Oh my...new header is not going so well. Please excuse the technical difficulties.

Meanwhile, I'd like to thank my cousin, Adrian, for nominating me for a lovely blog award. How lovely!

Also, I just finished Same Kind of Different As Me. Wow. It is definitely one of my favorite books ever. I would recommend it to anyone- you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll think, you'll pray. I caught myself reading it with a silly grin on my face several times...and a few tears, other times.

We brought Henry to church for the first time last night. It went okay during the singing but he became a little vocal during the offering so we took him out and fed him and then brought him back into the sanctuary. He made it about halfway through the sermon before becoming babbly, so we stepped outside. I think next time we'll go on Sunday morning so that we can drop him off at the nursery, even though I'd really like for him to be with us in the sanctuary. When I worked in the nursery, I'd always be so nervous to page mom's out of the service if their baby was crying and inconsolable. I thought that they would be mad. Now, I feel nervous about leaving Henry at the nursery- what if he cries the whole time? What if he blows out a diaper and poops on a nursery worker? Definitely a different perspective from the other side of the fence. I think that I would certainly want them to page me if he was any trouble at all.

Ok, off to enjoy this Sunday afternoon. You do the same!


Jeff and Lauren said...

Turns out Will is "That Kid" who cries in the nursery every time. I think I have been paged out every Sunday this month to come get him. I would just keep him with us but he talks and screams (happy screams). It is interesting to see things from the other side now!

Ann Miller said...

loved that book!! pictures are precious. invest in a good halter...enjoy the rest of your weekend

Danielle said...

bring him on sunday! whoo hoo!