Today's Agenda: flying with a 16-month-old (3 flights). All prayers would be appreciated. Thank you!

Incidentally, God bless portable DVD players.


Mama to the Rescue!

His Daddy's Boy

My Mama's here so we are working on the baby nursery and herding Henry while Adam is in Texas rotating in the ER. He drove my car down with Powers and made it in pretty decent time (it's quite a hike) and so we have a dog-less house but with one more nursery. Will post more later but now must keep Henry from eating paint.




My Mom blogged the below post. I believe that she meant to do it on her own blog but you know how the older population can struggle with "computers" and "technology" sometimes...

Hee Hee.



SURELY, I am in line for SOME SORT OF AWARD---Mother of the Year --or SOMETHING! Started the day with a brisk walk in the 50 degree weather---OH I LOVE IT! Came home and went to work. Started by cleaning out The frig---FUN! Went from there to working on Baby Dos's nursery. Painted baseboards, re-plastered, touched up paint, cleaned windows, swept and oiled wood floors, to just get started. Then I put up the baby bed----WHILE I SAID A FEW CHOICE WORDS about my SIL who didn't find time to get it done. Went to Target and Baby's R Us and Lowe's. Came home and had blizzard for supper as a reward. Just finished painting the changing table/cabinet for the Baby's Room. READY FOR AN ALEVE AND BED!



I think I passed! I had my gestational diabetes test on Tuesday and, so far, I haven't gotten a call back. Last pregnancy, I got a call back that same day to let me know that I needed to come back the next morning...soooo....yay (Hopefully!)

FYI- I had two eggs with cheese for breakfast and water. No coffee because Adam said that coffee could do something with insulin or something...

Whatever. Apparently, it worked!


Some Random Tid-Bits

Currently am watching Henry roll around in his crib (via video monitor) instead of taking a peaceful afternoon nap. He is wound up- we just got his hair cut (wheeee! sike.). Actually, the barber at Famous Hair was a PRO with kids- major props. He let Henry touch the comb and eat a dum-dum and look in a tiny mirror and was so sweet and patient while Henry sat in my lap. Way to go, hair guy. Regardless of skill, though, Henry was a complete wiggle worm after a few minutes of the Mama-straight-jacket-hold and he may have a few longer pieces of hair...I'm okay with that.

Our girls' group is reading Crazy Love by Francis Chan. I am really enjoying this book and the discussions that it's spurred. We are discussing chapter two on Thursday, so we're not too far in yet but it's still been a great book by a very authentic and passionate author.

I had a doctor's appointment today. Hopefully, prayerfully, I passed my gestational diabetes test round 1. Today I enter my 31st week of pregnancy. Whoa.

Celebrate Erie was this past weekend. Henry & I went by the festival on Saturday while Adam was at work. It was a spontaneous trip and so I didn't have my stroller. Instead my huge belly lugged my Henry around/chased after him in the crowds. Then we had a cookie and everything was better. I don't know if I told you but at his last doctor's appointment, he was in the 8th percentile for weight. 25th for height. He's a little peanut. However, I am thankful as I carry around a watermelon in my belly and him on my hip. I'm glad that he's the size that he is...and he's thriving- happy, healthy, and WILD.


Sweet Peace.

I have a dear friend who was pregnant in 2009 with a sweet baby boy. Her son went to heaven when she was 39 weeks pregnant, a week before her due date. It was heartbreaking. The Lord drew near to her and her family, like he promises (Psalm 34:18) and her friends have been able to see God's amazing love healing her heart.

She is pregnant again. One would think that fear would paralyze her. There was nothing that she could've done differently with her first son...it was beyond her control. So, one would expect her to walk in constant worry. However, we have seen her live out this verse and seen God's promise to be true...

"The Lord is near. Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcend all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus."
-Phil 4:5b-7

Thank you, Bethany, for letting us see God's peace guard your heart and mind as you meet with Him and give over your concerns and fears. It is beautiful to watch you walk through this season with joy and thanksgiving.


Glucose Tutor...

