Fam Bam

Henry and I depart early tomorrow morning for a little trip-a-roo to see family and dear friends. We will leave my studly husband and bouncing dog to fend for themselves

a.k.a. eat Smith's sausages for supper every night.

I miss them already.

Well, Adam at least. Powers' breath has been really stinky lately.

Tonight, in Erie, the low is in the 51. 51!! Is that crazy or what? I have to admit, though, that the crisp air made me happy and made think of fall walks with the crunch, crunch of the leaves underfoot. I relayed this though to Adam and he proceeded to call me crazy because it needs to stay warm and sunny and Have I forgotten how long and cold winter is?

I guess I have!


Breast feeding in Public

I subscribe to an online baby calendar of sorts and today's topic was breast feeding in public. A woman had been kicked out of a Denny's restaurant for breast feeding her baby without being covered. I think it's so interesting that, despite billboards with women in promiscuous poses, lingerie commercials, and what-have-you-else that is displayed prominently in our society down to super low-cut shirts displaying "the girls" for all the world to see, that public breast feeding is such an issue.

Personally, I usually choose to either pump and then bottle-feed in public or I will go into a corner and use my handy "hooter hider" to feed Henry. But that's because I'm scared- scared of making people feel uncomfortable. But it doesn't offend me when I see someone breast feeding in public. I wonder why it's such a taboo when it's a purpose of "the girls" to nourish a baby? Why don't people get as riled up about Victoria's Secret commercials? I mean, basically the same portion of the breast is covered when you're feeding a child or when you're wearing a bra.



4 Month Shots

Went to the pediatrician yesterday. Henry is almost 16 lbs. (57th percentile) and is in the 80th percentile for height. Big Boy!

The shots were unpleasant, of course, (most unpleasant for me who had to hold down his legs, perhaps?) and Henry definitely napped a lot more yesterday than after his 2-month shots. When he wasn't napping, he was rather fussy so I was more than happy to oblige his napping needs and accommodate him.

The doctor told me that now is a great time to start rice cereal. Just mix a tablespoon cereal with a few tablespoons of breast milk and see how it goes. So, tonight we will have our inaugural attempt at feeding Henry cereal!


Austen's Heroes

I am currently reading the last two books that were remaining of the Jane Austen novels. I just finished Persuasion and am working on Northanger Abbey. The others are on my shelves, a couple of which are worn from repeated readings.

I hardly remember Mansfield Park as it was read two summers ago but, that read aside, I was thinking about the different male leads, the hero characters and I believe my new, undisputed favorite is Captain Wentworth from Persuasion.

While I admire all the male protagonists,
Edward Ferrars is too spineless jellyfishy.
Knightly, too Daddy Warbux-y.
Darcy- not agreeable or approachable enough.

Although Darcy and Wentworth share the same character flaw- pride, and they both make a second proposal after being rejected once, Wentworth has more spirit, more openness of character, more determination, I feel.

So, here's to you Captain.

Now I am off with Henry to get his 4 month shots- woohoo!


A Year Ago Today

Well, actually, a year ago from yesterday...

At six weeks pregnant, I finally took a test and it was POSITIVE.

Powers sensed that life was about to change for him.

And I had no idea that just two weeks later, I would feel like this:
and take naps during my lunch break at work in a deserted room on the 2nd floor on an examining table.


Four Months Ago Today...

Half of the day, I was as big as a barn
The other half, I held my new son in my arms.

What a sweet joy. He has the most heart-melting smile and has changed our world forever. He likes to grab my hair a lot (as if I wasn't shedding enough already) and reaches out to touch Powers now. I have a feeling that they are going to be getting really well acquainted within the next few months as Henry becomes more a mover and a shaker everyday.

He squeals when his Papa lifts him up and makes this noise "Mwamwamwaaaaa" a lot. I like to pretend that he's saying "Mama." He's a nugget and a half and I hope that I always have a grateful heart, knowing that he is a gift.

Henry, praying this for you today from 2 Corinthians chapter 5. That you would, at the earliest possible age, know your Creator and long to be with him, to please him, to be near to him. That you would have an eternal mindset. That you would, in short, love God best.

Now we know that if the earthly tent we live in is destroyed, we have a building from God, an eternal house in heaven, not built by human hands. Meanwhile we groan, longing to be clothed with our heavenly dwelling...Now it is God who has made us for this very purpose and has given us the Spirit as a deposit, guaranteeing what is to come.

