Going on a blogging hiatus- be back October 5th! 
I'm a wee bit weary.  Need to simplify and get some good time with the Lord to get refreshed, renewed, re-envisioned, and all those other "re" words.  Have a great couple of weeks and see you soon!



I know everyone is blogging about this today but, seven years ago today, I woke up in my dorm room as my freshman year roommate walked in from the gym. She turned on our 8 inch t.v. and said, "You got to see this."

I walked to my political science class and we just sat, dumbfounded, and watched footage together. What a changing, lasting day. God help us to move foward in hope and wisdom.


Adam passed on his illness to me so yesterday I was wrapped up in a blanket at home, not at work. The kind of sick where your lips get all chapped because you're breathing through your mouth and you don't even want to watch T.V.! You just want to sleeeeeeep. Went to the doctor this morning and am back at work now, feeling better. Apparently everybody and their mother is getting this virus. Watch out for the sore throat- that's the first sign.

If you decide to make the chicken curry, I don't add the almonds and I use squash instead of zucchini...just a thought. Also, you can lighten it up with fat-free half and half instead of heavy whipping cream. Have a great Thursday. Woe is me, sniffle sniffle. (Just Kidding, literalists...)


Chicken Curry In A Hurry

Are you an indian fan?  We lah-ove the curry.  Although you may need to burn down the house to get rid of the smell, it's worth it.  This is one of the first recipes that I made when we were first married in our tiny Waco rent house and I was botching many a dish.  I found it in Real Simple magazine (Incidentally, is anything in that stinking magazine actually simple?  You either need a lot of time or a lot of money.  I still love it though.)  Anyways, Adam loves it and I still cook this once every couple of weeks.  For the recipe, click here.  


The Gruesome Twosome Strike Again

Adam insists on sticking pieces of tissue up his nose when he's sick.  This way, he doesn't have to make his nose raw by constant wiping and blowing.

Powers looking all oppressed and victimized after the incident.  Note the Arm & Hammer on the rug.  Wonder who caused that, Powers?

The Gruesome Twosome...
Today started out like any other Sunday.  Adam has a test tomorrow so he was prepared to study all day.  We went to church last night so there wasn't much on the itinerary for today besides grocery store & a small group lunch picnic.  Well, Adam woke up and he didn't feel well.  His throat hurt and he felt like he was getting sick.  Bummer. 

So, after making sure that my sweet husband was okay and all propped up on the green couch with his box of kleenex and cardiovascular notes, I left for the grocery store.  I should've known that things would go awry when, upon leaving the grocery store, my carton of eggs jumped out of the buggy and landed upside down on the ground with a horrible crunching sound.  

I returned home and Adam & Powers came outside to help me unload.  At that point, I noticed a strange smell but I didn't think too much of it.  Could be some weird plant, could be rainy trash smell, who knows.  Well, we walk inside, Powers ahead of us, and it's worse.  Our house smells funky.  

"What's that smell?"   I ask. 

" I'm not sure.  Smells like dead animal, sort of.  Or a skunk."  Adam replied.

"Dear Lord, did Powers get sprayed?"  I ponder.

"I think I'm going to throw up."  Adam replied, sprinting upstairs. 

A few minutes and several hurls later, Adam reemerges.  He feels a little better now.  Apparently, he'd had a sore throat cocktail of green tea mixed with possibly expired lemon juice, cough drops, chloraseptic relief strips, and an airborne.  Mix all that with drainage and the horrifying smell of Powers all skunked out and you get Sickytime!

Adam eating cereal post sore-throat-cocktail-evacuation.  

So, Adam is out of the game and the weather is pretty cool today- around 59 degrees right now so I didn't want to give Powers a bath outside.  Let's face it, when you give a dog a bath, you're also giving yourself a bath.  And I don't like cold water hose baths outside when the temp is in the 50's.  So, for the first time ever, I call Powers upstairs and force him into the lukewarm shower.  

Something I don't understand about dogs.  They'll jump into frigid lake Erie without a care;  they'll chase a ball into a sewage creek and not have a worry in the world.  But try to bathe them- whether inside or outside, and it's like chinese water torture for some reason.  

Anywhoos, after soaking every surface of my bathroom, Powers finally gets his bath and smells much better.  We walk downstairs to realize, hey.   It still smells horrible down here.  Like...maybe Powers rubbed against every surface in our downstairs and the skunk stink molecules are spreading like wildfire. 

So here I sit.  In our stinky downstairs with Arm & Hammer pet smell vaccuum stuff on most surfaces.  We're fine.  Life is funny and sometimes you just need to take some pictures of your surroundings and blog about what just happened so you don't forget.  I just needed to share our funny morning with you.  Hope you have a nice Sunday!



Home Again, Home Again
Jiggity Jig
-My mom as we pulled into the carport after every trip we ever went on in our life 

Welp, I am safely back home in Pennsylvania after my weekend in Louisiana.  I was at my mama & Dad's house getting ready for and throwing a shower for Mary Lou, the great baby-grower.  Adam and Powers, in my stead, went fly-fishing, ate Smith cheese-filled sausages every night for supper, and went to bed by 9 p.m.  Ol' Grandpa Jennings... I love him. 

It was 'Vonderful to be in Ruston for the weekend.  I did realize, however, that I have totally become a heat-wimp yankee!  I was not ready, not acclimated to the humidity & heat, and so, when Mary Lou and I went and walked her pregnant belly, I was sweating like a stuffed pig in a fireplace on the equator.  I did brag about our mild summer temps up here and they said, "Yeah, yeah...we'll call you in February."

Gustav came and my crazy middle brother drove right to it.  While they were having the contraflow traffic out of New Orleans, Gabe was driving from Austin, Texas towards South Louisiana to work and do some catering for the utility workers who will be down there for the next 4 weeks possibly.  The electricity and all is a mess after the storm so it will be a while before all is set straight.  But praise the Lord, the levies held.  

Tonight, Bethany & I went and saw baby Addy.  I cannot wait for Bethany to post pictures but just get ready to Oooh and Aaaah.  Literally, such a tiny, darling little nugget of a sweet girl. 
Sarah said she had such an easy delivery.  She got the epidural and 45 minutes later, Addy was born.  Go Sarah, you labor and delivery machine.  Must've been all that good birth coaching, right Josh?  

Hope you have a great Wednesday night.  It's trash night here so we should probably go get ready for that.  Why, oh why do I always remember trash night just as I'm getting comfortable.  One of those crazy Murphy Law things.