Week One- complete

Yesterday as I tucked into bed, I realized that I had completed a full week of my calorie counting (excluding Friday night's wine & cheese party and Monday night at Brooke & Freeland's house). My little notebook holds the contents of every morsel of food that I ate and the calorie content. I can already tell a difference in my size and I definitely feel better.

This food journal is good for me because it requires me to think about what I eat. I have to choose where I'm going to spend my calories and I have to measure out serving sizes so it's definitely made me aware of the excess that I typically eat during the day. Also, I think I savor my food differently now that it's limited instead of just snacking just because.

So, hopefully, maternity jeans will be boxed and in the basement soon!


Tha House Has Gas!

Last night I got back from girls' group with Henry and put him into bed before going into the kitchen to get a drink. I smelled gas. I walked upstairs where Adam was reading in bed and said, "I smell gas in the kitchen."

He said, "I knew I smelled that earlier but I thought maybe it was just my cold or something when I couldn't find the source of the smell!"

So, we go downstairs and investigate and, yep, it's definitely gas in the kitchen. Darn.

So, we call the gas company, they tell us to call the fire department.

We call the fire department, they tell us to call 911.

We call 911 and they send the big truck- woohoo!

Meanwhile, the 911 operator told us to go outside and so we had little swaddled Henry sitting on the tailgate of Adam's truck with Powers in the cab. The firemen were so nice but couldn't find a source and then the gas company guy came with the sniffer thingy but couldn't find a source either. Adam had cooked supper that night and may have turned on our bad burner accidentally? Not sure but I think the gas people thought we were crazy. They were all...maybe someone was mixing asphalt outside...sometimes that smells like gas.

I'm thinking...it was 9 p.m. I don't think anyone is mixing asphalt. Plus, the gas smell was smelled by Adam and myself hours apart.

ANYwhoos, alls well that ends well and it wasn't too bad of a night even considering that Henry was up way past his bedtime. It was wonderful weather to stand outside and everyone was so nice and you can't ask for much more than that.

The end.


Why I Like Running


Buckle up for a trip down memory lane.

This is a picture of me as a sophomore in high school (I'm the one in the water with the white tank). This is during a cross-country meet and it looks like I'm pushing some girl into the water. Maybe I was. It makes me look like a vicious competitor which makes me laugh because I'm really not so much. That's my friend Mary Lou right in front of me. I miss running with her.

The end.


Oh Dear.

My dear husband began his internal medicine rotation yesterday and, oh dear, he was gone from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Then he had to be at the hospital at 5 a.m. today! This is a rude awakening from our sweet psychiatry and anesthesiology rotations schedules! Rats.

Yesterday about 4 p.m., I loaded up Henry in the car seat bent on getting out and about. Where to? I don't know. Don't want to spend money. So I picked up my phone and called Brooke (who has family in town) and she said, C'mon over. I love to desperately throw myself onto people.

Hey, are you home? I'm coming over.

I hosted a playgroup here today. Well, seeing that there were 5 babies under 1, it was more an adult-interaction group. Like, hey...c'mon over and talk with grown-ups. Henry fell asleep about 5 minutes after the guests arrived and Powers watched sulkily from the backyard. He just wanted to lick everyone, is that such a crime?

Getting hair cut tonight. Stay tuned.


Calorie Counting

Friday, I began a notebook to record every morsel of food that I put into my mouth and how many calories it contains. I wanted to see how many calories I was intaking each day since I suspected that I was seriously underestimating it. However, I realized that I ate substantially less and much better when I was writing down everything that I was eating and having to measure out serving sizes...which is pretty much the point!

So, Friday went really well with counting calories and I was doing well and eating some good foods but then Adam & I went to a wine and cheese party on Friday night so, as you can imagine, all bets were off. I did bring my own wine glass with a marking for 8 oz., which was my limit for the night but when there are delicious crackers and cheeses, well...

I love cheese.

I know this sounds extreme, to count calories and measure serving sizes but I am seriously sick of being in my maternity jeans and there are parts of my personality that are all or nothing. I'm clearly not doing so well with moderation and I definitely graze a lot during the day. Just eating because it's there.

So, Saturday and Sunday went well and it's definitely making me aware of the foods that I eat and how much I'm eating. So, hopefully I can keep this up until I'm in my normal jeans again without a horrifying muffin top. The end.



Oh my...new header is not going so well. Please excuse the technical difficulties.

Meanwhile, I'd like to thank my cousin, Adrian, for nominating me for a lovely blog award. How lovely!

Also, I just finished Same Kind of Different As Me. Wow. It is definitely one of my favorite books ever. I would recommend it to anyone- you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll think, you'll pray. I caught myself reading it with a silly grin on my face several times...and a few tears, other times.

