Wiggle Worm

Lately, a challenge has been this: changing a diaper on a child who refuses to be still. Nay, not just wiggles but ROLLS! Everytime I put him down, he rolls onto his stomach. It is quite difficult to change a diaper upside down, although I've tried to do so.

I'm all, "Henry, Henry! Here, hold this!" (hand him random object so maybe he'll be still)

It is normal, I know, but a funny time and it is certainly ALL HANDS ON DECK, especially if we're up on the changing pad.

And you can just almost forget cutting fingernails anymore...

P.S. Someone asked me to post about what Adam is doing in school- thanks for asking! Will share that tomorrow


Jeff and Lauren said...

We have the same problem! I have run out of objects to maintain Will's interest and you are right...it is too hard to put on a diaper upside down!

Lindsay said...

I love that stage when babies can't sit still...they are so cute rolling!

Marylou said...

oh, try the Itzbeen. T loves to push the buttons on that thing! And sorry to break it to you...we STILL have the same problem!