and ate and then the boys threw around a flat football. I used our dining room table as the serving area and then we borrowed two tables to set up in the living room to form one long dining room table. I mixed and matched our dishes and goblets to try and make the settings a little funky and finally got to use our monogrammed cloth napkins that we received as wedding gifts! (We've been married since May, 2006).

Everyone left at 7 when our friend hosted a dessert party where her mother-in-law (who is literally a national pie-baking champion) baked us several pies for our happy consumption. I don't even care for pies very much but these were delicious morsels from heaven. I finally understood what Keri Russell was singing about in that stupid movie.

Adam, Henry, and I only stayed a bit because it was past Henry's bed time. So, then we skidaddled home and put our feet up, at last. It had been quite a day. I now have a new appreciation for the women in my life who plan, clean, set-up, cook, and (the worst) do the dishes on Thanksgiving.

Brooke took the pictures or else I would show you photographic proof of our wonderful day. So, you're just going to have to take my word for it. I'm embarrassed to say that the only picture we took was the one at the top of the page. Adam snapped these uncooperative crescent rolls (pre-oven) with his camera on his phone. They ended up tasting just fine.


Dear toy manufacturers,

Dear toy manufacturers, have I got an idea for you: toy electrical cords. It'll be the candy cigarettes of the new millenium. I can't explain the appeal...I just know that my son crawls right past his boring toys straight to the inviting lamp, computer, breast pump, and alarm clock cord and wants to chew on it.


Standing Up For Himself

Not that you care, but today I walked into Henry's room because I heard him waking up from his nap, and he was standing up in the crib.

Whoa. First crawling, now this...all hands on deck. Luckily, we had already lowered the crib mattress.


Turkey Day Approaches & Ta-Ta

This year, the three of us will be staying in good ol' Erie for Thanksgiving. Due to Adam's rotation schedule, we were unable to make it down to Texas (sad) but we will be celebrating Thanksgiving with 8 other friends (happy!) at our house. It is a nice, low-pressure hosting gig- the 8 other guests are bringing food and Brooke & Freeland are even handling the turkey (yippee!)

I made my Mom's bestest Thanksgiving dish tonight (spinach madeline) and froze it for Thursday. It was the first time that I'd made it and I have a new appreciation for her cooking my favorite dish every holiday (thanks, Mom!)

Thanks for all the advice about Henry biting my ta-ta's during nursing sessions. I am hoping that we can survive this era and I can keep on until his first birthday!



Now that Henry has his two bottom teeth, he has bitten me a few times.

While I was feeding him.

It hurts, I won't lie. The first few times, it wasn't too bad but it's become worse and I have yelped out a couple of times and made Henry both cry and laugh. I want to keep on nursing him but, geez Louise...



As a mother, I have a whole new level of appreciation for parks.

Free entertainment.

Henry loved the park- watching the big kids, swinging, going down slides with me, it's all good.


Stranger than Fiction

Today, Henry and I are walking into Wegman's and I see these four sassy old ladies get out of their SUV.

Wow, one of them is really tall, I think.

Wait, another one has a huge adam's apple.

Wait. Yes, they are men. There are four cross-dressing old men walking into Wegman's in front of me. At 11 a.m. In Erie.

Oddly enough, one has legs that I would kill for.

Then, I get into Wegman's and there are two news teams in the produce section filming (unrelated to the cross-dressers, presumably). So, I walk really slowly behind them sniffing and sizing fruits and vegetables. You may see me on the news in a gray sweater.


Back in the Saddle

Currently in my google search bar is the following phrase:

How many calories Dairy Queen blizzard.

My husband typed it in last night. (You don't want to know the answer). Honestly, it's the kind of information of which I'd rather remain oblivious. I mean, where is the enjoyment in a DQ Oreo blizzard (add cookie dough, please) if you are thinking...wow, this is 7 miles worth of running shot to hell in a frosty cup!

A couple of months ago, I began a food journal- you may remember, I vowed to record every calorie that I put into my mouth. A friend of mine said that she could never do something like that- she would become too OCD and then become annorexic.

I don't have that problem. See, I am of the opposite mentality...the slowly slide off of the wagon grouping. Oh, sure I'll keep up with it for a while and then BAM, a festive weekend of eating occurs and then I lose momentum and gain 10 pounds. Until the next time that I recommit, which is now (sorta). Oh, how I miss the days of my (earlier) youth where I could starve myself for a day and lose 7 lbs. Those were good times.

Alas, it appears that you have to change your lifestyle (booo) and, for me, the main issue is trying not to eat as much as my 200 pound husband. I have quickly learned that I can easily eat the calories that I burn off through exercise, thus, I must learn moderation. To enjoy food but not eat massive quantities at supper. To have some chocolate...maybe just not at every meal.

So, here we go again...unless someone has a magic pill. Anyone? Anyone?


Sick Baby + Fall Weather

Adam is goofy.

