Longest Picture Post Ever

My brother, Gabe, (Uncle Gaga) and Henry

I begin this post with the worst picture (of me) ever. Above. You are welcome. We were looking at a puppy. Elliot looks like he's about to fall out of his wrap but he really just likes to roll that way.

My mama and Elliot.

I am Henry. I am a picky toddler. I love spaghetti.

Oh, Dad. You're so silly.

Henry & Poppa Bob with a baby calf at the farm.

Elliot with Grandma (Adam's Mom)

Henry and GrandDude (Adam's Dad)

Henry & Cousin Cade sprinting around in circles.

Elliot with cousin Caleb.

My brother, Scott, with Elliot.

Caleb and my sister-in-law, Caroline, giving Elliot his 1st bottle.

Henry & Tristyn (Mary Lou's daughter)

My skinny high school girlfriends and me.

(Henry was missing from this picture- it was past his bedtime.)


Brother, Brother

I promise that I plan to blog with actual words soon. However, pictures are just quick- let's face it! One quick story is this: the other day, I walked out of the room to throw something away and when I walked back in, Henry was standing next to Elliot. I hid behind the door to see what Henry would do. He picked up the doll in the above picture and tickled Elliot with his hair and chuckling, "heh...heh heh." It was hilarious.
I'm sure he'll whomp him with that doll one day but I'm glad that he's being sweet today!
Adam's parents are coming this afternoon (yay!) and I have a huge Praise-the-Lord report- my dear friend, Bethany, welcomed her new son Jonah Leyton Glupker this morning! Wahoo! If you haven't followed her story, you should check out her blog!


Henry vs. Elliot







photos by Brooke Ackley- thanks dear friend...


Life in LA

not L.A. is in 90210...LA as in Louisiana.

Life is fast & furious & fun so the blog has not been well maintained since our Elliot joined the crew. We flew down here (3 flights with 2 kids under 2...we are the champions.) Now Adam is interviewing at a few places for residency and I am hanging out with my Mom and my Dad is at work. Mom is about to leave to go to the dentist and I will get some more practice with being alone with two before returning to Erie.

Great news! While Henry is Adam Jr. in every way (and I love this), Elliot looks like MY baby pictures! True story! I'll have to post a side-by-side soon.

Must blog more later. Henry is eyeing his brother's paci very suspiciously. Stealing pacis has become a new pastime for Henry. Whenever he's going to do something naughty he always smiles and says, "Heeey!" first, real sweet-like so you know what's about to happen.

I love my boys. Feeling mighty thankful.

P.S. J.M.D.- gonna call you soon for that playdate!


Momma Lulu

I don't even know what to say about my Mom. She has been here since before Elliot was born & has literally held this home together. She has cooked, cleaned, gotten up with Henry, played trucks & trains, turned our office from Adam's office into a playroom, raked our yard, done tons of laundry, helped me take both boys to the doctor, and so much more.

She is so selfless and has a beyond-generous heart...especially since no one came and lived with her and helped when she had kids. In fact, she was back at work one week after I was born! Words can't do justice to our appreciation. We are so thankful for Momma Lulu.

A generous man will prosper; he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed.
Proverbs 11:25


The Dish

1. Life right now: milk, sweet cuddling, trains & trucks, ibuprofen, diapers, milk, Lanisoh, goldfish crackers, milk, wonder, sleepy, amazing

2. Give away on my friend Sarah's blog! http://sarahanddrewb.blogspot.com/

3. more posts soon. posting with one hand while I nurse...wheeee!