We brought Henry to church for the first time last night. It went okay during the singing but he became a little vocal during the offering so we took him out and fed him and then brought him back into the sanctuary. He made it about halfway through the sermon before becoming babbly, so we stepped outside. I think next time we'll go on Sunday morning so that we can drop him off at the nursery, even though I'd really like for him to be with us in the sanctuary. When I worked in the nursery, I'd always be so nervous to page mom's out of the service if their baby was crying and inconsolable. I thought that they would be mad. Now, I feel nervous about leaving Henry at the nursery- what if he cries the whole time? What if he blows out a diaper and poops on a nursery worker? Definitely a different perspective from the other side of the fence. I think that I would certainly want them to page me if he was any trouble at all.

Ok, off to enjoy this Sunday afternoon. You do the same!


Henry's 1st Swim

Like I said a few posts back, when Adam's parents were here they took us to Splash Lagoon- a big indoor water park. And so, what better time to put on the swim diaper and let Henry have his 1st indoor swim than in regulated 84 degree (year round) water?

He seemed to enjoy the water. He wasn't super smiley but he was just relaxed, man.

Actually this pool was a little warmer than 84 degrees...probably more like 90. It was the kid's hot tub. Not to be confused with the over-21 hot tub that they have at Splash Lagoon behind a bamboo fence. Eeeeek.

We had a lovely time. I can't wait to swim with Henry again.

I would put more pictures up but the girls are out of control in those pictures. Never used to have that problem. Sigh, lactation.


Currently Reading

and am loving it! Thanks for sending it my way, Lindsey!


Cardigan Circus

Oh hello funky, awesome cardigan. Oh how I would like to own you but I really don't want to buy anything until I lose these extra 15 lbs. that are hanging around. Although Clinton & Stacy would disagree...they say that looking good is the key to losing weight. Whatevs, I would have spit-up all over you by the end of the day anyways.

Goodbye funky, awesome cardigan.


Not A Newborn

Hot dog, Henry- welcome to the big show! You are officially 3 months old today. A newborn no longer, you have officially moved on to being an infant. Giddyup!

Let me say that you are, without doubt, the cutest baby that your papa and I have ever seen. People come up to you in the grocery store and touch your wild hair (which is falling out quickly, my love) and say how sweet you are.

You are long, buddy. You are solid, too. I probably have more upper body strength than I've ever had in my entire life from holding you and picking you up and doing Henry Presses.

You hate tummy time. You will only tolerate it for a few minutes at a time. But you love to stand up. You have since you were only a couple of weeks old. You love for someone to hold you under your arms while you stand up and look around and smile real big.

That smile is heart-melting. You are laughing now, too. Your papa made you laugh so hard the other night while he was changing your diaper. Incidentally, you love hanging out on the changing pad. You are becoming VERY vocal. Lots of mwaaamwaa mwaa's and "rhazz's" which are these wet wookie sounds that you love to make.

This is the special spot where we hang out every night before you go to bed and during the middle of the night. Even though I'm sleepy, I love our time in our special spot.

Aunt Brooklyn made you this sign. We pray this verse for your life.

Mama is not good with the flash- sorry for the glare.

I could write a thousand books about you and all the cool things that you are doing and your funny faces and how much you've changed our home. Suffice it to say, we love you so much Henry James and we are so grateful that God let us take care of you.


Teeth Already, Sigh.

photo credit here

Well, we have entered the world of teething. For a while, we've suspected that it was around the corner with the appearance of some little buds on his bottom guns. But now you can feel and see his little two bottom teeth creeping through Henry's gums. My mom said that my brothers and I got our first teeth around 4 months and so Henry must be following in our noble footsteps (He'll be 3 months on July 21st). Sometimes, it even seems that nursing is kinda painful for him. For example, at his 3:00 feeding today, he would latch on and then pull off really abruptly and then repeat, repeat, repeat until finally I stood up and he nursed that way while I walked around the room....festive!

The excessive drool has begun and he is enjoying putting burp cloths in his mouth to chew. Any thoughts/feelings/advice?


See? I can eat my whole hand!

The Jennings have come and gone. We said good-bye tonight but we had a wonderful weekend. They were staying in the hotel attached to Splash Lagoon (local indoor water park....gotta be indoor up here in the PA) and they paid for Adam & I to go play and swim while they watched Henry at a table in the park. Let me say, I am a fan! We had so much fun riding down the slides and I was hoarse from screaming my way down Hurricane Hole...twice...just as delightful as it sounds.

Waterparks can be absolutely lovely...you just have to not think about all the urine floating around.

Anyways, then we went to the Cherry Festival that afternoon and met up with our peeps...Brooke & Freeland and Freeland's mom & step-dad. We watched the Cherry Festival parade and managed to snag some candy from the parade-throwers by pushing small children out of the way. Just kidding. But I did get a tootsie roll and a jolly rancher. Henry kicked it in the baby sling thingy and got to hear his first (three dozen) sirens. Yes, this parade is put on by the firemen of North East and, although it's a dandy parade, probably not the best parade to bring an infant too due to the EXTREMELY LOUD NOISES!

