one little tidbit..

Ah, yes. My best friend was so kind as to remind me of a scene that I failed to mention in the story. I kinda forgot. Well, at one point after the dad came down and said for me to clear out the party, I thought everyone was leaving. People were driving away. (An kind, older girl had helped me to tell people to leave). Well,, so me & my best pal, Mary Lou left with 2 other girls to go get some ice cream. I mean, party's over- we're safe, right? Wrong. When we returned from the ice cream place- the party had reunited at the house again. Music bumping, tailgates down, the whole shebang. THEN, the cops came and THEN everyone scrammed. Even my so-called best friend! But then she came out of hiding in the bushes to stand by me......so, we're still best friends.


Unintentional Kegger

The year was 1998. It was the spring of my freshman year in high school. I wasn't even 15 yet, I couldn't drive, and my arm was in a cast & sling. I had just gotten my braces off.

Every year, our high school, Ruston High School, had a "Barn Dance". This happened in May after the current Seniors had graduated but before school was out for the rest of us. Also, the 8th graders, who were going to be freshmen in the fall, were invited to attend. The junior boys always "ringed" the 8th grade boys with their new senior rings. The junior girls always sprayed the 8th grade girls with water guns, verbally abused, and backed into them, etc. You know- welcoming stuff.

Well, another tradition was for the 9th grade girls to take along the 8th grade girls to the dance- kind of a "big sister" thing- to provide a little moral support & shelter, right? So, my freshman year in high school the administration cancelled the barn dance. (Rightfully so.) And so I decided to have a slumber party of sorts, instead. My parents were on board- so I invited a few girls from my class over and a few of the 8th graders. Good, wholesome fun right?

I was naive. My 9th grade friends told other people- you know, like the junior boy they were dating, or their next door neighbor, or that cute guy that sits next to them in English. Basically, by Friday, it was HUGE KEG PARTY AT CAMILLE'S HOUSE! Who? Oh, that Freshman girl with the broken arm. Sweet!
I heard rumblings of it but my friends tried to downplay it- oh, no big deal. No one's coming. Just a couple of boys in our grade.


So, its Friday night. The girls are all at my house- my mom had ordered us pizza and we'd been hanging out on the deck. Suddenly, a car pulls up. "Oh, its just so-and-so. Let's go outside and say hi!" Then, another car. And another. Soon, the driveway ( a long driveway, might I add) is filled with cars. People are pulling ice chests out of their trucks (Not filled with soft drinks, mind you) and music is blaring.

Holy cow. How did I get myself into this?

My parents remain inside- oblivious to the party outside. I'm panicking because... I'm a freshman. How on EARTH do I tell these people to leave? They are like 18 years old, for crying out loud!!!! Literally, there were hundreds of people there- it was outrageous. We walked to the end of the driveway and saw cars lining the road. People that didn't even go to my school were there. It was ridiculous and glorious all at once. It was almost like the parties you see in teenybopper movie- you know, when the parents are out of town and the house gets trashed? Except we were all outside and, oh yeah, my parents were home.

I don't know what to do. Again, I'm intimidated by these people. My mind is filled equally with fear & promise. Maybe I am kind of cool, right? I mean older,cooler people are at this party....at my house! People who'd never talked to my before- older kids who'd walked right by me in the hallway were saying, "Nice party!" Am I cool?!
"Oh, yeah, whatever no big deal." I'd reply, supercooly while I scratched underneath my cast.
"Okay, well see ya Caroline."
Umm..Well, Caroline is close to Camille, right? So, they kinda knew my name! But these people have alcohol. And my parents are right inside. Then again, maybe the party can go on.. right? I'll try to play it cool and maybe my parents will never catch on to the huge fiasco outside?

Long story short, a couple of hours later, my dad catches wind of the party outside and the 17 year olds with beer and comes outside just a'hollerin for me. I run up to him and say "Hi Dad!" He tells me, in no uncertain terms, to get these people to leave immediately.

Well, sure. Right?

He walks back inside and I'm wondering how to go about doing this. I timidly walk over to some older girls leaned against the tailgate of a truck. I chicken out and begin making small talk until I can work up my courage. Just as I'm about to go into panic mode, the cops roll up. Blue lights flashing. Everyone drops their cups and sprints for the woods. Everyone is peeling out, running, and hiding. Except me. Here I am. I live here! Cool. So I stand there and wait for the cops to walk over.

