Clean Paleo-Ish.

So,  thirty is approaching (end of May) and I told Adam last week that I wanted to try and do the paleo eating thing for  the next four weeks.  You have to understand, I am notorious for impulsively starting things and...well, sometimes they don't get completed.  However, often I can blame it on my children!  (Registered and began training for 1/2 marathon, got pregnant with Elliot.  One month into P90X, I got pregnant with Collin.)  But, sometimes it's just me like when I received a sewing machine our first married Christmas and have yet to sew a thing.

So, for the past three days (yep! We've made it three whole days, winning!), Adam and I have been doing the paleo diet (with a variation...I have to have some dairy since I am nursing).  Wheeeee.  I have gone through 2 1/2 bags of Clementine oranges in that period of time, sooooooo...yeah.  I'm awesome.

Anyways, just putting this on the internet to help me not quit.  Processed foods, ick.  Carrots are delicious.  Riiiiiight?

P.S. Elizabeth, you inspired me to do this.  

Like Riding a Bike

We gave Henry a bicycle for his third birthday, last year. No interest. No amount of encouragement could get this kid to sit on his bike more than a few seconds (except when Elliot would sit on the bike which would cause a bike passion to erupt from Henry- however briefly lived).

Well, a year later, after a trailer-pulled bike ride with Adam, Henry came home and hopped on his bicycle and has been obsessed since. He is so proud.


First Slip n' Slide of the Year

Today was warm and Adam was off of work so I sent him & Henry (Henry no longer naps) to the store for some little water guns.  Well, Adam came home with this monstrosity and the boys played outside for hours this afternoon.

 I love summer.


4 month comparisons