Sleepy Milky Cry-Snuggle

Henry is enamored with my breast pump. He saw me pumping the other morning and now he points towards my breast shields by the sink and says, "Pu! Pu!" If he ever gets his hand on one, he grabs my hand and tries to pull me towards the pump to get to work. I admit, this is funny.

Elliot is so sweet. However, he is not a very good sleeper. I love him to death- he is such a chunky buddy but I am praying that he learns to sleep better. He grunts and pushes and I think he has gas but I burp him, I give him the super gas medicine... We will work on this more once we get back home. I am not organized, I do not have it all together but I am loving being a family of four and having my Mom around all day is such a privilege, I know.

Usually I am such a baby about sleep but when I have a baby, God is muy merciful in this area. I am so glad that God sustains us even when we do not get very much sleep- he gives me energy to play hard with Henry when he gets up. Well, not always hard but I can at least follow him around and keep him from climbing on top of the refrigerator. Go me!

Rambly update, I know. Thanks for listening! Looooove.


The Tylers said...

I know that you are so truly blessed and that you feel that way as well! But I also know the exhaustion:(. I will be praying for your entire situation. That God will continue to sustain you throughout these long days.
It seriously seems like yesterday that I was in your shoes and now we are celebrating birthdays 3 & 4. These days will pass quickly although I know you don't feel that way. Hugs to you and kudos on being a great mommy!!

CaseyWiegand said...

you are always so positive mama, love you

Sarah Lynne said...

You rock, and roll!