Chad After the Dentist

Weekend Update:

is doing well! Gabe and my Dad are home taking care of her and, besides some swelling, bruising, and staple removal...she's hanging in there and recovering.

, we have had such a good day. Mr. Sunshine made an appearance this morning so we took Powers on a walk while we soaked up the sun on our two inches of exposed skin. Then, we were able to run some errands and found a steal-of-a-deal floor lamp on sale at Wally World. So, even though I am resting, I was able to get some nesting nursing errands done...with no pressure! Hey, so that's my new attitude...if it happens, it happens! And today I had my super hot muscley husband with me and so we were able to make it happen (updated pictures of the nursery to come...) Then we had a delicious Lupper (lunch and supper combined...usually eaten around 3:30) to kick off Adam's birthday week! Yes, this Wednesday, my hunka burnin' love will turn the big 2-6. He got through his big quarter-life crisis year, woo hoo!

The celebration of birthday week will include:
some delicious Japanese food
Peanut butter pie made by yours truly (recipe to come)
watching trauma and other hospital shows together (not my favorite)
OBGYN appointment (for me, not the birthday boy)
an Endocrine test on Wednesday (for the birthday boy, not me)
spending time with wonderful friends
ceaseless compliments and celebrating

, for giggles...

You've probably all seen David after the dentist. If you haven't, definitely click the below video.

Well, this is Chad after the dentist...inspired by David. It is hysterical...Adam & I were cracking up...but we are weird...with weird sense of humor...


Hannah Lee said...

HILARIOUS! I saw that clip of the little boy earlier this week thanks to some girls in my department! Too Cute! Happy Birthday Adam! Celebrate it up!

Jeff and Lauren said...

Wow... that kid was SO cute. This Thursday I have a story to tell you about my brother and the dentist.

Brooke & Freeland said...

Tell adam we also started celebrating his birthday this weekend. (meaning his gift was picked out & purchased) YEAH!!!!!!

Gabe said...

Watch that mercury infused sashimi with tha' Japanese.
I'm aware that was superfluous.
Birthday wishes for the beau.