Go Adam.

(obviously sung to the tune of 'ding, dong the witch is dead from the wizard of Oz. Picture munchkins singing it.)

The test is done
Adam's done
with his test..
the test, the test
is dooooone!

He studied hard
his brain was jarred
head felt like tar
He studied, studied

He woke up- eek!
brushed his teeth
bite to eat
He ran through notes

Used #2
til he was through
He remembered things
he kneeeeeew

He did a jump
A fast fist pump
shimmied his rump
The wicked test is deeeeeaaaaad!



You can do sidebends and situps...

(cone) ---6 ft.--- (cone)

* * * * [YOU] * * * * * *

Today Bethany and I worked at the YMCA. We meet twice a week and do some cardio and then hope and pray that the aerobics room is empty so we can do all the weight moves and lunges, etc. that we like and not have to face the testosteroney weight room. On Sundays, the aerobics room is always open after 1:30 p.m. except for the occasional kung-fu practicer in the dark. That's another story for another day. So today Bethany had a new move for us to do. You set up 2 cones (or cans, or shoes, or whatever) about 6 feet apart. Then you stand in between them but about 3 or 4 feet back. Then you lunge towards each cone (so it's like a diagonal lunge) and point towards the cone. It'll get your bottom real good and you don't need any equipment so you can do it at home! At least I tell myself that I'll do it at home...

Oh, okay. I guess I can tell you the kung-fu story now. Well on Sundays there's an aerobics class from 12:30 to 1:30. Then the room's open for the rest of the day, Glory Hallelujah! So Bethany and I usually go and use all their cool weights, bands, steps, etc. Well a few weeks ago, we went into the room. All the lights were turned off, which isn't unusual, so we just walked in. And before we hit the lights, we noticed that there was this dude in a white karate suit doing some moves in the dark. We didn't want to be weird about it and we really wanted to work out so we just headed to the back of the room to workout. Well, the lights were still off and we didn't know if we should turn on the lights or not.. so we just left them off. Now, it's quiet as a convent after midnight in there and so we are getting our weights together and really trying not to giggle but it's kind of an awkward situation. The guy has a big stick out and is making heavy blowing breaths as he pokes and swings and punches. Then as we're doing squats, he starts doing a punching move and kind of galloping towards Bethany, staring straight ahead. He continues until he gets about 3 feet from her and then turns and repeats backwards. Now, bless his heart- I mean he's just doing his workout. But this was pretty uncomfortable and I'm terrible about inappropriate laughter (during prayers, weddings, at libraries, etc.) so I'm shaking uncontrollably trying to hold in any noise. Anyways, we finished our workout with only a few more run-ins with Kung-Fu man. I guess you had to be there....

Under My Bed...

I just officially looked. Currently under our bed is...

1. 1 pair of socks, 2 singles without mates
2. 4 ponytail holders
3. one of Power's bones
4. a throw pillow
5. a bracelet
6. Adam's hiking shorts
7. used kleenex
8. I Cor. 12-II Cor. 2 (Part of my paperback Bible fell out)
9. one black flipflop
10. Burt's bees wax chapstick
11. a red headband
12. Marley & Me (sweet book)
13. flyfishing magazine
14. cover of Harry Potter book
15. handtowel
16. bouncy blue toy for Powers
17. a dryer sheet
18. a red flipflop

and a partridge in a pear tree......TADA!

What's under your bed?

Craft Junkie

I just went to Michael's to run an errand- we needed some hooks to hang our keys on. Mission accomplished! No more "Where are my keys?! Have you seen my keys? Did Powers eat my keys? Geez, Powers."

While at Michael's, I perused and perused. It took all my restraint not to pick up every project kit and canvas available. Back before I knew the value of a dollar (i.e. before college graduation...or a little later.... still learning) nonetheless, back before I knew the value of a dollar, I loved craft nights. Roommates and I would go to Michael's and get canvases and paint and painter's tape and make cool random things to hang on our apartment walls- such good times. Now that we're poor med student and wife (but rich in spirit) I haven't stepped into a craft store. I think I'm going to think really hard and pick one project that I want to do and then maybe I'll go back. Meanwhile, the keys are hung.

