Tha House Has Gas!

Last night I got back from girls' group with Henry and put him into bed before going into the kitchen to get a drink. I smelled gas. I walked upstairs where Adam was reading in bed and said, "I smell gas in the kitchen."

He said, "I knew I smelled that earlier but I thought maybe it was just my cold or something when I couldn't find the source of the smell!"

So, we go downstairs and investigate and, yep, it's definitely gas in the kitchen. Darn.

So, we call the gas company, they tell us to call the fire department.

We call the fire department, they tell us to call 911.

We call 911 and they send the big truck- woohoo!

Meanwhile, the 911 operator told us to go outside and so we had little swaddled Henry sitting on the tailgate of Adam's truck with Powers in the cab. The firemen were so nice but couldn't find a source and then the gas company guy came with the sniffer thingy but couldn't find a source either. Adam had cooked supper that night and may have turned on our bad burner accidentally? Not sure but I think the gas people thought we were crazy. They were all...maybe someone was mixing asphalt outside...sometimes that smells like gas.

I'm thinking...it was 9 p.m. I don't think anyone is mixing asphalt. Plus, the gas smell was smelled by Adam and myself hours apart.

ANYwhoos, alls well that ends well and it wasn't too bad of a night even considering that Henry was up way past his bedtime. It was wonderful weather to stand outside and everyone was so nice and you can't ask for much more than that.

The end.


Simply Sarah said...

Hannah was telling me that she and Nick had the same problem. They smelled gas and the gas people couldn't find anything. I thought it was strange...and now even more so that it's happened twice!

Hannah Lee said...

So glad to hear it was nothing big! Our little incident rattled my nerves and patience and I am glad to see yalls had a good outcome!

Lora said...

Maybe you need a new stove?

Anonymous said...

First, they say that women have a better sense of smelling that type of gas then men. And second the same thing happened to me and my fire guys told me to call no matter what so you both did the right thing! I'd call the gas people and make an appt for them to check it out...