So, that's my legendary party fiasco story. Everything ended up fine. I don't think I really got too many cool points but it was kinda a legendary party amongst my handful of friends. My unintentional kegger.


Consumer Mania

That last post got me thinking...

A few of my favorite things (by the way, NOT a Christmas song... but I do love it..)

Well, duh… we all know:

Moisturizing mania.

Wegman’s chocolate hazelnut beans. These are a new purchase of ours and the aroma… the smooth taste… magical. I do love waking up to the hum of the coffee grinder. Last year, our bedroom was too close to the kitchen so it sounded like this, "RAAGHHHHHHHHNANANANNANNANGHH" and was screeching loud. So you'd shoot out of bed with your heart exploding out of your chest. Nice way to wake up, no? Now, we're upstairs and our fan is really loud so it's just like, "hmmmmmm..."

Nike dryfit running capris. I love them and wear them almost every time I work out in the winter. They smell a little rank so I finally bought another pair.

Corona Lights (with lime, obviously) remind me of the beach, cooking out, lazy summer nights, and good company.

Oh, man. I do love Gilmy.

Adam's favorite meal that I cook is chicken curry. I love cooking curry dishes especially if they involve squash or zucchini. I mean, just because you have to burn down the house to get rid of the smell...
Curry is really good with a dash of cinnamon.

I like it when the kitchen smells lemony.

Is this vague? yes. But I do love reading books AND collecting antique books. Concerning reading books, some faves are "Til we have faces" by C.S. Lewis, "Veil of Roses", Jodi Piccoult novels, "Jane Eyre", most all Jane Austen novels, The Chronicles of Narnia, and many more.

This peppermint foot cream (available at Wegmans, by the by) is amazing and I weirdly, really like to smell like peppermints.

Oh La La...

This is the "Camille" collection for Crate & Barrel! (Thanks, Food Addict!!)
I really like it! It's so classy & pretty (like me, duh.)
She said so humbly...

If anybody wants to buy me a piece, I guess I'd accept it....
I mean, I guess...


Ralphie, you'll shoot your eye out!

little cute icicles...

A little bigger, but still cute. (Incidentally, can an icicle be cute??)



Please note that the last deathcicle is dirty and probably about to pull our gutter off. Delicioso!

Don't let an icicle fall and break your glasses, mkay?


I Just saw the most insane, 30-foot deathcicle on barnes & Noble's building. Reading books is hazardous to your health!


Thanks for all the snow advice!

Tonight Adam & I went to see "Juno" with our friends, Josh & Bethany. I loved it. I mean, before I went to see it, I had heard it was nominated for all these awards, etc. etc. But during the very beginning of the movie I was thinking, "This doesn't appeal to a mass audience." I mean, we were laughing but we're weird, right? However by the middle of the beginning of the movie, you're like, "Yes. Bring your momma to see this. This is funny & heart warming."

Great movie. We laughed, we sniffled, we smiled, Adam snorted... you know... the normal.


Savor the Sun.

See, when we first moved here it was the end of May. It was fairly warm and Adam and I immediately noticed that everybody and their mother were outside...all the time. There were festivals every weekend, outdoor concerts during the week, hoards of people rollerblading around Presque Isle. It was odd. Or so we thought....

See, what we didn't realize then was that winter happens here. Now, don't get me wrong- I like the snow, it's beautiful. I love wearing scarves, warm fires in the fireplace and, you know, 'for everything there is a season' and so forth. But you had better believe that when spring rolls around and the festivals start up, I'm going to be on the front row doing an irish jig with pure glee! This weather really makes you appreciate the sun and warmth. I am excited to thaw!

So, yes, we are enjoying the winter even though it makes things (driving, running, stepping outside) a little more difficult. BUT, I am going to roll like an Erieite this summer and savor the sun!!!

With S.P.F. of course. Skin damage is no joke.
By the way, that 2nd picture is Power's bouding through the snow. He enjoys snow like no other and especially likes it when Adam shovels snow onto him. Good times.

Okay, snowblower? I mean, it sounds good, especially since the poor station wagon can barely get over the snow mound in the driveway. Is it worth the money? How affordable is a used snowblower? Fire away.



I got mine after enjoying my 3-day weekend! The last 2 days at work have been uber-duber busy. Incidentally, since when did I start saying, "I got mine."