Thank you, Lord.


Discussing Logic With an Infant

Hey Henry, listen- if you don't want to be on your stomach, then don't roll from your back to your stomach 4,388 times per day and night.

Especially if you're going to cry like crazy when you wake up on your stomach. Thanks.

There must be a compelling urge that overtakes Henry to roll. The boy loves to roll...from back to stomach and again and again. I wondered if he woke up the minute he rolled over but when I've gone into his bedroom when he was napping, he was conked out on his stomach. So, it must just be the "waking up on my stomach" that's a little freaky.


Celebrate Erie!

Vamos y celebrar, amigos!

Anywhoos, this weekend, we met up with the Ackley's at Celebrate Erie festival. It was quite delightful.

This festival spans many a block in downtown Erie and has tons of food (both carnival food and local cuisine), magic shows, river dancers, robot fighting contests, break dance fighting, concerts, and EXCELLENT people watching.

No, really- the best people watching of any festival I've been to in Erie.

Here is my favorite sidewalk chalking:
Where the Wild Things Are (Can't wait to see that movie!)

Here are Adam and Freeland waiting on our local cuisine from Latino's (we had the enchiladas- spicy and tasty)

Did I mention that Adam & Freeland have best friends necklaces? No, well they don't. They have best friend tattoos though. Not really but wouldn't that be funny?

Brooke & Freeland (Yes, Freeland is studying his flash cards for school. That's commitment)

Another sidewalk chalking

My favorite leg rolls in the world!

Papa & Henry (Henry likes to chew on his baby carrier)

And then I quit taking pictures because it was hot and the camera strap was making my neck sweat. Fun festival but my favorites are the smaller ones like greek fest with one stage and lots of dancing and spontaneous happy yelling.

The End!


Footsie Success!

P.J. bootcamp went well this weekend. Friday night, I didn't hear a peep from him from 10 until I woke up at 3:30 a.m. thinking, "Oh no! Something must be wrong!" I tried to talk myself out of going in there and checking on him but alas, I decided that I would just go make sure he was breathing and then I could go back to sleep in peace.

Well, he was breathing but when I left the nursery, I shut the door a little too hard and he was awake on the monitor by the time I got back into bed. That'll teach me!


Footsie Pajama Boot Camp & Fat Jeans

Had our first night of footsie pajama boot camp last night.

a.k.a. Henry did not got swaddled

and, Praise the Lord, it went pretty well! He woke up a lot (like every hour) but I would give him 5 minutes to fuss before I'd go in there and he was able to get himself back to sleep before the 5 minutes were up almost every time! Woohoo! I would totally give you a play-by-play, hour-by-hour but, let's be honest, no one really wants to hear that.

I was so encouraged, so thankful that it went well and it gives me hope...

one day, I will get good sleep dadgummit.

Powers has built-in footsies!

Now the weekend is here and it's the big We Love Erie festival- yay! Last weekend, we went to Italian fest, did I tell you that? It was raining but I had the best piece of cake- Italian Lovers' Cake- so good, I think they use a mousse for icing. (Yes, Mom- I'm still counting calories- just not when I go out to friends' houses or am at the Italian Festival!) C'mon, you gotta live a little and enjoy the food. And, on the positive side, I have been wearing a pair of non-maternity jeans!

Yes, they are my fat jeans but still, who cares! Progress is progress!


Proverbs 32

Thank you for all the great advice and encouragement on swaddling. I wish it was cut and dry- one right answer to clearly do. Don'tcha just wish that there was a chapter in the Bible about things like that- ya know,

Blessed is the woman who swaddles her child until three months of age
She is a wild donkey if she does not transition him then unto footsie pajamas.

But each child is different, each mother is different, each circumstance is different and thus, there is no Proverbs chapter 32 on swaddling and nighttime feeding do's and don'ts.



Swaddle Troubles

Yes, I'm still grateful to be a mom but somebody help me!

Here's the deal. Henry is not sleeping through the night. Why? I blame the blankety-blank swaddle. That lousy, no good swaddle.

Sooo, if the blankety-blankin' swaddle holds (rare, these days), Henry sleeps like a rockstar. However, he has become more and more Houdini-esque and I don't know what to do. Last night, he came out of the blankety-blank swaddle by 2 a.m. and so, was awake. I could NOT re-swaddle him in that Kiddopotamus thing for the life of me because he was just a-fightin' it and I almost threw it out the window. So, I ended up changing him into a pair of normal jammies (non-swaddle) but THEN he wakes up like every 45 minutes to an hour. It's like he doesn't know how to link his sleep cycles well when he's not swaddled.

