Austen's Heroes

I am currently reading the last two books that were remaining of the Jane Austen novels. I just finished Persuasion and am working on Northanger Abbey. The others are on my shelves, a couple of which are worn from repeated readings.

I hardly remember Mansfield Park as it was read two summers ago but, that read aside, I was thinking about the different male leads, the hero characters and I believe my new, undisputed favorite is Captain Wentworth from Persuasion.

While I admire all the male protagonists,
Edward Ferrars is too spineless jellyfishy.
Knightly, too Daddy Warbux-y.
Darcy- not agreeable or approachable enough.

Although Darcy and Wentworth share the same character flaw- pride, and they both make a second proposal after being rejected once, Wentworth has more spirit, more openness of character, more determination, I feel.

So, here's to you Captain.

Now I am off with Henry to get his 4 month shots- woohoo!

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