A little story about Coach Crowe: Coach Crowe was one of the assistant principals at my high school. He was the nicest man you could meet. Anywhoos, he always did the morning announcements and never put a pause between pizza and corn so it came out like this: "Today for hot lunch, we have pizzacorn, fruit, roll, and choice of milk." Pizza corn was renowned. God love 'em.

Adam's been looking for a used wall piano for my Christmas present and the new baby came in last night! I love it. Adam's a good gift giver like that. He figures out the things that I would like to have but would never think to ask for. Another thing I like about Adam is when he laughs so hard that he can't breathe and kicks and stomps his legs spastically. That's my favorite. He's the best guy.

Did you know that Heath Ledger died? Probably. I will always remember him from, "Ten things I hate about you", singing 'I looove you baaaby and if its quite alriiiight.' Man, they just don't make teenybopper movies the way they used to. Speaking of, I made a poll at the bottom of the page, concerning that exact topic. I really don't know about teenyboppers from the 50's or 60's, so I put Gidget. Dig, Moondoggie?

P.S. Freakface, i do feel for y'all in the snowbelt-snowbelt but this is plenty for me! Adam & I do need to drive to Edinboro and get a burger, apparently!
What's your favorite teeny-bopper movie?
Dazed and Confused
16 candles
Pretty In Pink
Say Anything
10 Things i Hate About You
She's All That
= see results =


See, we just THOUGHT it was winter.
Until this weekend.
Holy cow, the snow.

According to weather.com:

Currently: 10 degrees
Feels Like: -7 degrees

But it sure is pretty....

Also, hooray for MLK day! 3 day weekends are magical. Then, to come back to only a 4 day work week? Sweet.


Today my friend, Bethany, and I had a "Camille & Bethany's day of fun." (Not unlike "Janice & Joey's day of fun") She and I will have these every so often and I always enjoy them. Today's day o' fun included seeing 27 Dresses, Barnes & Noble, and trying not to slide around too much as we navigated the snowy streets of Erie. How much snow did we get today? A foot? Maybe not.. but it was a lot. Anywhoos, successful girly day o' fun. I enjoyed 27 dresses in case you were curious. Except for Judy Greer's character- she was a little much. I enjoy Judy Greer in other films/shows- like when she was on Arrested Development... funny.

Also, I finally took down my Christmas decorations today. You heard that right, folks. January 19th.... And when did we put them up? Before Thanksgiving. Oh well, they definitely got their wear. We almost considered keeping the tree up as a "Winter Tree." Then we realized that we didn't even have to pull the branches all back in place and put it in the box.... Now that we live up north and have a handy-dandy basement, we can just move the tree down there... as is! So, we did. Although the tree clipped a few doorframes, the basement is very Christmasy now. Hooray!


Go Team.

Back in junior high, Friday's meant one thing: high school football games.

That is, if there was a home game that week. If there wasn't a home game then we resorted to one of two things: someone's birthday party "dance" or a movie party. But on the best Fridays, it meant going to the high school football game.

Junior high kids are, what I call, "loosely chaperoned". That is- they are (obviously) driven somewhere. For junior high girls, the preferable mode of transportation was a suburban with a minimum of 3 people in the passenger seat and a baker's dozen in the back seats. The chaperone will not be addressed by the offspring unless the chaperone needs instructions on how to drive or directions. Duh. The offspring's army of friends may address the chaperone but if he chooses to reply, he will likely be asked to cease and desist by the offspring.

Now, when arriving at the destination, the chaperone must not address his/her offspring and must maintain a safe distance of at least 20 yards distance to avoid death rays/rolling eyes by aforementioned offspring.
The 20 yard rule may be breeched in the event that the daughter forgot to ask for money and is in need of sour punch straws or mountain dew. However, the breech will be conducted in the following, orderly manner:
1. Daughter waves and yells, "Daaaaaad" or "Mooooom" until the parent disengages in conversation with other adult.
2. Parent raises eyebrows to say "yes, dear daughter?"
3. Daughter says, "C'mere!!!" In most annoyed voice and then rolls eyes and stomps over to parent since, obviously, parent is incapable of understanding ANYTHING about ANYTHING.