Which is fine- I'll let him practice, right? So the first time he woke himself up around 2:45 or so, he talked to himself nicely for a couple of minutes and then apparently fell asleep. But then the next time he woke himself up around 3:45, he talked and then started crying and so Adam (who was about to walk out the door to go to the hospital- aaaugh) swaddled him really well for me because Mama needed some sleep. (Adam is who swaddles him every night for bed- he's good but Henry has skills after a couple of hours...especially with that left arm)

AUGH! What do I do? He's almost 4 months so do I go ahead and wean him from the swaddle? Or do I search on the Internet for a bigger, badder swaddler that'll keep a kid in super-duper well and he can use that 'til he goes to college?

Have we created a swaddle monster?


A Year Ago Today

Heading out to support a friend at her first Mary Kay party with my four pals (bought a mascara).

Was pregnant but did not know it yet.

Adam was probably studying for a test.

Powers was still our baby.

Did not know how good So You Think You Can Dance was because I'd never seen it.

Was sleeping 8+ hours a night.

Had no idea how different and how much sweeter life would be in a short year.


The Simplicity of Now

One of the best things about being Henry's mom is discovering how to live in the NOW.

When he's awake, we DO. We go on walks, we rock and sing, we play on the play mat, we go to the store. We visit friends, we go to playgroup, I give him a bath, we sing & read outside. Things like my novel addiction, facebook, email, and even this silly blog fall way down the priority list and making sure Henry's needs are met, making sure that we're enjoying this day is what matters.

Which is perfect because you know what? I don't want to miss out on today.

I'm not entitled to be Henry's mom. It's not a "right" of mine. The Lord didn't promise me a tomorrow with him. Thus, the gift of the now.

And now is precious.


Drool City

Last night, I had my girls' group and Henry came along.
Everyone kept telling me, Hey Nice Lapels!

Yep, that's drool.

I didn't take any pictures last night so I woke up this morning and let Henry drool on my cardigan so that I could recreate last night (sans make-up and please excuse the bed-head.)

Little cutie-pie drool head.


Give Her My Best

Last night, or early this a.m. is actually more accurate, I lay in bed after a sleepy-time feeding with Henry and I thought about the following phrase:

"Give her/him my best"

As in...
speaker A: How is your Mom doing?
speaker B: Oh, she's doing pretty well.
Speaker A: That's great. Give her my best.

What does that mean?

Give her your best wishes? How does the recipient know what these are?
Give her your best thoughts?

Give her your best
stamps from your stamp collection?
hopes and dreams?
cashmere sweater?

And then I thought...
Why am I thinking of this at 3:00 a.m.?? What is wrong with me? Mind, turn off, turn off! Go to sleep! You have limited time before Henry wakes up wanting to eat again.


Sweet Tooth

What we eat for dessert around here:


Cameras Are Scary

In real life, Henry smiles. But when I try to capture this smile on film, it doesn't usually pan out very well. The camera is an object of mystery to Henry and he doesn't seem to find it delightful. Not one bit.

Therefore, in Henry's documented life, he looks mostly terrified.


Party Poopers

Saturday night was my friend, Sarah's birthday party. I said good-bye to calorie counting and we had a real good time. Her mom had made delicious Sangria and we grilled hamburgers and sat outside around a fire, played badminton and volleyball. Henry watched everyone and smiled and chewed on his little blanket.

Something that's definitely different when you have a kid is leaving a party at 8:40 so that your baby can get into bed by 9:00. I mean, technically we could've stayed until later but God only knows what the night would've held if we'd let Henry go to bed at the party and then had to interrupt Henry's sleep to get him into the car and unload him, etc. Potential fussy-town U.S.A. Personally, I prefer the 9 to 3:30 a.m. sleeping, myself.

Thankfully, our friends were so nice and started the party at 5 p.m. so we got to stay almost 4 hours so that was lovely. But, it was a little sad to have to leave such good company early in the night. Alas, we love little Henry and you gotta do what you gotta do to help your sweet boy get enough sleep.


Nursery Success!

Well, we went to the early service today at church and dropped Henry off at the nursery AND i didn't get paged AND when we went to pick him up, he was asleep in his carrier! Score, success.

Although, I will admit by the end of the service, I was ready to go pick him up. I missed him.