LOST: My Mind

I am losing my mind, friends. The other morning, I made toast and eggs for breakfast. Adam called me at lunchtime when he ran home to eat. "There is an extremely burnt piece of toast in the toaster right now." Whoops- forgot about the toast with those eggs.

Then I got another call a couple of days later- Adam was home for lunch again. "Do you know anything about this popcorn in the microwave?"
Whoops again- the night before I had popped some popcorn since I was still hungry....but then I forgot about it apparently. Must've been distracted by something else alluring- my bed and body pillow (Steve, we call him).

Adam told me that his liver enzyme levels were elevated in his recent blood work. "Oooh, maybe you have pancreatitis!" I said (in front of his med school friends). Pancreas...Liver....whatever.

There are more incidents to demonstrate my mind wandering off but I think this baby just must be hoggin' all the blood from my brain!


Moving On UP!

So, we had another doctor's appointment on Tuesday. These appointments are all short and sweet- just checking to make sure our little guy is growing properly with a good heartbeat. and I don't have any protein in my urine! Wahoo!

So, in the interest of total disclosure...the weight gain total.

Drum roll, please...

Week 8: -4 lbs. from original weight ( I was sick a lot during the 1st trimester)

Week 12: -2 lbs. from original weight

Week 16: +3 (+1 lb. from original weight)

Week 21: +4 (+7 lbs. from original weight. Ha, I clearly enjoyed Thanksgiving!)

Week 25 : +10lbs. (+17 lbs from original weight!)

Week 29: +6 lbs. (+23 lbs. from original weight)

Week 31: +2 lbs. (+25 lbs. from original weight)

Week 33: +2lbs. (+27 lbs. from original weight)



Dear Adam,

Happy 26th birthday! Even though I've only been around for a little over four of those twenty-six years, I have to say that your life is, by far, my favorite of anyone in the world.

Thanks for going along with my crazy antics and for loving and celebrating each day.  

Thanks for being so consistent and reliable and for being the best model of the Lord's unfailing love.

Thanks for working your booty off to make it through med school and waking up at the buttcrack of dawn every morning (even on weekends!)

Thanks for making me feel beautiful and treasured every day.

Thanks for never begrudging me my sleep, too, by the way...

Thanks for loving the outdoors and initiating so many outside activities that have made life so much more full. Thanks for taking out the trash. Thanks for being the funniest person ever. Thanks for laughing at my jokes and impressions. Thanks for participating in dance party.  Thanks for waking me up every morning, quite patiently might I add.

Thanks for never making me feel like you would ever choose anyone else besides me.

For the record, I would never ever either.

So, go take your exam today but get ready to celebrate YOUR AWESOMENESS tonight. There may not be fly-fishing but there will at least be some raw fish for you to eat.

I love you,

...and Baby J (He says you're going to be the best papa!)

and Powers (He says thanks for letting me lick your plate last night)


Peanut Butter Goodness

Last night, I made this bad boy. It is Adam's favorite. Every year, for birthday week, he asks for peanut butter pie. It is delicious. I have tweaked several recipes over the years to create my own super duper peanut butter pie (Plus it's easy!)


12 oz. cream cheese

1.5 cups of confectioner's sugar

1 3/4 cups of creamy peanut butter

(adjust peanut butter, sugar, cream cheese ratio to your tastes but Adam likes his pie very peanut buttery)

Then, fold in 12 oz. of cool whip.

Smooth mixture into 2 graham cracker pie crusts. Drizzle chocolate syrup over the top.
Let husband lick bowl.

Stick in freezer for at least 6 hours.

Taste and feel like you've died and gone to heaven!
Try it now, thank me later.


Week 33 Belly

In case you were wondering...

I think I have officially entered the insanity portion of pregnancy...

trying to jump is hard when you're this preggers.

where, after gaining over 25 pounds,

and in the midst of a winter storm in 20-degree weather

my husband and I troop into the backyard for a photo shoot

...in my bathing suit.

Your crazy parents love you, sweet baby.


Chad After the Dentist

Weekend Update:

is doing well! Gabe and my Dad are home taking care of her and, besides some swelling, bruising, and staple removal...she's hanging in there and recovering.

