Student Doctor Adam

Heeeeey, Nice hat!

Someone recently asked me how Adam's schooling is going. To fill you in, it's going well! He is currently on his 3rd month of Internal Medicine rotations- this has been the most challenging rotation yet. The schedule is pretty serious. They are more than a couple 14+-hour days and basically every other day (M-F) is a 12-hour day. He usually has to be at the hospital by 5 a.m. HOWEVER, Adam has such a good attitude about it and even though I often grumble when his alarm clock goes off at 4 a.m., he does not.

Before IM, he did Psychiatry and Anesthesiology (spelling?). He has learned a lot on these rotations, specifically the past couple of months on Internal Medicine and it has boosted his confidence and given him a lot of practice with diagnostics, patient care, consults, etc. Having said that, though, I am excited for his next rotation, OBGYN, where the schedule won't be as full (at least that's the word according to others who have rotated with this same doctor).

So far, so good. I'm so proud of Adam. He's such a hard worker and a good father and May, 2011 is not too far away.


Wiggle Worm

Lately, a challenge has been this: changing a diaper on a child who refuses to be still. Nay, not just wiggles but ROLLS! Everytime I put him down, he rolls onto his stomach. It is quite difficult to change a diaper upside down, although I've tried to do so.

I'm all, "Henry, Henry! Here, hold this!" (hand him random object so maybe he'll be still)

It is normal, I know, but a funny time and it is certainly ALL HANDS ON DECK, especially if we're up on the changing pad.

And you can just almost forget cutting fingernails anymore...

P.S. Someone asked me to post about what Adam is doing in school- thanks for asking! Will share that tomorrow


I recommend...

When Adam & I were in premarital counseling, we had to read a book entitled, Sacred Marriage. It's a great book and I'd recommend it for just about anyone: Singles, People dating, Engaged couples, and certainly married couples all down the line. It really casts great vision for relationships.

A few months ago, I had a gift card for Amazon from my birthday and, as I was perusing the selection online, I saw that they had a devotional for Sacred Marriage.

It is 52 devotionals (so only one per week), which is realistic for Adam and I, if we're going to do a devotional together. It's just a little Saturday morning read- usually 2 pages and it gives you some good stuff to think & pray through. Goes great with coffee.


Life's Like That

So, every Thursday night my girls' group meets and we go through whatever study we're doing and talk a lot and pray and laugh and cry and encourage one another and, occasionally, have a party or shower for someone in the group.

Like, last night! So, there's a girl in our girls' group who just moved here and she's having a baby. So we threw her a baby shower and, since she already had everything on her registry, we all decided to get her the essential: diapers.

So, almost each beautifully wrapped present or gift bag that she opens is diapers. Neat, huh?

Turns out, she's using cloth diapers! Ha. Now, I'm sure she'll use these disposables, too, but it threw everyone into a fit of giggles. Life's just like that sometimes.


You + Me = Weirdos

A much younger Camille on the night of our engagement

Sometimes Adam and I, in the middle of a weird tangent or jibberish conversation, will look at one another and say... We are so weird.

We've speculated before, what would people think if they walked into our house and heard us talking/singing/dancing around like this? But then again, I'm sure many of you feel that way about your marriage. We are weird. And it is good.


Food Question

So, we've had ol' Henry James on the rice cereal with a spoon, once a day, for a couple of weeks. My question is:

#1. When did you start moving to twice a day
#2. When did you begin incorporating other baby foods?

I'm in no big hurry, just curious. So far, so good.

Below is a short video of Henry eating supper. We had stripped him down to just his diaper because, some nights, you just don't want to wash a bib, too! (Although I ended up washing this fabric in the chair behind him).


Better Than Marley?

For me, yes. It was! Although it's unfair to compare the two books.

I just read Lost and Found and it was a good, good read but also easy to read. It's not just a happy dog book. It deals with grief (the book begins with the main character losing her husband unexpectedly to a heart-attack and she chops off all her hair and moves to an island) and mental illness and friendships in unusual places and just all sorts of crazy interwoven topics and ideas. Sheehan gives such an artful depiction of her character's thoughts and emotions, it gives you a clear pictures of what they are feeling. She gives a voice to every crazy whispering, every stomach knot. I could go on and on, but I won't. Instead, I'll say...

If you want to know what happens, read the book!


Cinco de Henry!

First of all, today Henry is 5 months old- well done, chap!

Second of all, we had a wonderful weekend. We went on a hike in Asbury Woods on Saturday morning.

