Unintentional Kegger

The year was 1998. It was the spring of my freshman year in high school. I wasn't even 15 yet, I couldn't drive, and my arm was in a cast & sling. I had just gotten my braces off.

Every year, our high school, Ruston High School, had a "Barn Dance". This happened in May after the current Seniors had graduated but before school was out for the rest of us. Also, the 8th graders, who were going to be freshmen in the fall, were invited to attend. The junior boys always "ringed" the 8th grade boys with their new senior rings. The junior girls always sprayed the 8th grade girls with water guns, verbally abused, and backed into them, etc. You know- welcoming stuff.

Well, another tradition was for the 9th grade girls to take along the 8th grade girls to the dance- kind of a "big sister" thing- to provide a little moral support & shelter, right? So, my freshman year in high school the administration cancelled the barn dance. (Rightfully so.) And so I decided to have a slumber party of sorts, instead. My parents were on board- so I invited a few girls from my class over and a few of the 8th graders. Good, wholesome fun right?

I was naive. My 9th grade friends told other people- you know, like the junior boy they were dating, or their next door neighbor, or that cute guy that sits next to them in English. Basically, by Friday, it was HUGE KEG PARTY AT CAMILLE'S HOUSE! Who? Oh, that Freshman girl with the broken arm. Sweet!
I heard rumblings of it but my friends tried to downplay it- oh, no big deal. No one's coming. Just a couple of boys in our grade.


So, its Friday night. The girls are all at my house- my mom had ordered us pizza and we'd been hanging out on the deck. Suddenly, a car pulls up. "Oh, its just so-and-so. Let's go outside and say hi!" Then, another car. And another. Soon, the driveway ( a long driveway, might I add) is filled with cars. People are pulling ice chests out of their trucks (Not filled with soft drinks, mind you) and music is blaring.

Holy cow. How did I get myself into this?

My parents remain inside- oblivious to the party outside. I'm panicking because... I'm a freshman. How on EARTH do I tell these people to leave? They are like 18 years old, for crying out loud!!!! Literally, there were hundreds of people there- it was outrageous. We walked to the end of the driveway and saw cars lining the road. People that didn't even go to my school were there. It was ridiculous and glorious all at once. It was almost like the parties you see in teenybopper movie- you know, when the parents are out of town and the house gets trashed? Except we were all outside and, oh yeah, my parents were home.

I don't know what to do. Again, I'm intimidated by these people. My mind is filled equally with fear & promise. Maybe I am kind of cool, right? I mean older,cooler people are at this party....at my house! People who'd never talked to my before- older kids who'd walked right by me in the hallway were saying, "Nice party!" Am I cool?!
"Oh, yeah, whatever no big deal." I'd reply, supercooly while I scratched underneath my cast.
"Okay, well see ya Caroline."
Umm..Well, Caroline is close to Camille, right? So, they kinda knew my name! But these people have alcohol. And my parents are right inside. Then again, maybe the party can go on.. right? I'll try to play it cool and maybe my parents will never catch on to the huge fiasco outside?

Long story short, a couple of hours later, my dad catches wind of the party outside and the 17 year olds with beer and comes outside just a'hollerin for me. I run up to him and say "Hi Dad!" He tells me, in no uncertain terms, to get these people to leave immediately.

Well, sure. Right?

He walks back inside and I'm wondering how to go about doing this. I timidly walk over to some older girls leaned against the tailgate of a truck. I chicken out and begin making small talk until I can work up my courage. Just as I'm about to go into panic mode, the cops roll up. Blue lights flashing. Everyone drops their cups and sprints for the woods. Everyone is peeling out, running, and hiding. Except me. Here I am. I live here! Cool. So I stand there and wait for the cops to walk over.

So, that's my legendary party fiasco story. Everything ended up fine. I don't think I really got too many cool points but it was kinda a legendary party amongst my handful of friends. My unintentional kegger.


Lindsey said...

I never knew about that one Cami. Way to go. You must have scored major points with the super cool and popular senior cheerleaders. That's the only reason you made the team.

Sketch said...

Just curious, What is "ringing" the boys?

Never heard that before...

Great story

the Jennings secede from the South said...

Ringing- (v.) to take one's ring and turn 180 degrees so that the jewel is on your palm side. Then whap someone on top of the head with it.
Sentence: Wow, Joe is ringing the tar out of poor little Billy. He has a huge knot on his head.

Sketch said...

Ah, Thanks for the info. I could have used that... Back in High School.

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

Are you serious??? You expect me to read all this??? Oh, okay, I will go back and read it.....................

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

First of all, before I even go and read this story......the title alone "Unintentional Kegger"??? Who are you trying to fool other than your parents??? I have back around the block once or twice or 45 times missy, and I know better. Ok, now I will go and read the story.

Danny Lucas said...

A good father always calls the cops to help out a good daughter.

Count your blessings.

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

Oh, type last comment....I have BEEN around the block, UGH!

Good story....sounds like many of my weekends during High School, although it was always running from the cops from someone else's porch...never my own. I wasnt' THAT dumb. PA always made for great $2 kegger parties because our woods are THICK and you don't have to go far to be unseen and mostly unheard. Plus, you can scatter like crazy amongst the trees when the cops show up. Yes, it was ONLY $2 a cup for a kegger when I was in school in 1980'something.

Lora said...


Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

LOL, now we will hear THE REAL story from mom......not some story doped up on teenage wannabe popular hormones.......I LOVE IT!

the Jennings secede from the South said...

Oh believe what you may, food addict. But at this point in my life, I'd never had a sip of alcohol! I'm really not so crazy as to have a kegger at my party with my parents home!

Anonymous said...

Hilarious story ... i can't wait to hear the parents side!

Anonymous said...

I laughed hysterically at this, mainly because I remember hiding in the bushes with Leah Beasley and then coming out to help you defend yourself against the cops :) There is actually more to the story though...remember when everyone left the FIRST time and we decided that we would go get some ice cream (yes, we were sweet and innoccent...or dumb) and then we came back and everyone was back at your house. You fail to mention about the cops coming a second time....the mark of any good party! Good thing they didn't dredge this up in your political campaigning for student council pres. as a senior!

Hannah Lee said...

Camille! This is hilarious! I can just see your poor little mother inside panicking. Oh wow, I can't wait to hear your Dad's side of this--

Deb said...

I remember, Josh and best bud, Patrick coming home and telling me about this party which spontaneously combusted.
(Obsessive Foodie, I really don't believe there was any plotting ....now I realize the girls were expecting some guys to pop over for a visit, but the hordes that decended were not in the plan for the evening....and especially not the coolers full of adult beverages.

Josh called me on his way home from work tonight and said everything was going along pretty well until the trucks with the coolers started showing up. I think Josh and Pat ended up inside talking to your parents at some point.... It was 10 years ago or so! I wish I would have kept a diary. I remember trying imagine all of this back then when it happened and feeling sorry for your parents... no parent likes to be faced with stress like this... Now years later we can laugh at the thought of your Dad trying to rid his domain of this infestation of beer drinking hormones on legs. We are all looking forward to BC's installment!