Brother, Brother

I promise that I plan to blog with actual words soon. However, pictures are just quick- let's face it! One quick story is this: the other day, I walked out of the room to throw something away and when I walked back in, Henry was standing next to Elliot. I hid behind the door to see what Henry would do. He picked up the doll in the above picture and tickled Elliot with his hair and chuckling, "heh...heh heh." It was hilarious.
I'm sure he'll whomp him with that doll one day but I'm glad that he's being sweet today!
Adam's parents are coming this afternoon (yay!) and I have a huge Praise-the-Lord report- my dear friend, Bethany, welcomed her new son Jonah Leyton Glupker this morning! Wahoo! If you haven't followed her story, you should check out her blog!

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The Tylers said...

You're babies are darling! Hope you get some good sleep with all those grandparents around.
I have been following Bethany's blog some and am so happy for them. Thanks for the update!