Breaking Out.

Since I'm such an infrequent blogger lately, I've provided you with a song to keep you informed. Picture me rapping:
Summer, summer
Getting a little dumber
Watching Netflix & swimming every chance 

Popsicle stains
Happy when it rains 
Building block towers, doing a silly dance
Superhero Wannabes
Driveway skinned knees
I love my...Son, do NOT touch that knife.

Breaking up fights
Late nursery nights 
Motherhood is crazy but full of life
Daddy working hard
at work & in the yard
Laying down that discipline & fun at home

Crazy family times
Mama busting out them rhymes
whilst nursing a baby, blogging on my iphone.

Peace, drop the mic.


Loralu said...

The break into your NEXT career!

Brooke & Freeland said...

I'm thankful your my best friend. You're awesome.

(I also am jealous bc I can't remember the last time I actually went swimming.. Like hair wet in the water. The waters freezing here)

Anonymous said...

Oh Camille --- I can hear you singing "What Would You Do?" by City High at your desk at LECOM while also viewing "David after the Dentist." You are absolutely hilarious! Glad to see you're still having fun. Ha ha! ~Jeremy

Bethany said...

love it dear friend!