, we have had such a good day. Mr. Sunshine made an appearance this morning so we took Powers on a walk while we soaked up the sun on our two inches of exposed skin. Then, we were able to run some errands and found a steal-of-a-deal floor lamp on sale at Wally World. So, even though I am resting, I was able to get some nesting nursing errands done...with no pressure! Hey, so that's my new attitude...if it happens, it happens! And today I had my super hot muscley husband with me and so we were able to make it happen (updated pictures of the nursery to come...) Then we had a delicious Lupper (lunch and supper combined...usually eaten around 3:30) to kick off Adam's birthday week! Yes, this Wednesday, my hunka burnin' love will turn the big 2-6. He got through his big quarter-life crisis year, woo hoo!

The celebration of birthday week will include:
some delicious Japanese food
Peanut butter pie made by yours truly (recipe to come)
watching trauma and other hospital shows together (not my favorite)
OBGYN appointment (for me, not the birthday boy)
an Endocrine test on Wednesday (for the birthday boy, not me)
spending time with wonderful friends
ceaseless compliments and celebrating

, for giggles...

You've probably all seen David after the dentist. If you haven't, definitely click the below video.

Well, this is Chad after the dentist...inspired by David. It is hysterical...Adam & I were cracking up...but we are weird...with weird sense of humor...


Viva Love!

Thanks for all of the encouragement.  I think a lot of the feelings that I've been experiencing can boil down to an ugly, stinky word:  Comparison.  

and hormones, maybe...

Yes, comparison.  It's how the devil tries to steal our joy.  We all clean our homes when friends come over.  Then, everyone thinks that everyone else has an immaculate house all of the time.  We feel insecure- we are failing, we are not enough, we are not doing enough.  We should be doing this, should be doing that.   I have decided to take all y'alls advice and Viva con goza!  Live with joy, that is.  But it's so much more fun to say it in spanish, duh.  

The lie is that everyone else has it all together.  Everyone else is doing life better, preparing for baby better, whatever.  Our womanly guilt condemns us and that's not the life that we're called to...so, thanks for reminding me not to live a life of comparison but to live with a thankful heart today!  And, it's okay to rest right now...

Oh, and this guy is a big-time reason to be thankful. (back in May, 2006 at our rehearsal supper)


Tiny Rant.

I came home today exhausted.   I've been feeling badly because I get home from work and I have been so tired and am not motivated to do very much house stuff besides cooking supper and I don't do any "nesting" on the nights that I don't have small group or girls' group.   And then the weekend rolls around and I am trying to rest and enjoy time with Adam and get some house cleaning done that I've neglected all week and do other weekend stuff and so I don't make time to "nest" then.  I wish I had my last day of work sooner so I could get more stuff done around the house and rest up a little more.  It's going to be alright and the Lord's grace is sufficient for my weaknesses and he's going to provide refreshment and energy but just felt a little poopy tonight.

How do people nest during the 3rd trimester?  I am tired.  I just want to sleep a couple of hours without getting up to pee.  Thanks for listening to my pity party.  

I'm definitely to blessed for a pity party but I throw one anyways sometimes.


Won't you take me to...Sleepy Town?

I'm about to fall asleep and I keep thinking about King Cake.  (This is a picture of the King Cake that Mary Lou sent us last year...sweet friend thinking of us on Mardi Gras...)  I have felt the overwhelming urge to chop my hair and do something crazy like dye it fire-engine red.  Is this normal?  


Mom's New Look

Mom having her head shaved by Dad to support her friend Lisa going through breast cancer
June, 2008

So, my sweet (and sassy) mama turned the big 6-0 this past December and today she did something a little crazy...a little out-of-character....a little whoa.  She had cosmetic surgery today...a face lift.  I talked to my Dad and he said that she is doing well and a little "out of it" but they had moved her into the hotel (she has to stay there tonight because tomorrow, she'll go back to the doctor's office) and she was propped up and drugged up. 

Now, let me say...I think my mama was and is beautiful.  She has aged well and, Good Lord, the woman has run several marathons including one just this past year.  She is a buff, thin woman with legs up to her neck and, if you know her, you know she'd do anything for anyone.  She really does have a servant's humble heart.  She's a wonderful woman.  She chose to have this procedure done and she has chosen to blog about it, too.  I love that she's blogging about the experience- it wouldn't be my mom if she didn't share all the details with the world (the woman loves those hospital shows with the trauma and surgery and, just last week, posted a picture of her swollen toe on her blog for the world to see).   So, if you want...check out her blog and her recovery stories (she promised to include pictures!)  

