Longest Picture Post Ever

My brother, Gabe, (Uncle Gaga) and Henry

I begin this post with the worst picture (of me) ever. Above. You are welcome. We were looking at a puppy. Elliot looks like he's about to fall out of his wrap but he really just likes to roll that way.

My mama and Elliot.

I am Henry. I am a picky toddler. I love spaghetti.

Oh, Dad. You're so silly.

Henry & Poppa Bob with a baby calf at the farm.

Elliot with Grandma (Adam's Mom)

Henry and GrandDude (Adam's Dad)

Henry & Cousin Cade sprinting around in circles.

Elliot with cousin Caleb.

My brother, Scott, with Elliot.

Caleb and my sister-in-law, Caroline, giving Elliot his 1st bottle.

Henry & Tristyn (Mary Lou's daughter)

My skinny high school girlfriends and me.

(Henry was missing from this picture- it was past his bedtime.)


Lindsay said...

Henry is starting to look so big! Adorable!

The Tylers said...

THANKS for posting all of those sweet pictures. And Camille, you look great, fantastic! Not many people have 2 babies within 18 months of each other....no need to be hard on yourself! Those sweet babies are worth every pound!!

Gabe said...

That mug shot is pretty great, Camille.

CaseyWiegand said...

um you are beautiful mama!!!

Sarah Lynne said...

Miss you!

Anonymous said...

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