Well, I am 27 today and we have had just the bestest day. Henry usually wakes up between 6 and 6:30. Today he slept until 8:30. UNHEARD OF! (We did wear him out at a bbq with some pals last night.)

Then, we tried to find some breakfast. Everywhere was closed (Memorial Day, hello!) So, we went on a walk and then went to the Erie Seawolves baseball game! Henry did awesome and it was so much fun! It was buck night (day) and so beer, hot dogs, popcorn, "pop", etc. all cost $1. Score!

Now we are home contemplating our next meal (Per usual) as it thunder and lightenings outside. However, I wanted to let you know that TOMORROW is the day. The gender sonogram day. You can cast your vote and I will let you know the results soon enough!


Let Them Eat Cake!

Maybe cake is the answer, after all. My dear friend, Brooke Ackley, sent me these pictures that she had taken at Henry's birthday. (She's so talented...doesn't it make you sick? She should seriously quit her job and do THIS for a living!)
Incidentally, it's her birthday today. Not just any ol' birthday- her golden birthday. 27 on the 27th!

Thank you for all the advice about adding protein and variety to Henry's diet. You gave me some great ideas and perspective! I know everyone has different opinions about this but Adam gave him creamy peanut butter last night and he LOVED it. Maybe this will be our great ally for putting some pounds on our little peanut and hopefully he won't develop a peanut allergy. Also, I will say that the Yo Baby's with the vegetable puree have been a lifesaver, too. Thanks for all the help and ideas!


Picky Eaters

Henry has become such a picky little eater. I want to know how some other Moms have handled that. I really feel like this is recent, he used to eat everything! I want him to eat because he's in such a low percentile for weight. He likes Yo Baby and cheese and breads and most fruits but I'm running out in the vegetables and protein department.

Adam was so worried about the protein thing that we bought frozen chicken nuggets and he'll eat about two of those before he throws the rest on the ground. (Powers says thanks!) So, do we make him eat everything or do we provide options when he doesn't like something so that he eats?


Crazy & Hormonal

post-tears Henry
Mama understands.

We're entering that crazy, hormonal stretch of pregnancy. Perhaps you are thinking, Camille...you are already somewhat crazy and hormonal. And then I would stab your hand with my fork.

I know, I know...I am already somewhat crazy. However, recently these baby hormones have been manifesting themselves in anger. This weekend, I was getting so mad about the tiniest things. So mad that I would cry.

Poor Adam.

We went on a long walk with Henry & Powers on Sunday and got to talk through a lot of my craziness and walks/exercise definitely help balance out my mood during these pregnant days.

This week has been much better and I'm hoping that the anger hormones have gone to Chinatown. I don't mind crying during a Hallmark commercial. I just don't enjoy biting my husband's head off. Thank you.


Henry James

A few samplings of the pictures that the lovely, talented Danielle Hartland photographed of Henry.

It's hard to choose just a few so I'm sure these photographs will be littering my posts for the next millennium or so.


What Excites Me

It's funny the things that get me all excited these days.

Like, discovering a new playground!

With really soft, porous surfaces for when Henry falls!

And awesome slides!

So, if you're interested in talking about playground equipment ad nauseam...I'm your gal!

Who am I?


Cute Moment

I walked up to the grocery store to return a movie to the red box rental machine. A mentally-handicapped man was sitting on the park bench beside the machine and whistled at me while I put the movie into the machine. I turned and looked at him with a bemused expression. He glanced down at my hand and, noticing my ring, grimaced. He then looked back at me and innocently said, "And how is your husband doing on this fine day?"

Too funny.


An Airing of Thoughts

Note me in the background of this picture.
Poor Adam- I know he feels it some days!

Our pastor in Waco once said to treat your spouse like their day was harder than yours. Obviously, there may be an exception to that rule- like, if you were diffusing a bomb with bamboo shoots under your fingernails in the middle of a zoo with a pink lace petticoat on that was two sizes too small. But, aside from those situations, it's a pretty great rule.

