Dragging Bodies

Guys, Listen. There is a sweet couple in our neighborhood and they often keep their grandson  (age 2).  They invited our boys over to swim since they felt that their grandson needed some socialization. I happily accepted.  What fun to swim!  Swell!

We walked through their home to get to the pool & my boys immediately spotted the toys in the den belonging to their grandson.  I could tell that the grandparents/grandson were ready for a swim & so I quickly ushered the boys to the backyard. About 20 minutes into our swim, Elliot starts standing by their back door pleading up go inside and play. I repeatedly answer, "no." and try to carry on with our play date as I hold Collin in the pool. Henry is wanting me to watch his tricks, the neighbors are asking questions about Adam's job, and Elliot is begging to go inside.  After a few minutes, Elliot enters full-on tired 2-year-old freak out, sticking his head in the doggy door and pleading to go into their house to play. So I politely excuse us, saying that the boys need to rest & thank you so much for having us.

As I try and put rainboots (97 and sunny) on Elliot as he is collapsed in a heap by their doggy door with Collin on my hip, Henry trips over the Waterhose and skins his knee, resulting in a scream/tear combo. (When Henry gets hurt, he gets mad. Angry screams.)  I try and usher all the boys out the back gate so we can walk home: this takes effort since Henry & Elliot are sobbing and I'm holding Collin, a pool bag & a life vest.  We finally get through the gate, say good-bye and the gate shuts. 

Then my kids really lose it. Henry is lying in their front yard because he only has one leg, he exclaims. Elliot is crying hysterically and I'm not sure why. Henry refuses to walk so I end up dragging him by the arm with Collin on my hip and Elliot grasping to my leg, pleading to go back.  Every time that I pause for a break, Henry collapses in a yard, bawling about his knee pain. At one point, I leave Henry in a yard to walk Elliot across a street and tell him to stay put while Collin & I go back to get Henry.  Elliot begins screaming, "Don't leave Henry!!!" over and over, alerting the neighbors to my child abandonment.  I finally drag everyone down our driveway & into the house where I can apply band aids and try to keep the screaming to a minimum since Adam is sleeping after his night shift.  Everyone was sent to lie down and rest their bodies.

So, neighbors...you're welcome for the socialization.

Honestly, it wasn't funny in the moment but now, even one day later, it's a little bit funny and I am reminded how blessed I am to have three healthy & vivacious sons and lots of stories to tell for years to come.  


Breaking Out.

Since I'm such an infrequent blogger lately, I've provided you with a song to keep you informed. Picture me rapping:
Summer, summer
Getting a little dumber
Watching Netflix & swimming every chance 

Popsicle stains
Happy when it rains 
Building block towers, doing a silly dance
Superhero Wannabes
Driveway skinned knees
I love my...Son, do NOT touch that knife.

Breaking up fights
Late nursery nights 
Motherhood is crazy but full of life
Daddy working hard
at work & in the yard
Laying down that discipline & fun at home

Crazy family times
Mama busting out them rhymes
whilst nursing a baby, blogging on my iphone.

Peace, drop the mic.