Also meanwhile, this weekend has been nice! Sunshine...check! Powers and I enjoyed a nice run and I even had to take off my gloves(gasp!) I am ready for all the snow to melt so that we can pull out the patio furniture and grill and live outside! This summer while Adam's enjoying his last ever summer vacation, he said he's going to grill almost every night and have supper going when I come home from work. That plus a good book on the hammock and a frosty beverage will be nice.

I'm going to cook some broccoli & chicken casserole. You can find it on cookinglight.com . It's pretty tasty, I substitute half of the cooking sherry for white wine though. Adios!



Last night, Adam went to bed early because he wasn't feeling well. Sad? Yes, it was a little sad. However, Brooke & I also realized that it presented the perfect opportunity. "What perfect opportunity?" Well, I'm glad you asked. The perfect opportunity to fulfill our wildest dreams and watch "High School Musical" and "High School Musical 2" back-to-back.

Now, the night didn't start out with such high aspirations. We cooked chicken tortilla soup and were hanging out, flipping channels after sending Adam up to bed. Hark! What beeth on the Disney Channel? Why, it's High School Musical 2. Oh, snicker, snicker. Giggle, giggle. It's just starting- let's watch it for a moment and scoff, shall we? Then scoffing turned into realization. We needed to see High School Musical 1 to understand the going ons of the sequel. So we loaded up Powers and drove to Blockbuster to rent the original. After a scare (the last copy was hidden behind Harry Potter but Brooke found it with her detective skills) we returned home and proceeded to stay up until 1 a.m. watching the 2 movies, making sure to make mental notes of the choreography for the next wedding that we attend.

Are we too old? Perhaps. I did teach at an elementary school with 1st grade girls who completely loved H.S.M. (That's what we insiders call it). However, I think High School Musical has lessons applicable to everyone, regardless of their season in life.

1. Be yourself.
2. Geeks and jocks can peacefully coexist and even date!
3. Everyone loves a good jazz square


Snore, snore.

When I was a kid, I slept like a rock. My mom said that I could sleep through a tornado. She'd come in my room to wake me up in the morning or, most of the time, holler from the bottom of the stairs, "Camille, are you going to school today?" Don't be fooled, though. It wasn't a question. If I dared to say, "No." She'd say, "I don't think so! Get up." You had to be a) vomiting or b) have a temperature over 100 degrees to stay home from school. I envied the other kids who got to stay home with "headaches". Now, I'm glad because I had that same attendance ethic drilled into my head for college & work and, of course, my framed "Perfect Attendance" certificates really spruce up the living room (joke.)

Anywhoos, the point was that I used to sleep like a rock. However, that all changed freshman year of college. I don't know what the transition was but I became a light sleeper. One who had to have ideal conditions to doze off. My bladder must be completely empty- this involves going to the restroom a few times while in the dozing off phase. I must have water beside my bed- at least 10 oz. or else I need to fill it up. It'll nag at me if I don't have enough water there. The beginnings of O.C.D.? I think not! Anyways, Adam can fall asleep like *that* and will sleep like a rock. I remember when we were first married, Powers would wake up in the middle of the night and need to go outside. Well, obviously, only I would wake up and so I'd drag myself out of bed and open the back door and stand in the doorway watching Powers because back then, we didn't have a fenced-in yard. Then I'd have to do my bathroom/water routine and crawl back into bed. Well, my newly-wed generousity wore off and I got tired of doing this. So then when Powers would start whining I would kick Adam really hard in the shins and then act like I was asleep. He'd assume ( I think) that he just woke up and would get up and let Powers out. Well, it would work some nights. Other nights I ended up just taking the dog out but still. I'm happy to report that Powers never wakes up before the alarm goes off these days. Victory!!!

