Footsie Pajama Boot Camp & Fat Jeans

Had our first night of footsie pajama boot camp last night.

a.k.a. Henry did not got swaddled

and, Praise the Lord, it went pretty well! He woke up a lot (like every hour) but I would give him 5 minutes to fuss before I'd go in there and he was able to get himself back to sleep before the 5 minutes were up almost every time! Woohoo! I would totally give you a play-by-play, hour-by-hour but, let's be honest, no one really wants to hear that.

I was so encouraged, so thankful that it went well and it gives me hope...

one day, I will get good sleep dadgummit.

Powers has built-in footsies!

Now the weekend is here and it's the big We Love Erie festival- yay! Last weekend, we went to Italian fest, did I tell you that? It was raining but I had the best piece of cake- Italian Lovers' Cake- so good, I think they use a mousse for icing. (Yes, Mom- I'm still counting calories- just not when I go out to friends' houses or am at the Italian Festival!) C'mon, you gotta live a little and enjoy the food. And, on the positive side, I have been wearing a pair of non-maternity jeans!

Yes, they are my fat jeans but still, who cares! Progress is progress!


Olson Family said...

IT WILL GET BETTER!!!! If Jacob slept on his back he would wake up every 30 minutes and we would probably still be swaddling.
Way to go on the regular jeans!!!

Marylou said...

yay! I am so proud of Henry (and you for being so patient with him and thinking "long term") That is hard to do!

ps. also love the new header :)

Anonymous said...


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Lora said...

I think you are "Beautiful" every moment of your life!

You better warn Henry he needs to get it all straight before he heads South. Momma Lulu is TOUGH!

Anonymous said...