Henry is sick. But babies don't like to have their noses or faces wiped. This results in Henry having boogers crusted to his nose a lot of the day.

Our thermometer is so slow, painfully slow. And I refuse to do it the rectal-way, so I'm jamming it in his armpit and pinning his arm down while I order Adam to dance around and sing in order to distract Henry while the digital temperature slowly climbs. So, we bought one of those head slide-y thermometers. It took us a while, but I think we get it now.

Adam starts Pediatrics tomorrow in Ashtabula. We had the perfect fall weekend before his new rotation starts- gorgeous weather. We put up lights on two of our trees in our front yard. We walked. We sat on a blanket in the back yard. We went to Asbury Woods. Milking this extended fall for all it is worth.


Plane Facts

I know that I'm late on this, but I am loving reading all the editorials about the San Jose mom and her 2-year old son who were kicked off the Southwest flight when he was too noisy. I know that no one likes hearing a yelling child and I haven't had a toddler yet but as the mom of a six-month old, when Henry is fussy, I'm more stressed out than anyone else. Also, I don't fly with Henry for pleasure...we have to fly to go see his grandparents and I am working my pants off trying to entertain him. I almost always have had people extend uncommon courtesy towards us when we are flying (offering first class seats even!) and I really appreciate that. I don't know what traveling with a toddler will be like but so far, I've seen lots of gracious folks when Henry and I are in the sky.


Salad Week

Being adventurous can take many shapes and sizes and sometimes looks lame-o, but that's okay. This week I am making different types of salads every night. So far, I have made this one (the toasted almonds are so good!) and this one (love a good greek salad) and I highly recommend them...very tasty!


Things That Make You Go, Huh?

When my mom visited, we rented movies to watch after Henry was asleep at night. We hadn't really watched any movies since he was born (besides Harry Potter 6...yesssss). And we realized, hey! Watching movies is fun! So Sunday night, Adam & I rented Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen from the Red Box (fantastic invention, that Red Box, eh?) Anywhoos, it was right up Adam's alley but I had a hard time keeping the Transformer Robots straight. Who just got punched? Which bad guy is that? Or is it a good guy? I'm confused. I feel that the transformers should have more distinguishing marks.
Okay, rant over.

Now, we are watching X-Men Origins: Wolverine. (I am the best wife. Ever. Just kidding.) This movie is weird. If I was an X-Men, I'd want to be able to be invisible and apparate and disapparate. And also, the ability to sing really well. And, the ability to have an awesome British accent. And the ability to go to Hogwarts.

It's silly o'clock at the Jennings.


Bring On the Sun

It was such a beautiful weekend- we spent as much time as possible outside, soaking up the sun and enjoying the yellow leaves everywhere. I could get used to 65 degree days in November.

Today, Henry bit my finger and I felt something sharp- behold! A tooth. His first little tooth coming in and I am a little nervous about feeding him with that bad boy around.


Fun Visitors

My dear friend, Melanie, came to visit us this week and I just loved having her here. There is nothing like a dear friend with whom you can just pick back up and do DAILY things together. We went on a walk, we went to the grocery store, we cooked supper together, she met my friends and we watched So You Think You Can Dance at Brooke's house. We stared at Henry. We talked lots. She is a gem of a gal and one of the most fun people you will ever meet. I am glad she came to stay with us and feel honored to call her my friend. I needed my Melanie fix!


Wild Things

Our little wild thing meeting a goat.

When my mom was here, Adam & I took advantage and went on a date! We went to eat and then watched Where the Wild Things Are. I still don't know what I think about the movie. One cool aspect was that the lead kid in that movie has mannerisms and talks just like my nephew, Caleb. That part was really sweet. I will say this: It's not a kids' movie. Also, they really nailed a lot of unspokens from childhood. Also, it was full of imagination. Also, a lot of it was sad. Also, you probably need to just go see it yourself. It made us think and dissect a lot.

It was a well-made movie, but not a feel-good movie. I probably wouldn't watch it again but I'm glad that I saw it.

Also, stay tuned...Brooke gives the big reveal today on the sex of the baby! (Yes, I already know...No, I'm not telling!)


Hansel & Gretel and their little Monkey, too!

Our first year here in Erie, we had no trick-or-treaters. And I had sat by the window all night with my huge bowl of candy. It was sad.

The second year here, I was pregnant with Henry and Adam & I dressed as Hermoine and Harry Potter for a rockin' Halloween party at Sarah L.'s house.

And, this year, we revisited that party (baby in tow) dressed as Hansel & Gretel with our little monkey-man and his pack-and-play with us (Hey, we didn't want to go home at 7!)

Dressing the monkey was not easy.

Note Hansel's (Adam's) short shorts (photo by Brooke Ackley)

The gals at the party (photo by Brooke Ackley)

Me (Gretel) and Bethany at the party (she was comfortable in her pink snuggie)

Adam and Henry

Overall, 'twas great fun!