Moving on: going to high school football games was a taste of the independent life. Even though our chaperones were an arm's throw behind us, we could pretend like we were there alone! Junior high was when boys and girls started "going together". ("Where are they going?" my dad would ask. Oh, dad...) I never had a junior high boyfriend (I don't think that 2 days count since we didn't actually speak during that time- more wrote notes and had a very dramatic breakup which was conducted through friends, obviously.) But other than my one 2-day relationship, I didn't have a junior high boyfriend, but I remember having crushes.

If you had a crush, you immediately told your 8 closest girlfriends. Because they would, like, never ever tell. I mean, unless, like, you wanted them to say something....
Anyways, the second thing you did to move along the relationship was sit RIGHT behind your crush at the football game, but DON'T talk to him. Instead, talk to your girlfriend (who has come along for moral support) really loudly and giggle a lot. If your crush turns around, then look away quickly, take a sip of your mountain dew, but don't say anything. Duh.

It's a wonder that i didn't have a junior high boyfriend, right?

Anyways, the point is, I loved going to football games in junior high. Even though they were the most awkward years to ever exist, I had so much fun drinking cokes through my sour punch straws and giggling like only 12 year old girls can do. I don't believe I ever saw an actual play of any game I attended but that wasn't really the point, was it?

sniffle, sniffle.

This has not been a very good blogging week, folks. I’ve been under the weather with respiratory junk, though, so as soon as I get off work I get drugged up by Dr. Jennings (great bedside manner, by the way!) and then pass out. So, unless you wanted to hear about hacking up a lung or rubbing aquaphor on my raw nose, it probably wouldn't have been very entertaining. But I’m feeling better today and this weekend is a 3 day weekend, so hooray! Blog city. Meanwhile, click on “mom” under my bloggy friends to hear some interesting thoughts on reclaiming your youth….

Oh, mom.


Roomie Reflections

Picture, if you will, seven college-aged gals, all crammed into a teeny-tiny bathroom. One is standing in front of the mirror, straightening her hair. Another is sitting on the countertop inches from the mirror, mouth slightly ajar as she applies mascara. (Ask any woman- it's a rule.) A third is on the closed toilet seat, painting her toenails. The sequence continues until you have a bathroom full of girls- all in various stages of prepwork. This, my friends, was any given weekend evening in college. I'm pretty quick at getting ready, so I'd do something completely unnecessary and random so that I could stay in the bathroom and talk. We would cluck like chickens, talking about anything and everything- they are joyous times in the bathroom.

Picture, if you will, the same group of girls gathered in a circle around the living room, mere feet from the joyous bathroom. The air is tense. One girl chews on her hangnail while another hugs her knees close to her chest. One girl gazes wistfully out the window. One girl addresses the group- there's a problem: someone's leaving dishes in the sink or someone's eating someone's groceries or someone has stolen someone's favorite blue sweater! It's official roommate meeting time.

For every roommate meeting time, there were scores of blissful bathroom moments, sitting on someone's aunt's 30-year-old couch that they let us have for free heart-to-heart moments, walking to class laughing with your best pals. But those roommate meeting times, those passive-aggressive notes on the dry-erase board about SOMEONE never unloading the dishwasher- they were challenging. I love to think back on living with gals in college. I don't remember the tense moments often, but they've made us better people- more considerate women & better roommates or wives. Going into college, I was certainly not the most responsible, not the tidiest person on the planet- still far from it. But working through confrontations, chore charts, and whiteboard notes has certainly helped me get closer.

So, thanks, past roomies. For grace to grow and learn how to become a woman! And for teaching me how to take care of a house, confront someone with love, and eat an entire roll of tollhouse cookie dough in one night.

fun with lamps

white coat pictures

A Surprising Rave

Today in the cafeteria, I had to buy Dasani lemon water. I was not excited. See, in the past, I've tried Propel fitness water, which tasted like watered down gatorade i.e. yuck-o. But I was thirsty today- I had forgotten my water bottle. So, I bought Dasani lemon water and guess what? It's delicious! Dasani lemon water is not so lemon-y that your cheeks suck in and you accuse it of being lemonade. Yet, its not like restaurant water with the hint of lemon.. somewhere far off in the distance. You don't get the idea that it can't make up its mind about who it is. It's Dasani naturallemonflavoredwaterbeverage, by golly, and don't you forget it!

Dasani Lemon Water..... finally, a beverage without identity issues.

Mi Scuzi....