I find myself easily falling into the I'm exhausted, how hard was my day category and envying Adam, usually at totally illogical times. I'll perceive that he has more freedom or more variety. When I sit and think, I am so happy with what I'm doing everyday- I would not want to go back to pre-Henry or my old job, I'm extremely blessed! I am so fortunate even if our family is far away, even if the future is uncertain, even if my husband is in medical school! And, I would definitely not want to be studying my pants off with the pressure of taking care of a family and matching into a good residency while the sun is shining outside like Adam is doing.

I'm asking God to create in me a more grateful heart. I need eyes to see more of the beauty of my days, not the monotony or the frustrations. When I ask, he's so faithful to show me the sweetest sights- Henry's hysterical laughter, incredible conversations with friends, the kindness of my husband, sunshine, a butterfly, sweet peace, whatever it is.

I'm asking for more compassion for others- that I can see the challenges that Adam faces and my friends & neighbors face and stop thinking about myself so much! I want a Phillipians 2 kinda heart where I really regard others as greater than myself. Where I look to their needs and not my own. I'm thankful that Jesus modeled that so well for us living on Earth. That he was willing to take on flesh and blood and live amongst us and love us and heal our craziness and frustrations and junky-junk.

And that is my airing for today!


Who Lew?

Hulu, that is. Just a brief post on why Adam & I love www.hulu.com .

At this point in life, we don't have any channels (i.e. we do own a t.v. but we only can watch d.v.d.'s on it (like Gilmore Girls!). We don't have a cable box or bunny ears or anything like that.)

On a side note, we don't think that having a cable box is bad. In the past, we have had and probably will have a cable box again one day. Tivo is great. Don't get your panties in a wad.

But, for now, we can watch the shows that we like for free on www.hulu.com with only a couple of 30-second commercial breaks. This has been perfect for us. We have a desktop computer with a large screen in Adam's "office" and so, when we have a t.v. show that we want to see, such as LOST, we go in (at our convenience) and watch the show!

And did I mention that it's free?
Because it is.

When we had a cable box, we usually just tivo-ed stuff anyway and watched that when we sat down to watch t.v. So, it's kinda like tivo in that you get to pick and choose what you're going to watch instead of flipping channels.

Plus, in this season of life, I can't imagine Henry sitting in the living room long enough for us to make it through a show. Seriously, the kid is mover.

So, that's my say about Hulu. We've been using it since August and it works perfectly for us.

For free.


Currently Me

Eating: Klondike Oreo cookie bars. They are so stinking good. It is like eating a oreo with oreo blizzard in the filling.

Reading: Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. I am LOVING this book and am almost done. Although I enjoyed A Tale of Two Cities- this one is much easier to read.

Currently getting off the computer because my husband is tapping his foot beside me. He needs to get on and study for his second step of board exams.

Silly excuse, eh?


Pictures & Teeth Grinding

Danielle came over on Saturday afternoon to take some pictures of Henry! She was so laid-back and worked with our crazy family (I mean, Henry stuck his hand in dog poop at the neighborhood park and crawled around like a gorilla half the time) and I can't wait to see the results! Meanwhile, she posted these on her blog:

Hey Posey Model.

Just A-Walking Through the park

Thank you, Danielle!

Meanwhile, about two days ago, Henry started grinding his teeth. It is the worst noise in the world (previously the worst noise was styrofoam rubbing together & rubbing a balloon) and it is driving me loca! It's often when he's tired.

Anyone been through this? Thoughts/advice?



Today is our 4-year wedding anniversary! I am so thankful to be married to my best pal who laughs at my non-funny jokes and let's me put my cold feet against him in bed. I could say so much about Adam Jennings, too much and you would barf because it would be sappy so I'll just tell him and suffice it to say, in this public forum, that I love him immensely and am so privileged.

Right now, I don't most wish that we could go back and visit four years ago....I most wish that we could go back 3 years and 364 days.

Helloooooo Mexico!

P.S. remind me to tell you the story of how we almost missed our honeymoon (because of me)

Happy Anniversary, Adam!


I Recommend...

Old Navy maternity online. Seriously, they have tons of selection and TONS of feedback posted on every piece. People will you tell you if it runs too big...only lasted until their 3rd trimester...if a bathingsuit doesn't have any padding or cups in the top (Why, Old Navy? At least a little cup!)...etc.!