I had a roommate in college, Caroline, who was a super hard sleeper, too. She would NEVER hear the alarm go off. Never, ever. Our senior year, she was in the room beside Lindsey & I and she always set her alarm for really early because she was very optimistic and always thought she would wake up and get a lot of stuff done even if she'd gone to bed at 3 a.m. After throwing shoes at the wall for 4 minutes, Lindsey and I usually ended up walking into her room and waking her up so that she could press snooze or turn off the alarm. One day, though, she came home with the "World's Loudest Alarm" (That's what it said on the box!) Oh, boy! This'll get her up, for sure. Satisfaction Guaranteed! Well, the next morning at 6 a.m. the house shook with the loudest church bells you've ever heard GONG, GONG, GONG, GONG! Lindsey and I shot out of bed thinking we were asleep in a bell tower or else were under some weird airraid. Nope, it was Caroline's new alarm clock. She still didn't wake up and we ended up denting our wall pretty badly from throwing shoes, books, and anything else that we could find. After a few weeks, I think Caroline "misplaced' that alarm clock. I wonder where it is?

Brooke is coming today! She is flying in to look at apartments, townhomes, and houses here in ole Erie, PA! We're excited to have her and lend our expert (ahem) wisdom on Erie to our pal. She'll be here until Saturday and so we'll get a good visit in with her!


A Creek Runs Near It

Happy Easter! We've had a nice weekend- went to church Saturday night and had an interesting breakfast casserole attempt today by yours truly. Well, in a show of Easter family togetherness, Powers & I accompanied Adam on our first flyfishing expedition. The ole pro, Adam, was an excellent teacher in the ways of casting and teasing the fish with the fly. Adam said I was a natural although I'm not sure how much of that is true & how much was said so that I wouldn't storm off in frustration (He knows me well). Regardless, when we drove to NorthEast, I caught a fish! Yes, it was a tiny steelhead who was hungry but still. Then Adam gently removed the fly from Cletus's mouth (Yes, I named him) and Little Cletus swam away.

I had on a cute flyfishing outfit but I had to cover it with my fleece, sadly. I'm pretty sure that's the main point of flyfishing, right? Cute outfits and arts and crafts... err, I mean fly-tying. I will say this: I think that I'll enjoy fllyfishing a lot more when it's above 32 degrees. Maybe I'll even bring a lawn chair and a book! But it was beautiful out there and I loved spending time with my fish-loving husband and fish-smelling dog.


Good Friday

"He was despised and rejected by men, a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief. And we hid, as it were, our faces from Him; He was despised, and we did not esteem Him. Surely He has borne our griefs and carried our sorrows; yet we esteemed Him stricken, smitten by God, and afflicted. But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities; the chastisement for our peace was upon Him, and by His stripes we are healed. All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned, every one to his own way; and the Lord has laid on Him (Jesus) the iniquity of us all."
Isaiah 53


Random Thoughts

"It's better to live on a corner of the roof than share a house with a quarelsome, nagging wife."
-Prov. 21:9

I think that imagery of that verse is funny. Can't you just picture a little man on the corner of the roof, curled up in the rain wearing his striped pajama pants while the wife walks around inside the house? I try not to be a nag but I'll be honest, sometimes I have to fight it. I just asked Adam if he thought I was naggy (spelling?) and he said, "Nope." I'm sure there have been times that he'd disagree but I must be doing okay (today, at least!)

Last week at girls' group we were talking and a lot of the gals had read that book by Dr. Chapman about the different love languages. There are five. You've got words of affirmation, quality time, gifts, acts of service, and physical touch. It takes being intentional, though, because how you receive love isn't necessarily how your spouse or friend or whoever receives love. So you can be giving love all day long in this one way that you like to give love but your spouse or neighbor might not have their needs met & be aching to receive love in a totally different way. I just asked Adam what he thought his was. He said quality time. I think mine is touch. Not just husband/wife intimacy (sorry, Mom) but any kind of touch. I feel loved by Adam when he grabs my hand when we're walking or sits close to me. I show love to my friends with hugs and putting my arm around them, etc.

My besty Mary Lou is the ultimate queen of acts of service/gifts. I think my mom is like that too. Hmm, I should probably work on loving them better that way. Anywhoos, thoughts for the day. Hope you have a nice Wednesday even though it started snowing again this evening. Yes, it's true! It had been a dreary day but still in the upper 30's..rain, fog. However, as we were leaving the YMCA all of a sudden it was raining so we ran to the car and hopped in and I glanced at the windshield. