Collin at 9 (ish) Months

For my records...


Little sweetheart.
crawling everywhere much to the detriment of his big brothers' train tracks, block towers & perfectly lined up cars.  Lucky for him, he is the darling of the family and everyone dotes on him constantly.

21 lbs.
Just got his 3rd tooth.  Man, his gums bled like crazy!
I have never seen that happen before but he had a mouth full of blood and then, Voila!  3rd tooth. 

people lover.  especially other babies.  He crawls towards the girl babies at the church nursery and pulls their bows out.  That's game, son!

He perpetually has something in his mouth.  I know, I know that I should keep all choking hazards away and I really do try but he always finds a leaf or something like that and has it shoved into the side of his mouth like a chipmunk.  

3rd child has to nap on the fly most days (I try to offer him a good afternoon nap at home but sometimes a car nap in the morning funks that up).  He is finally sleeping better at night (Hallelujah).  Some nights he makes it until morning and other nights he still wakes up for a 3 or 4 a.m. feeding.  I'm cool with that.

Eating table scraps and baby food but still mostly just nursing (it's convenient).  
Says a lot of Ma Ma Na Na Da Da Ah Ah.
Precious child.  Delightful baby.  Wonderful gift.