Picture from Last Pregnancy
Adam is at work or else I'd get him to take a picture right this instant!

Well, I am 30 weeks pregnant (whoooop!) and will be having my gestational diabetes test (a bit late, this time around) on Tuesday. Folks, I have to pass my first round test this time. When I was pregnant with Henry, I failed the first glucose test and had to go back the next morning for the 3-hour big-mama glucose test (which I passed- yay!). But still, it was a huge pain in the boot-ay and I don't want to worry about that again and finding Henry a babysitter so that I can get blood drawn over a 3-hour window.

Which leads me to my question.

Does anyone know any helpful hints or tips on making sure that you pass that initial glucose test? I know so many people who fail the initial one and then pass the second one, there must be a way...a solution...Eat an egg before? Stand on my head? Help, please!

P.S. Thanks for the help with the car seat dolly!

Car Seat Dollies Inquiry

Has anyone ever seen those people toting around a big-boy car seat in the airport on one of those wheelie dollies?

Anyone know where to get one?


Limited Space!

There is currently a lack of room on my lap for Henry. This belly is taking over and, sweet Henry, poor Sweet Henry, can barely sit through a book on my lap without being toppled off balance by his little brother and falling off his perch.

Room in my lap may be scarce...but there's always room in my heart for my firstborn muffin man.
Awwww, shucks.

I need for Adam to take a current pregnancy belly picture but he is at work...soooo, what are ya gonna do?
Plus, I'm way bigger this time...and less hair-dried/cutely dressed since I'm not working...
thus, not quite as motivated to document. Poor second child.


Talented Friends...

It is awesome having dear friends like Brooke Ackley for a myriad of reasons, one being that she is really talented and takes incredible pictures of my son when we hang out. Adam & I haven't had the darned battery in the camera for over 2 months plus we could never take pictures like hers so this is quite wonderful and such a blessing.

I am completely biased, but my son is beautiful. He and his Dad have the best lips and eyes, those lucky dogs. Henry was hanging out with his swim diaper on his head after a day in the baby pool at Brooke and Freeland's home. Silly.

Oh, we bought Adam a new interview suit for residency interviews! I'll have to take pictures (camera battery installed, of course) and post them. It's actually a slim fit suit, which is surprising for Adam but it looks A-mazing and it's a grey pin stripe. And it was on sale. Double score! It was the first suit that he tried on and so, in that way, it's kinda like the wedding dress thing...you know, people are always like, "it was the first dress that I tried on..." (mine wasn't but still...)

Happy Thursday!



Blueberry face traitor.

We have this picture album of photos of Henry from birth til about 8 months of age or so. Henry wants to look through it. He doesn't say anything except for every picture of Adam, he points to and says, "Dada!"

I'll point to pictures of me and say, "Who is that?"


I'll ask, "Where's Mama?"


So, we'll turn the page and there will be another picture of Henry & Adam.

I think he's been brainwashed.


"I remember my mother's prayers and they have always followed me. They have clung to me all my life."
Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865)



On Saturday, Henry & I drove to Target. Upon exiting the vehicle, I realized that I had driven the entire route with his shoes on top of my car.

This morning, Henry and I drove home from the YMCA and heard a thud and a roll on the roof of my car. Once we got home, I saw my water bottle still atop my car after the drive home.

So, if you're in the market for a car that you can leave stuff on top of and drive around town, look no further than the Volvo station wagon. YAY!


Something Stinky

Today at the playground, I noticed a few flies buzzing around Henry's backside, between his shorts and where his shirt had hiked up as he climbed the equipment.

Hmmm, perhaps something is amiss, eh?

Any other Mom probably would've hightailed it to change her kids' diaper, right? Well, I'd forgotten my diaper bag and so I let him play for 30 more minutes and just pulled his t-shirt down past his belt loops so that the flies couldn't get a whiff of the smell seeping out of Henry's diaper. It didn't seem to bother him but I reaped the rewards of that wise decision once I got to the house to change the aforementioned diaper. Yikes.

All glamour...that's me!



Look Ma! I can reach your china cups now!