We also ate Indian food, went on two other neighborhood walks, went to Wegman's THREE TIMES (good grief, Charlie Brown! Way over my once-a-week usual.), picked two friends up from the airport (and one professor but that's another story), went to church, and went to the Irish Fest.

Irish Fest was loads of fun & I really love the festival-scene in Erie. I tried Irish Coffee (a wee strong- only could handle a sip), listened to an Irish band play songs about drunken sailors and God save Ireland, and got to watch some amazing Irish dancers.

How do they do that? Seriously, how do people move their legs like that?

Now, it's Monday. Hope you have a happy one.


Magically Delicious!

This weekend is Irish Festival in good ol' Erie, PA. My Irish (and proud of it!) next door neighbor and her twin sister work the Irish coffee booth and, although Adam and I have never attended, we plan on making a trip to Rainbow Gardens tomorrow to see the Irish in action.


Parenting Charge

Fix these words of mine in your hearts and minds; tie them as symbols on your hands and bind them on your foreheads. Teach them to your children, talking about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.

Deuteronomy 11:18-19

This Old Testament verse reminds me that "vision leaks" and that there's something in us, I don't know what, that often needs to hear the same things again and again and again before they sink through. What a charge though- and a sobering one. Sometimes it hits me like a punch to the stomach the amount of influence we have in our kiddos' lives. The amount of teachable moments that we will have handed to us. Sometimes it's scary and makes me want to go crawl under my blankets and suck my thumb. Other times, I feel certain that the Lord will equip us to parent well, despite our many shortcomings, as we call on Him and make Him center in our home.

*the pictures are unrelated, just for funsies.

**thanks for all the napping advice! As soon as Henry starts taking longer naps, I fully intend to partake, too! I feel rested today and don't harbor the desire to go shopping in a department store just so that I can hop in a well-made bed.


I'm Just Bein' Honest

I'm just bein' honest...
the thing that I want to do most right now, in life, is sleep.

Hours and hours of uninterrupted sleep.

I realized this urge as I walked through Crate and Barrel on Monday and was overcome with the desperate urge to leave my stroller and climb into a comfy-looking (and stylish) bed.

I'm just bein' honest.


Wild Man

Returning home means regrouping, reorganizing, returning to a schedule and routine. Returning home is kinda like the first day of school- remember, you had your trapper keeper all organized and your folders clearly labeled, notebooks ready for homework and, you just knew, that this was going to be the year! This is the year that I will stay organized and on top of things and I will be neat and structured!

Right now, I have my September 15th piece of notebook paper ready- it has my to-do list for the day, I am trying to get back onto the food journal train (after a 2-week hiatus of no exercise and eating like I was going to have my mouth stapled shut any minute). I am working on getting Henry to nap a little longer and more consistently. I am organizing my life! I am ready!

But, we all know, by the 2nd week of school, your folders were ripped, penmanship sloppy, there were loose sheets of crumpled paper floating around in your backpack, missing homework worksheet, and your notebook had doodles all over it. But, for now, there is hope!


Return to Normal

And, back from our day trip- let us proceed with regular blogging programming!

First Order of Business:
You may or may not have read, our dear friends Brooke & Freeland are expecting their first child on March 31st! Wheee & Snaps!

Once you have a kid, you kinda want everyone else to have a kid too so that you're not the only couple leaving the social scene at 8 p.m. to put a baby to bed. THIS way, everyone will have to have get-togethers starting at 4 p.m.! And we can all talk about poop and spit-up together.  Hooray! But, beyond that, we are excited for them. Children are a blessing.  They will be wonderful parents.  

SECOND Order of Business:
Henry and I went to visit family for a 12-day trip. It was wonderful and made me realize how stinky cheese it is to live 23 hours away from our families. Don't get me wrong: I love where we are and I'm enjoying this season of life. However, it was such a joy to see Henry interacting with his grandparents and other relatives and it made me really wish that we lived closer.  
Silver Lining: Fall is really pretty right now in Erie. We have amazing friends and community right where we are.

Lastly, before I sign off, let me say that Henry is enjoying the rice cereal. He makes Mmmm noises and smiles really big while flailing his arms and legs about after each bite. (He has knocked the bowl out of my hands more than once.) We are giving it to him once a day. He shows great interest in the spoon.
Downside: The sweeter-smelling breastfed baby poop is changing...for the worse.

Happy return! Unhappy good-byes!

Henry and I had a great 12 day visit with family and returned to a beloved husband and dog on friday. We have had a smashing weekend and are currently driving to a day adventure. Will post soon!


Still On Our Trip

Enjoyin' visiting with family & friends in the South but missing my Papa & Powers.