Week One- complete

Yesterday as I tucked into bed, I realized that I had completed a full week of my calorie counting (excluding Friday night's wine & cheese party and Monday night at Brooke & Freeland's house). My little notebook holds the contents of every morsel of food that I ate and the calorie content. I can already tell a difference in my size and I definitely feel better.

This food journal is good for me because it requires me to think about what I eat. I have to choose where I'm going to spend my calories and I have to measure out serving sizes so it's definitely made me aware of the excess that I typically eat during the day. Also, I think I savor my food differently now that it's limited instead of just snacking just because.

So, hopefully, maternity jeans will be boxed and in the basement soon!


Marylou said...

I'm glad it makes you feel better and I am proud of you for being so diligent!

I just wish I lived...oh say, about 950 miles closer...so we could meet up for a run.

Anonymous said...

Good work! I know I could never count calories. I would get too obsessive and end up anorexic or something.

Lora said...

AND I thought I Was OCD!

Lindsey said...

Way to go, Cami! I'm so proud of you!

Anonymous said...

Yikes. I read that while eating an Otis Spunkmeyer chocolate chip muffin. Good for you. This Friday won't count for me.

Chrome Cowgirl

C and G said...

oh I wish I was as dedicated as you...I feel like I can see every calorie that I take in on my belly or hips :(

Anonymous said...







CaseyWiegand said...

You are sweet to me...you havent seen me though!!! Im proud of you for being so diligent!!! I have my hopes up now for your Dallas road trip!!!! :) Keep me updated on the calorie counting...FYI someone told me each ounce of breastmilk has 22 calories so if you keep track of how much you are giving out in a 24 hr period...you'll know how much to take away from your intake!

Anonymous said...


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lesli said...

can you read chinese?=)

so proud of you for counting your calories! it's amazing how much better you'll do when you can see on paper exactly how many calories you've consumed. you can do it girl!