But, if you say something ugly, you're going to have to answer to me!  Agree or disagree with her decision but you can keep your trap shut until you've walked a mile (good life rule, no?)



LOST Theory Time

Soo, Adam & I love LOST.  When we started dating our senior year in college, LOST was in it's first season and we became addicted.  It's not so much an enjoyable show....it's just you want, nay- you need, to find out what the heck the mystery is.  Only one more season after this one and then we can all rest easy...

So, a few episodes ago, I had an epiphany... I never come up with LOST theories, so I was pretty excited.  So, you know Daniel Fariday- our physicist?  

Okay, so remember a couple of episodes....when the island flashed back in time to the H bomb days? Remember the woman with the blonde braids that held Daniel at gunpoint and walked him out to the bomb to dismantle it? I think THAT is his mom (Eloise Hawking) and that Charles Widmore (remember...the young Charles Widmore was on the island at that time...) is Daniel's father. Thus, Penny is Daniel's half-sister.

Tonight, we went over to Brooke & Freeland's for supper and talked about LOST for twenty minutes and I tested out my theory on those two...I got a good response- they thought it was quite possible & even made sense.

Thoughts, LOSTies?


Workout Party

I've discovered that the best time in life to go to the gym is while you're pregnant.  Mind you:  This is once you look obviously pregnant, not just when you're prego but no one can tell.  Anywhoos, the reasons are numerous: 

Number one:  You are pregnant...and kinda non-sexual to the outside world.  So you don't have to worry about any creepy dudes at the gym or anything.  After all,  it does look like I've got a giant basketball stuffed under my husband's t-shirt that I'm wearing....(mine are too small).  I'm not saying that pregnancy isn't BEAUTIFUL... I'm just saying that it's usually not considered HOT.  

Number two:   ANY effort put forward is worthy of peoples' admiration.  Heck, once I found out I was pregnant all workout activities desisted besides walking (There's nothing wrong with doing the other stuff while you're pregnant, I just chose not to.).  But people still look at me like a purple heart recipient for walking on the treadmill.  

Number three:  Most people insist that you cut in line for the water fountain and good treadmill.  Hey-0, hooray!  

Also, you can look in the mirror as much as you want and not be considered vain!  You're just checking out the baby bump, duh...it's not like your malibu Ken over there staring at his deltoids while Black Eyed Peas play loudly from his earbuds.  



My sweet middle brother, Gabe (pictured below with my nephew) sent Adam & I some sweet belated Christmas gifts.

 Besides a pair of baby Merrells and some other granola baby attire (Sa-weet!)  He sent us a gift I've been lusting after.  

The Sham Wow set. It is AMAZING. I have been reading all the different uses for the ShamWow...car washing, cut it in half and use it to dry your dishes on top, soaking up huge spills! And having a baby boy...well, after all the comments I've received about their...umm...spraying capabilities, I think the Sham Wow may come in VERY handy.

Thanks Gabe...you're so thoughtful!


The Rookie Strikes Again.

Week 31 Pics

Today we went to the doctor and it was one of my favorite visits. The doctor was one that we hadn't seen yet (Dr. Thompson) and we just loved him to death. He let Adam use the doppler to find the baby's heart beat and so that was really cool. He said, "
Good job, Rookie." I had gained two pounds since the last appointment which put me at 25 lbs. total. What, what! Dr. Thompson said that we're doing well and that everything (measurements, etc.) look great.

**The following paragraph contains some female language and may make some men want to jump out a window**
We also had a delightful discussion about episiotomies...yippee! He said that they are not routine but if necessary, it's better than ripping four ways or getting an "H" tear. I asked him about the stretching and olive oil stuff I've heard you can do but he didn't think that they really worked. And, let's be honest, an olive oil perineum rub? Yikes. Any thoughts from the seasoned mamas?
**End graphic imagery**

Baby J's cute little booty is up by my lungs and his head is down and to the right side of my...umm...canal. He has been kicking a lot and the second I lay down in bed, he is getting after it! I think he's going to be a night owl. I am so excited to meet him and can only imagine what he's going to be like! I imagine the delivery room and them putting him on my chest after he's born and getting to hold him and it makes me tear up with happiness.

