Slumber Party

Friday night, Sarah L. threw the most rockin' slumber party. Nine of us gals came over in our p.j.'s and partied like it was junior high.  There was more junk food than the law allows (good thing I don't have gestational diabetes, huh?!) and we watched girly movies, made friendship bracelets (seriously...she thought of everything), and talked and laughed a lot!  

Our youngest guest

Bethany working on her friendship bracelet

The table before the spread of delicious junk food appeared

Yes, we watched high school musical...we are mature.

I didn't get to take any pictures of the whole group or too many pictures at all for that matter (we were just having too much fun!) But I did stay up all the way until 1 a.m.! Go me! That is saying a LOT.  

I just have to say that Sarah is the cutest little hostess & did an awesome job with the slumber party.  I don't think anyone wants to follow her up hosting a party!

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Lora said...

AND did you sleep until 1 the next day like you used to?