Moving On UP!

So, we had another doctor's appointment on Tuesday. These appointments are all short and sweet- just checking to make sure our little guy is growing properly with a good heartbeat. and I don't have any protein in my urine! Wahoo!

So, in the interest of total disclosure...the weight gain total.

Drum roll, please...

Week 8: -4 lbs. from original weight ( I was sick a lot during the 1st trimester)

Week 12: -2 lbs. from original weight

Week 16: +3 (+1 lb. from original weight)

Week 21: +4 (+7 lbs. from original weight. Ha, I clearly enjoyed Thanksgiving!)

Week 25 : +10lbs. (+17 lbs from original weight!)

Week 29: +6 lbs. (+23 lbs. from original weight)

Week 31: +2 lbs. (+25 lbs. from original weight)

Week 33: +2lbs. (+27 lbs. from original weight)

1 comment:

freakface said...

So now you weigh, what, 106? Just wait until Junior beebops out. Check your weight three months after to see how you're REALLY doing...