Sorry for the long hiatus, folks. The Texas Jennings (Adam's parents) made the trek up to Erie for Adam's white coat ceremony. StudentDoctor Jennings, good times. We're so proud of him! (pictures to follow)

While Mike & Jule were here, we went to Mi Scuzi ('Excuse Me' in Italian), which was recommended by a coworker. It was tasty & a very Italian-y homey atmosphere. Definitely a great place to bring the parents!

Now, the Jennings have flown back to Texas. We had such a good visit with them and even taught them the marvel that is Speed Scrabble.


Birdy, Birdy in the sky.. why'd you do that in my eye?

Larry Downing / Reuters
Pictures of the Week- Time Magazine

HOLY COW! Okay, this was one of Time magazine's pictures of the week. It is the Alico building in Waco, Texas with hoards of Common Grackles filling up the sky. The backstory IS that when we were in college at Baylor University in Waco, Texas, these black birds filled the sky around this time of year. It was downright creepy, folks. On the tops of buildings, crowding on electric lines, cawing from trees; these stinking birds were always around from December to April. Suddenly the sky darkened the above you and, when that happened, you had best run. Or else you were going to get bird dookie on your head.

It happened! To friends of mine. Very traumatizing- especially to a 19 year old girl walking next to that cute guy from her Bio class (really happened to a friend) .

Anywhoos, when I was in the dorm freshman year, I awoke quite abruptly on a January morning to, what sounded like, bombs dropping. And this was mere months after 9/11 so there was a little panic. In actuality it was the grounds keepers setting off firecrackers in trees to scare the birds away. However, c'mon... we were mere yards away and it was only like 9:30- aka the crack of dawn to a college student. Those pesky birds.

Anyways, my friend Jen (see "The Sonntags" under my bloggy friends) found this picture and emailed it to me and I thought I'd share the real life version of "The Birds" with you.

I sure am glad that cows can't fly...


Diggin' Ya

He ain't heavy, he's my brother

Tonight I went to Panera bread with some of my coworkers. We went to meet up with another woman we work with who has been on leave because she had gastric bypass surgery. Soon the conversation turned to nutrition, portions, sugar-free, carb-free, protein talk. There were stories about times that one of us had eaten an entire half gallon of ice cream or an entire pizza. We talked about weight watchers, nutrisystem, atkins diet, and everything in between.

Boys would never sit around talking about eating and weight unless they were discussing moving into the next boxing weight division. We women are funny with our histories of closet eating, emotional eating, cabbage soup binging, whatever it is... someone's done it. One of the ladies was talking about a special that Oprah did on people who had the gastric bypass surgery done and lost a lot of weight. Then they become alcoholics or prostitutes or addicts of some kind because they never dealt with the reasons they ate, the voids and pain they sought to fill or numb. My coworker seems to be doing well and was talking about her new mindset of eating to live and not the other way around.

It seems like almost every woman I know has had some type of food/weight/body image issue. Sometimes it's overeating or being obsessively restrictive. Sometimes it's obesity and sometimes its just moving on from an unrealistic size 0. I hope we're overcomers- who enjoy food but aren't slaves to food. Who eat foods that give us energy and make us feel good. Who don't compare ourselves to airbrushed heroinchic models. Freedom...


Icicle Foot

Each night when Adam and I are in bed, I stick my icicle feet against his warm calves. "ooooh Dear Lord.." he says. Last night, he gave me the socks off of his feet- wool socks. He put them on my feet and 5 minutes later, my feet were radiating heat and I had to take them off. Powers was annoyed by all the movement and went to sleep in Adam's closet.

Don't Waste Your Life

"Consume my life, my God, for it is Thine. I seek not a long life, but a full one, like you, Lord Jesus"
-Jim Elliot

I think one of the struggles Adam and I have had in this season is living life to the fullest. We're in a new place with new circumstances. Pre-Erie, Adam and I had the same schedule and were equally involved in lifegroup and relationships- we were tired but fulfilled. Now, medical school is a huge consumer of time. It says a lot of Adam that I haven't felt neglected or like medical school is stealing my husband- he's very disciplined and wakes up at the buttcrack of dawn to get studying in so we can have time together. However, our levels of commitment are going to look different at chuch and in relationships because of the demands of medical school. And that's okay. I'm thankful to have women to walk with who are going through these circumstances, also.