True Hollywood confession: I literally breathed a sigh of relief, "Yessssss." after putting Henry to bed moments ago.

It's been one of those days.

We played outside for hours and hours. Henry enjoys waiting until we're the furthest point away from the house or car and then decides that he wants me to carry him back. When 28 weeks pregnant....no bueno, friends...no bueno.

He also had a doctor's appointment today. Adam was (and still is) at work but I took him and he decided that the doctor was no bueno, too. And the nurse. And the shot nurses. Everyone was no bueno.

So, after a hot day of fussing and needing to be carried and playing hard outside and running up and down hills and a few serious meltdowns concerning the price of tea in China...I sighed a yessss when I closed the door behind my bathed, fed, jammied baby boy.

But that don't mean I don't love him. And I'm so thankful for tiring, exhausting days with my first-born son. (But I could do without the dramatic tantrums...let's work on that, Henry.)


Super Dad

Adam had the afternoon off today and took Henry to the park and to get ice cream while I took a serious 3-hour nap. Cha-ching! Boom, shakalaka. Thank you, my lovely husband.

On a side note, does anyone else's kid LOVE to play in their vehicle? Henry is all about playing in Adam's truck while it's just parked in our driveway. Weird!

My Sickies

I had two sick boys this weekend- Henry kicked it off on Friday evening with the green snot galore and then Adam woke up Sunday morning with a really sore throat and the same aforementioned body fluid. Adam rested a lot since he began a new month of ER this afternoon and Henry, well, Henry was just pretty whiney. We were laughing and saying that when you're older, you just want to sleep and sleep when you're sick. When you're a kid with a cold, you keep the same hours...you're just not as happy (understatement). Thankfully, both are feeling better today.

I honestly had a pretty bad attitude when Adam woke up sick on Sunday morning. Sunday was going to be the day that Adam got up with Henry at 6 a.m. and I was going to sleep longer. Instead my plans were disrupted since Adam's body required more sleep to fight his sickness. Instead of compassion for my husband who didn't feel well, I felt self-pity. It reminded me of the constant war raging between my flesh and my Spirit...my flesh truly wants to do what it wants to do right in that moment. It is 100% selfish and self-focused. The Spirit calls me to love at all times and to be patient and not self-seeking...to humble myself as Jesus did and to regard the needs of others as greater than my own. This does not come easily for me.

A generous man will prosper; he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed.
-Proverbs 11:25

This is an awesome promise upon which to hang out hats. I am thankful that the Lord provides rest and refreshment for us. He is loving and patient towards me without fail. Help me to learn to be like that...


Snakes & Snails & Puppy Dog Tails

When I posted about Henry's behavior a few weeks ago, several people recommended the book, "Bringing Up Boys" by Dr. James Dobson. I had a gift card (thanks Mary Lou!) and went to pick it up on Saturday. I read the first chapter aloud to Adam and we both cackled and giggled so hard. Boys are hilarious- I mean, just some of the stories about boys pushing the limits (i.e. pouring gasoline down a man hole and throwing a match down....just to see what would happen or trying to imitate Tarzan and realizing too late that the rope you tied to the branch before you jumped is longer than the branch's height from the ground...) are crazy.

It's reassuring to know that boys, in general, push their boundaries and climb on everything and jump off of couches and do all that monkey business...Henry is not alone. Believe it or not, this first chapter made me wish for a house full of boys- ruckus and chaos and noise and dirty laundry. I love my wild little man.

"Of all the animals, the boy is the most unmanageable."
-Plato (written over 2,300 years ago)

"As these stories illustrate, one of the scariest aspects of raising boys is their tendency to risk life and limb for no good reason. It begins very early. If a toddler can climb on it, he will jump off it. He careens out of control towards tables, tubs, pools, steps, trees, and streets. He will eat anything and loves to play in the toilet...A boy harasses grumpy dogs and picks up kitties by their ears. His mom has to watch him every minute to keep him from killing himself. He loves to throw rocks, play with fire, and shatter glass..."
-Dr. Dobson

Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward.
-Psalm 127:3