Henry Vs. Elliot- 2 month edition


Elliot is 12 lbs. 10 oz. Henry was 12 lbs. 6 oz.

Can't type anymore because have baby on my arm.




Taken while I sing and dance to my high school's fight song.


Facebook High School Reunion

2011 is the year of my 10-year high school reunion. What!? You know what's weird about that? Back in the pre-facebook day, you might've been shocked to see people 10 years later.

You look the same!
You look so different!
You're dating Billy?!

Now, we all just kinda know...hey, so-and-so is married to such-and-such and she has blonde hair now and works as a police officer and her last status update said that she likes Dunkin' Doughnuts.

Oh, technology. Sooo maybe I should drop off of facebook, gain 300 pounds and dye my hair purple and shock EVERYONE! Camille-1, Technology-0.


Crazytown USA

Update soon! After our kids are healthy and we are sane.

Seeing daily mercies and am thankful!


Interviews & Flying Cars

Sooo, Adam has been interviewing for residency during the last couple of months. It has been so fun to see how excited he is about the different programs he visits and the cities he sees but I can see that he's getting tired of traveling. Adam has cancelled a few of his January/February interviews. They are at places that we know we couldn't possibly afford to live (Los Angeles and Boston) or programs that Adam really isn't interested in. So, now he only has a couple of interviews left to go!

Now, we are working on deciding how to rank the programs that he's visited so far. God has been really gracious to provide clarity as we talk about the cities and programs. We have been on the same page about most of the programs and are working through where we should rank each. Praying for wisdom and discernment.

I can't believe it's almost 2011. When Adam began medical school in 2007, the class of 2011 sounded ridiculous. May of 2011 seemed absurdly far away... like, flying cars and Meet the Jetson's-far-away. Now, it's upon us and our time in Erie is ending and I'm a mix of emotions. Sad to leave my friends. The Lord provided some amazing girls for me to walk with and lean on during the last few years. I can't even think about leaving all of them without getting emotional.

But, I am getting excited about the next adventure ahead of us. Not so much the packing of boxes and moving...but the adventure part will be fun!


Crazy family. I love them.

This morning, we were hanging out in the bed after Henry & Elliot had woken up. I loved it. The first words out of Henry's mouth when I brought him into our bedroom was, "Bubba!" not "Dada!" which is pretty cute and pretty surprising. I imagined that in just a couple of years, both boys will be pitter-pattering down the hallway, on their own, to our bedroom.

Bridesmaid dress: hello...T minus 6 weeks til I need to wear that bad boy. The same thing has happened that happened with Henry. I immediately dropped 20 pounds. (probably baby & amniotic fluid?) Now I have been stuck at this weight since one week after Elliot was born. The same weight...bleh. Now, in my defense, my Mama has been cooking hearty meals every night and stocking the house with delicious snacks. I wish that I could just eat whatever I want and that breastfeeding would take care of the weight....rats.

However, I am hopeful because I have started trying to run again (very slowly...but I did make it 20 minutes on Saturday!) and soon I will be back in Erie and can take the boys to the Y and work out and maybe not buy so much junk for my cupboards. I mean, it's not that I really care about the number. It's the clothes. Mainly, a certain bridesmaid dress that I need to wear in January. Aaaand, it'd be nice to wear my jeans. (Not my maternity jeans or my fat-kid jeans.) I just am not good at eating healthy or using moderation...whoops. Need to work on that.

But enough about that silliness. I am sitting by a fire with my boys and my Mama and it is nice and cozy and I have lots for which to be grateful. Have a great day!


'Tis the season...

to wear jammies...falalalala...lalalala!


Sleepy Milky Cry-Snuggle

Henry is enamored with my breast pump. He saw me pumping the other morning and now he points towards my breast shields by the sink and says, "Pu! Pu!" If he ever gets his hand on one, he grabs my hand and tries to pull me towards the pump to get to work. I admit, this is funny.

Elliot is so sweet. However, he is not a very good sleeper. I love him to death- he is such a chunky buddy but I am praying that he learns to sleep better. He grunts and pushes and I think he has gas but I burp him, I give him the super gas medicine... We will work on this more once we get back home. I am not organized, I do not have it all together but I am loving being a family of four and having my Mom around all day is such a privilege, I know.

Usually I am such a baby about sleep but when I have a baby, God is muy merciful in this area. I am so glad that God sustains us even when we do not get very much sleep- he gives me energy to play hard with Henry when he gets up. Well, not always hard but I can at least follow him around and keep him from climbing on top of the refrigerator. Go me!

Rambly update, I know. Thanks for listening! Looooove.


phone calls

My friend, Brooke, called yesterday and it occurred to me, once again, how annoying I must be to talk with on the phone. Our conversations are constantly peppered with toddler dialogues such as...

Henry, do not take your brother's paci...

Yes, that is a choo-choo, car, truck, vacuum, etc....

Henry, do NOT jump off that!

Hold on, buddy...Mama is nursing Elliot right now...

No, Henry, do not put that in your mouth

Sorry, friends...
Thanks for the patience