Wild Things

Our little wild thing meeting a goat.

When my mom was here, Adam & I took advantage and went on a date! We went to eat and then watched Where the Wild Things Are. I still don't know what I think about the movie. One cool aspect was that the lead kid in that movie has mannerisms and talks just like my nephew, Caleb. That part was really sweet. I will say this: It's not a kids' movie. Also, they really nailed a lot of unspokens from childhood. Also, it was full of imagination. Also, a lot of it was sad. Also, you probably need to just go see it yourself. It made us think and dissect a lot.

It was a well-made movie, but not a feel-good movie. I probably wouldn't watch it again but I'm glad that I saw it.

Also, stay tuned...Brooke gives the big reveal today on the sex of the baby! (Yes, I already know...No, I'm not telling!)


Brooke & Freeland said...

I love that little outfit Henry has on! You're cute.. we just posted the news! :) Thanks for being so excited for us!

CaseyWiegand said...

he's the cutest! I love y'all!!!