Mom's New Look

Mom having her head shaved by Dad to support her friend Lisa going through breast cancer
June, 2008

So, my sweet (and sassy) mama turned the big 6-0 this past December and today she did something a little crazy...a little out-of-character....a little whoa.  She had cosmetic surgery today...a face lift.  I talked to my Dad and he said that she is doing well and a little "out of it" but they had moved her into the hotel (she has to stay there tonight because tomorrow, she'll go back to the doctor's office) and she was propped up and drugged up. 

Now, let me say...I think my mama was and is beautiful.  She has aged well and, Good Lord, the woman has run several marathons including one just this past year.  She is a buff, thin woman with legs up to her neck and, if you know her, you know she'd do anything for anyone.  She really does have a servant's humble heart.  She's a wonderful woman.  She chose to have this procedure done and she has chosen to blog about it, too.  I love that she's blogging about the experience- it wouldn't be my mom if she didn't share all the details with the world (the woman loves those hospital shows with the trauma and surgery and, just last week, posted a picture of her swollen toe on her blog for the world to see).   So, if you want...check out her blog and her recovery stories (she promised to include pictures!)  

But, if you say something ugly, you're going to have to answer to me!  Agree or disagree with her decision but you can keep your trap shut until you've walked a mile (good life rule, no?)



Lindsay said...

What an incredible thing your mom did to support her friend! That is amazing.

Hannah Lee said...

Thats right girl. Ain't nobody gonna mess with yo Momma. I think she is wonderful and I am so proud of her! I can't wait to see pictures! I know you are a very proud daughter!

Gabe said...


Danny Lucas said...

Burdens shared are cut in half.
Joys shared are doubled.

Your mom has been a source of great wisdom from my view. I will recall her this day in prayer, to the Maker of all wisdom, for carrying the burdens of a friend. And, I look forward to hearing how all the joys your mom creates are doubled.

Your new child is also a delight to pray for each day. A classy new Erie citizen is underway.
You are doing a marvelous job at family creation in a time when that is not an easy task. I applaud Adam and you Camille, for blogging it all and showing that family still counts and can still be created strongly.

Best regards,
Danny Lucas

Brooke & Freeland said...

Well said friend!!