Powers is so annoyed with the paparazzi

Today, the grandparents babysat while we watched Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Much to say on that subject but that'll be for a different post. (I know, be still my heart) I am so glad that Henry got to have some wonderful bonding time with his grandparents and we had such a nice visit. Henry smiled a lot and definitely enjoyed being held and doted on by grandma & grandpa (names to be determined by Henry at a later age).

In conclusion, we are so glad that they came and God bless America.
The end.

Aww, shucks Pa! three generations of Jennings.


The British Are Coming, The British Are Coming!

Not really, but the Jennings are coming! Not us, silly. The Texas Jennings! Adam's parents will be here tomorrow to meet their sweet grandson and we are so excited to have them!

It has been difficult for Mike & Jule to get down because Adam's grandpa (Henry's namesake) lives with them and they take care of him. But they were able to schedule a weekend to come up while Jule's sister & husband take care of Grandpa.

And you know what? I'm feeling generous. I will let them change every diaper this weekend. I vow to let them jiggle him and walk him in laps around the house during fussy time and I will even let them babysit him while I go see the 6th Harry Potter. Gosh, I have a giving heart.

So, come on Jennings! We can't wait to see you! Meanwhile, we do need to come up with some grandparent names for Mike & Jule. My parents are Mama Lulu and Poppa Bob. Jule is a spanish teacher so I was thinking something along that but any suggestions, bring them on and I will present them to Mike & Jule this weekend! Hey-o!


Changing a Diaper at 35,000 Feet

Flying with a baby in tow is an adventure. However, everyone was so kind and people are quite accommodating when you're carrying a tiny tot. I met a lady with a 3-year old on the flight down to Florida and she told me that the stress of having an infant on a plane is nothing compared to when your 3-year-old is kicking the seat in front of him. People always offered to carry things for me and asked me if I needed help. A guy in the Atlanta airport had been bumped to 1st class on the flight back and offered the seat to me & Henry- how nice is that? However, it turns out he needn't bother because...

My flight back from Florida was cancelled and, subsequently, I was bumped to first class on my 2nd rearranged flight. Nice, right? Not to sound ungrateful, but of all the times that you could get bumped to 1st class, when you have a baby is hardly the best time. It's like, "eeeeh, um, sorry people that paid $1,000 per ticket but excuse my sweet son's fussing on this late night flight."

Henry actually did pretty well and I am proud to say that I have now changed a diaper at 35,000 feet (or however many stinking feet it is). He let go of a big poop (loudly...again, heeeey first classers) and so I was going to go change him in the front of the plane by the flight attendant station because, you know, first class passengers get to do whatever they want, riiiight? But the flight attendant told me that there was a pull-down changing table above the toilet in the bathroom. Right, in the teeny-tiny airplane bathroom- did you know that? It was hilarious, the two of us crammed in that space trying to wipe that booty (and change his blown-out onesie).

We must've walked 4 miles in the airports with Henry in the baby carrier. He did pretty well and it well worth it for us to see my family in Florida. It was a wonderful trip.


How He Loves

Well, the beach trip went well and Henry & I arrived back in Erie at 2 a.m. Saturday morning and then found out a few hours later that my dear friend up here was in the midst of an awful tragedy. It's not my story to tell, so I won't. But I will say that the past couple of days I have seen the body of Christ come together and love my sweet friend and her family well and that I am amazed at how the Lord has burdened so many hearts for them and stirred so many people to pray and encourage and help this family. I have definitely sensed that the Lord mourns alongside us and carries our sorrows, He is near to the brokenhearted. Also, I am encouraged by Jesus saying:

"In this world you will have troubles. But take heart, for I have overcome the world."-John 16:33

It is hard but sweet to have the privilege to weep alongside a friend. To not have answers to questions but to just stand beside them. I have seen supernatural peace and I know that this is a segment of a story that will ultimately glorify God and display his compassion on his children.

This is the song that keeps playing in my heart.


Family Separation

Sad and happy day- I am currently packing Henry & I to go to Florida to meet my family for a week (Happy!). This will be the first time for our little family to be apart and it's also the longest that Adam & I have ever been apart since we've been married (Sad.). Adam is moping around here, which actually is pretty sweet, and we've tried to think of lots of activities for him to do when he's done with work each day next week to keep him occupied. He's going to go fishing and he might even go to a 4th party tomorrow night after he drops us at the airport- which is pretty big because Adam has some hermit-like tendencies. And, of course, he has Powers to cuddle with and pass the lonely nights.

I am, by definition, a last-minute packer. I usually half-hazardly toss my stuff into a suitcase moments before walking out the door. 9 bras, 1 sock, 2 shirts, no pants. THIS, however, has changed now that I have a little (almost) 11-week old as a travel-buddy. Meticulous...checklists (not really)...but still, some thought and planning is certainly required. Oh well, if all else fails, he can just be a naked coppertone baby. So, Happy 4th and if we have internet, I'll check in...otherwise, see ya in a week. Unless Adam gets so bored that he blogs!