Adam and I have been talking lately, though, about wasting our lives. Its easy, so stinkin' easy, to get in the habit of existing up here. Routine, daily robot routine. To just look at this season away from family, dear friends, and everything familiar as something to get through and then we'll go back, life will be better. To say, Oh Lord, THEN when we get out of medical school, we'll do this or that... I'm feeling so convicted and convinced that there's purpose for us and we have to seek God for vision for each day. There are riches for us in this season and new places for us to grow. The Lord's called us to community and he's going to make a way for Adam to do medical school and have rich friendships and reach out to hurting people, even if it looks different that what we're used to.
Practically, this means shifting some things around, making some changes in our "norms" and re-prioritize, but it's well worth it. We have to embrace where we are and live la vida loca... or something like that.

I think its a universal truth, though. No matter what season we're in, there's always this part of us itching hopefully, expectantly for the next season. And I think its fine to be expectant and hopeful so long as we don't miss it. So long as we don't miss where we are, who's around us, what God's speaking now...

For a thousand years in your sight are but as yesterday when it is past, or as a watch in the night. You sweep them away as with a flood; they are like a dream, like grass that is renewed in the morning: in the morning it flourishes and is renewed; in the evening it fades and withers.
Psalm 90:4-6

My days are like an evening shadow; I wither away like grass.
Psalm 102:11

Man is like a breath; his days are like a passing shadow.
Psalm 144:4

All flesh is grass, and all its beauty is like the flower of the field. The grass withers, the flower fades when the breath of the LORD blows on it; surely the people are grass.
Isaiah 40:6b-7


Product Review

Allow me to introduce you to my antidote to icy roads that prohibit me from running. Ice Bugs. My folks got them for me for Christmas and they're the bomb. Yep, I said 'the bomb', they're that good. They have these spikes that grip the ice, so today when Powers and I went on a test run, we conquered ice covered roads without doing the slip and slide dance. The only problem was when I crossed the plowed road and had to clicketyclack.

If you run up here in the arcrtic circle, you might want to consider investing in a pair!


magical weekend

Adam, Free, & Powers at Lake Erie

Free & Powers

me & Brooke

me & Adam

We had our dear friends, the Ackleys, come visit. I can't do the visit justice but to say, it needs to be repeated. We had an amazing time and they are such easy guests! Come back...


The doorbell rang and I rolled off the couch and grabbed my purse. Looking back, I can’t really explain my ease going into the outing with the Clint and the infamous “Jennings”. After all, I knew he was quite attractive and I vaguely recalled him doing “the worm” on a stage in front of the entire university (another story for another time).

I opened the door and there was Clint and the library guy smiling, wearing an insulated vest over his flannel shirt and faded jeans. I know all the trite things that have been said about attraction and first meetings- quotes that we roll our eyes at when we’re amongst our friends and swoon over alone. I will say this: I felt the bizarre mixture of anticipation and expectancy mingled with plain old comfort like you feel amongst familiar people who simply let you be.

That night, we went out and joked, sang, laughed, and bonded. When 45 minutes rolled around, Clint asked, “Hey do you have to go home or what?” I shot him my death-ray dagger eyes then turned, smiled, and said, “I guess I can stay out a little while longer.” The 45 minute meeting turned into a 6 hour affair including my first meeting with a young Powers. I ended up staying in Waco for 3 extra days and when I finally made it home, I told my parents, “ Quote me: I met the man I’m going to marry.” *

Pre-Adam, every guy I knew fell into one of three categories:
1. boys who I was attracted to but I always was nervous around them and couldn’t be myself
2. boys who I loved as friends and could totally be myself around, but I wasn’t attracted to them, couldn’t make myself muster up those feelings
3. weirdos, freakazoids, creepers, and other types including guys who stare at themselves in the mirror at the gym and guys who brag about their combat skills (see freakazoids)

Adam was the first guy who offered the friendship aspect of #2- he is my best friend, in fact. (and not in the way that all women say that their husband is their best friend, but I actually really like hanging out with him and we are attached at the hip) However, he also threw in the “Chemistry” from #1. Incidentally, Adam does bring to the table, a little of the weirdness from #3- but all good weirdness- not creepy weirdness.

In conclusion, we thank Clint. For being a persistent friend who should’ve had an ice sculpture replica at our wedding. Ultimately, we thank God for such a sweet gift and giving us a partner to walk this crazy life alongside.

*Author does not recommend making such appalling declarations to parents 4 days after meeting someone.