The customer feedback and the tons of long cotton tanks are a great asset. Plus, the prices ain't half-bad. And, if you're like me, and it takes you a while to lose your baby weight (ahem, or you never lose it all and just get pregnant again!) then you have some great transition tops for a nice price.

The end.


My Heater Is On

This was us last week- playing outside in the heat while wearing sunscreen!
He was playing with tupperware and water.
Seriously, why buy toys? They seem to prefer household items.

Truly, our heater is on right now. It's May. Sad.

I am eating parts of Henry's grilled cheese sandwich and I feel a little remorse about this but I keep reminding him that it's for his baby brother or sister. He seems okay with this logic although it prevents him from feeding Powers the extra pieces (a favorite pastime.)

Back to the thermometer: I am currently disappointed in the lack of warmth (it is 43 degrees right now at noon) but am rejoicing that Mr. Sunshine is out! Henry and I bundled up and walked to the YMCA this morning because we were sick of being inside! It felt good to be out and about in the sun and made me feel hopeful- warmer weather must reappear soon, right? Adam and I almost bought two plane tickets to the south last night, we were so cold. Then, we reassessed and figured that we'd wait until our vacation time to go and visit family...you know, since we already have tickets for that time...and we have a few things here that can't be left behind. Like Powers. And our yard when we're trying to sell our home.

So, all in all, we're having a nice, albeit cold, day. We have a lot for which to be thankful. Hope you are enjoying your Monday!


Hee-Haw, Giddyup.

Henry's birthday party was, seriously, so cool. My parents arrived here the day before to help us prepare and so that my Mom could make her killer chili recipe (it's goooood).

Unfortunately, Henry awoke sick the day of his party. I had passed on a cold to him and he was not feeling well. But, who let's a little virus stop them from eating cake? Not us.

We warned all the babies and preggers that Henry was sick but our friends came out anyway to celebrate. We had made it a cowboy-style party and you truly don't realize how wonderful your friends are until they show up dressed western for your one-year-old's birthday party.

Our friends, Sarah & Drew, found this book at a garage sale the morning of Henry's party. How perfect.

The cake we bought had a smash cake that came along with it if your child is turning one. Super! Well, all the smash cakes automatically come with a rainbow, which Adam thought was girly, so he put a spiderman figurine atop the rainbow in order to masculinize it.

Some of the decor.

Some really fun gifts.

And, of course, cake.

Then, after about 2.5 hours, Henry had a meltdown of combined sickness and cake overload and was put to bed. But he had a marvelous time and we are thankful for our friends & family.


Hallo Matey!

Yes, we did list our house. Well, see- Adam will be done in Erie next May but we were thinking that we could go ahead and list our one-of-a-kind english tudor house (ahem) right now for 90 days and see what happens. After all, it is probably easier to get a house ready for buyers with 1 baby as opposed to with 2 babies (i.e. next spring). So, we'll see what happens- no harm, no foul but we do have buyers coming in 1 hour to peruse. Yay!

Now, onto other business. I will post pictures of Henry's big party soon! Soon, I tell you, soon! Like, definitely by the time that he's 2.

I had an OB appointment yesterday- baby's heartbeat just ticking away (160 beats per minute- which, according to whom you ask means it's a boy...or...girl! Ah, que sera sera!) We do have the anatomy sonogram on June 1st (whoop, whooooop!) and for that, I am excited! Lovely lady or First Mate to Captain Henry? Time will tell, my friend.

Meanwhile, back at the farm, thanking God for warmer weather, soft grass to play in, and a big ol' lake 10 minutes away from our house. My friend, Christie Lee (she is one of those people of whom you must say both first and last name) is to be induced today (1.5 weeks after her due date!) Goooo Christie Lee! Push him out, push him out, waaaay out! (Revised from a high school football cheer...Push 'em back, push 'em back, waaaay back!)


The Crazies

Life right now:

Visits from my parents. backyard sunshine. Henry shots. Henry ice cream. hanging with Friends. Adam half-marathon on Sunday. listing our house (and all that entails). baby heartbeat today. "Anatomy" sonogram on June 1st. A Tale of Two Cities. Adam study step 2 of boards. house showings. clean house. Jesse & Ricardo. yo baby. Henry waving at everybody and their mom. Happiness. Monkey, monkey, underpants.