Hometown Prophets

I am following along with a bible study online and today's reading came from John 4.  It was the story of Jesus healing a royal official's child.  Before this occurs, though, the text reads:  "After the two days he (Jesus) left for Galilee. (Now Jesus himself had pointed out that a prophet has no honor in his hometown)."  The story goes on to tell of Jesus healing the child but the part about Jesus knowing that a prophet has no honor in his hometown really stood out to me.

I think it really exposes our hearts.  If someone is from your hometown, you know them.  You have seen their humanity. We are all sinners and though Jesus lived a sinless life, even he was a babe in diapers at one point. Not glamorous.  But we want glittery prophets...not human ones.  We want rockstar prophets, teachers and leaders that we can worship. Instead, God uses broken, imperfect vessels to speak his words and he wants us to draw near to HIM not idolize the teacher or prophet.

I felt convicted reading this verse that I often dwell more upon the vessel than the Creator.  I am thankful that God uses people to speak his word and I have gained wisdom through others' revelations but it's all for nothing if I, myself, do not draw towards Jesus.  We're just like the Israelites...it seems easier to just follow a king or a prophet than to actually work out our own faith and draw near to God.

I am thankful for prophets but they all have a hometown.  Let us draw near to Jesus, He is our rescuer and our righteousness.  Let's take the words of today's teachers and run towards the creator and sustainer of all men.