4 Month Shots

Went to the pediatrician yesterday. Henry is almost 16 lbs. (57th percentile) and is in the 80th percentile for height. Big Boy!

The shots were unpleasant, of course, (most unpleasant for me who had to hold down his legs, perhaps?) and Henry definitely napped a lot more yesterday than after his 2-month shots. When he wasn't napping, he was rather fussy so I was more than happy to oblige his napping needs and accommodate him.

The doctor told me that now is a great time to start rice cereal. Just mix a tablespoon cereal with a few tablespoons of breast milk and see how it goes. So, tonight we will have our inaugural attempt at feeding Henry cereal!


Anonymous said...

He will love the cereal. Babies are hungry and that milk just isn't enough. Good luck and have fun!

Anonymous said...

Tsk. Breast milk is more than enough! My child was strictly on breast milk until 7 months and he was always and continues to be in the 100% percentile.

Saying that...it is a very personal choice as to when to start solids...every family chooses what is right for them.

Good luck with the solids and happy eating!

Olson Family said...

We have been putting cereal in Jacob's bottle to thicken it to help with his spit up issues:) We tried the spoon but he (developmentally) isn't quite ready which I am totally fine with. Jack, on the other hand, was basically holding the spoon and feeding himself at 4 months!!! not really but just saying each kiddo is different...my 2 have been pretty opposite so far!

Deb said...

I think we went to food at five months. Josh was 16 lbs when he was six weeks old and the doc accused me of feeding him solid foods .....like I had committed a terrible sin! I told him I had NOT!! I don't think my little oriental doctor believed me.... He said, "my five year old not that big!"...but Josh just ate often and I went to the sitter's house at lunch to nurse and took pumped milk, too. I was a regular dairy for a while! I probably should have given him something so I could have gotten some SLEEP!!!!!

CaseyWiegand said...

you'll have to tell me how it goes!!! my doc wont let us do rice cereal until 6 1/2 months!!!! I cant wait!!!!

CaseyWiegand said...

ahhh cant wait to hear how it goes! we arent allowed to try rice cereal until 6 1/2 months!!! we cant wait!!!!