The British Are Coming, The British Are Coming!

Not really, but the Jennings are coming! Not us, silly. The Texas Jennings! Adam's parents will be here tomorrow to meet their sweet grandson and we are so excited to have them!

It has been difficult for Mike & Jule to get down because Adam's grandpa (Henry's namesake) lives with them and they take care of him. But they were able to schedule a weekend to come up while Jule's sister & husband take care of Grandpa.

And you know what? I'm feeling generous. I will let them change every diaper this weekend. I vow to let them jiggle him and walk him in laps around the house during fussy time and I will even let them babysit him while I go see the 6th Harry Potter. Gosh, I have a giving heart.

So, come on Jennings! We can't wait to see you! Meanwhile, we do need to come up with some grandparent names for Mike & Jule. My parents are Mama Lulu and Poppa Bob. Jule is a spanish teacher so I was thinking something along that but any suggestions, bring them on and I will present them to Mike & Jule this weekend! Hey-o!


Lora said...

You could let Henry decide like I let Caleb decide. That leads to an interesting name. What is Grandmother in Spanish? Mike might like something like Uncle Mark- "Dude". I know they are going to love that sweet little Henry. What's not to love!!!!!!!

Lora said...

By the way-since my name choice for a girl (just in case) was scoffed at-I will not even try. Jule Lora or J-lo was SUCH a cute choice!

The Tylers said...

Too funny! Enjoy the time and hope the Harry Potter movie is great!

lindsey said...

Yes, hope you guys have fun hanging out with fam and also having time just the two of you!

And, I meant to comment the other day on the Crowder song...I'm in LOVE!!