Hard Knock Life for Powers

Tomorrow is an appt. with the ol' doctor. I'm going every two weeks now that I'm in these last weeks of pregolocity. Hopefully, baby J will be right on target when we do the measurements!

It has been much warmer here (like....it gets above freezing during the day!) Yes. We got to go on walks Saturday, Sunday, and today with Powers. Snow is melting like crazy. The sun has been out and, I tell ya what...you don't realize how much you've missed Mr. Sun until he peeps his head out and you suddenly have the overwhelming urge to sing and skip and bearhug your mailman. But I think it might be just a cruel tease...Mr. Groundhog said we still had 6 weeks of winter.


Lora said...

In the 70's here in LA, perhaps winter is over? I'll bet Powers is sucking eggs since he has been off the exercise circuit.

Ann Miller said...

i cannot believe your pregersness is coming to an end!!! are you in the psychotic phase yet???