Pictures & Teeth Grinding

Danielle came over on Saturday afternoon to take some pictures of Henry! She was so laid-back and worked with our crazy family (I mean, Henry stuck his hand in dog poop at the neighborhood park and crawled around like a gorilla half the time) and I can't wait to see the results! Meanwhile, she posted these on her blog:

Hey Posey Model.

Just A-Walking Through the park

Thank you, Danielle!

Meanwhile, about two days ago, Henry started grinding his teeth. It is the worst noise in the world (previously the worst noise was styrofoam rubbing together & rubbing a balloon) and it is driving me loca! It's often when he's tired.

Anyone been through this? Thoughts/advice?


Corinne said...

oh my gosh I know that sound and it IS the worst sound in the world. My sister had trouble and did it when she slept and had to wear a mouth guard...but she's really weird. I'm sure Henry will grow out of it soon enough and will go back to the styrofoam and balloons ;)

Olson Family said...

OMG. Jacob does the teeth grinding too! He just started and Jack never did this so I'm hoping he just discovered he has teeth and maybe he will stop?!?! Uhhh I know exactly what you meant though! When will yall be in the south? Wish our boys could meet (and of course I wish I could catch up with you, too) !

The Tylers said...

Lovng the pictures of sweet Henry!!! He is so cute! I know Matt wears a mouth guard at night to prevent him from grinding his teeth...but I'm doubtful that Henry would keep one in. I would just check with your pediatrician or dentist.

Gabe said...


Marylou said...

Love the pics! more please :) He is stinkin' adorable!!

lindsey said...

Don't know what to tell you about the teeth grinding thing because Anniston still has NO teeth! But, I LOVE the pics, and your fireplace looks too cool! Henry is HANDSOME!!