Hansel & Gretel and their little Monkey, too!

Our first year here in Erie, we had no trick-or-treaters. And I had sat by the window all night with my huge bowl of candy. It was sad.

The second year here, I was pregnant with Henry and Adam & I dressed as Hermoine and Harry Potter for a rockin' Halloween party at Sarah L.'s house.

And, this year, we revisited that party (baby in tow) dressed as Hansel & Gretel with our little monkey-man and his pack-and-play with us (Hey, we didn't want to go home at 7!)

Dressing the monkey was not easy.

Note Hansel's (Adam's) short shorts (photo by Brooke Ackley)

The gals at the party (photo by Brooke Ackley)

Me (Gretel) and Bethany at the party (she was comfortable in her pink snuggie)

Adam and Henry

Overall, 'twas great fun!


Lora said...

TOO CUTE-and you and Adam look nice too.

Perhaps you should "Go Blonde"?

C and G said...

Love it!! what a cute little monkey man!

Tressa said...

LOVE IT! We love doing family themes..so cute! We were the Super Six Stricklands!

Lindsay said...

So cute!