I just have to take a second and give some major props to my husband...Adam has been to every stinking doctor's appointment with me. Now, I know that lots of men are unable to do this and that is totally okay, but it has been really cool to have him there beside me...he's a good man, I tell ya. He's going to be the best daddy.

The warm weather has continued so we've been able to go on walks 4 days in a row! Today it almost reached 60 degrees! Holy bonanza!


Hard Knock Life for Powers

Tomorrow is an appt. with the ol' doctor. I'm going every two weeks now that I'm in these last weeks of pregolocity. Hopefully, baby J will be right on target when we do the measurements!

It has been much warmer here (like....it gets above freezing during the day!) Yes. We got to go on walks Saturday, Sunday, and today with Powers. Snow is melting like crazy. The sun has been out and, I tell ya what...you don't realize how much you've missed Mr. Sun until he peeps his head out and you suddenly have the overwhelming urge to sing and skip and bearhug your mailman. But I think it might be just a cruel tease...Mr. Groundhog said we still had 6 weeks of winter.


Slumber Party

Friday night, Sarah L. threw the most rockin' slumber party. Nine of us gals came over in our p.j.'s and partied like it was junior high.  There was more junk food than the law allows (good thing I don't have gestational diabetes, huh?!) and we watched girly movies, made friendship bracelets (seriously...she thought of everything), and talked and laughed a lot!  

Our youngest guest

Bethany working on her friendship bracelet

The table before the spread of delicious junk food appeared

Yes, we watched high school musical...we are mature.

I didn't get to take any pictures of the whole group or too many pictures at all for that matter (we were just having too much fun!) But I did stay up all the way until 1 a.m.! Go me! That is saying a LOT.  

I just have to say that Sarah is the cutest little hostess & did an awesome job with the slumber party.  I don't think anyone wants to follow her up hosting a party!


An Innie...For Now.

Everyday I look on down
to see if you have popped
Belly button, you must be
feeling really taut.

My belly button used to be
deep as the endless ocean
But when each morning dawns, it appears
you've been chugging shrinking potion

What will we find when you explode outward
Will it be a chest of treasures?
Or will it be just lint and fuzz
from all my clothing endeavors?

Bellybutton, I confess
that part of me is scared
what will happen when the insides
of your depths are bared

Will it hurt? Will I cry?
Will I hear a pop?
We'll find out soon, we'll just have to wait
until an outie you do crop.


Nursery Progress

The chest came in!  The chest of drawers in the nursery finally came in!  WAHOO!  Now I can wash baby blankets and put them away!


Sicky Hubby

Poor Adam...that bobsledding in shorts must've made him susceptible.  When I woke up at 4 a.m. (to pee....again), he was awake lying on his side and said, "I don't feel so good..." in a pitiful little voice.  Next thing ya know, the man is in the bathroom with a little of the neat-o stomach bug.  Not to be crude, but the poor guy's had it comin' out both ends.   Sorry to sell ya out, Adam, but the people should know...apparently it's going around.

Stomach sicky is the worse kinda sicky in my opinion.  It's the kind where you start bargaining with God i.e. "Lord....if you'll just get me out of this, then I'll _______"  I'm sure the Lord gets a kick out of my ramblings during stomach bug bargaining.

So he had to miss school today.  I came home from work at lunch and brought him a yellow gatorade and some pepto.  Hopefully he will feel better tomorrow as he has a test!  Bless his heart.


Sunny Days

The Good Lord knew we needed a day like this. Finally, a day above freezing and the SUN IS OUT! Nothing has made me appreciate the sunshine like living in Erie through the winter. I always took things like warmth and sun rays for granted until winter up here. Man alive, number five.

Inspired, Adam & I took Powers on a nice, long walk and soaked the sun into our faces (and Adam's legs- he wore shorts.... I mean, it was 39 degrees after all).

Then, Adam decided to build our sidewalk into a bobsled course. He shoveled a ramp and then went to town.

Preparing the curve.

Powers leading the way down the track.

Happy Times.

As you can tell, Powers is not so much help on this sort of thing.  Bobsled time ended once Powers got a hold of the sled and started running a victory lap around the yard.