Proverbs 32

Thank you for all the great advice and encouragement on swaddling. I wish it was cut and dry- one right answer to clearly do. Don'tcha just wish that there was a chapter in the Bible about things like that- ya know,

Blessed is the woman who swaddles her child until three months of age
She is a wild donkey if she does not transition him then unto footsie pajamas.

But each child is different, each mother is different, each circumstance is different and thus, there is no Proverbs chapter 32 on swaddling and nighttime feeding do's and don'ts.



lindsey said...

Ha...it WOULD be great if this whole parenting-thing were the same for everyone, right? Ours has been a lil Houdini lately too. For her, it seems the past couple of days it has helped to leave one little fist out for her to suck, but you're right: she's not Henry, so that might not work for him. And the truth is that this probably won't even work for her in a couple of days :). Just when you think you have it down, right?...

Jeff and Lauren said...

You are too funny. :)

Marylou said...

What you haven't read that verse?

It's right after the chapter on the appropriate number of crosses to have hanging in your home and wearing only one piece swimsuits.

CaseyWiegand said...

ah I hadnt even read your blog yet and I just wrote about swaddling! Aiden isnt sleeping through the night either....I just keep telling myself that someday I'll miss waking up at night with him, HA!

Carey said...

Ok, I'm a blog stalker..no seriously I found your blog through lindsey's and can I just say you are stinkin hilarious!!! I think I swaddled my Emerson for a way long time!

Anonymous said...

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Ann Miller said...

you need to make friends with a nursery nurse. they wrap those babies air tight!!

Deb said...

What is the deal with swaddling? We came home from the hospital and I never swaddled poor little Josh. Nobody told me to either. Yes, we lived B.S., before swaddling...hey wait, that can't be cuz I think Jesus was swaddled...that IS in the Bible, right?