Celebrate Erie!

Vamos y celebrar, amigos!

Anywhoos, this weekend, we met up with the Ackley's at Celebrate Erie festival. It was quite delightful.

This festival spans many a block in downtown Erie and has tons of food (both carnival food and local cuisine), magic shows, river dancers, robot fighting contests, break dance fighting, concerts, and EXCELLENT people watching.

No, really- the best people watching of any festival I've been to in Erie.

Here is my favorite sidewalk chalking:
Where the Wild Things Are (Can't wait to see that movie!)

Here are Adam and Freeland waiting on our local cuisine from Latino's (we had the enchiladas- spicy and tasty)

Did I mention that Adam & Freeland have best friends necklaces? No, well they don't. They have best friend tattoos though. Not really but wouldn't that be funny?

Brooke & Freeland (Yes, Freeland is studying his flash cards for school. That's commitment)

Another sidewalk chalking

My favorite leg rolls in the world!

Papa & Henry (Henry likes to chew on his baby carrier)

And then I quit taking pictures because it was hot and the camera strap was making my neck sweat. Fun festival but my favorites are the smaller ones like greek fest with one stage and lots of dancing and spontaneous happy yelling.

The End!


Marylou said...

When does Henry get to turn around in the Bijorn? Is is lbs or when they can hold thier head up? Either way, Tristyn loved once she could "see" what was going on!

Lora said...

Henry looks SQUISHED! Perhaps Freeland thinks your company is BORING!!!!

the Jennings secede from the South said...

ML- we face him out during wake time and in during sleepy time.

Brooke & Freeland said...

Nice stash Freeland! :) Love the pictures! And the BFF necklace!! too funny

Tressa said...


CaseyWiegand said...

these are so fun! Everytime I read your blog I am sad that you dont live in Dallas!

Bethany said...

I can't wait for Where the Wild Things Are too! I'm coming home to Erie today. Looking forward to seeing you and Mr. Henry.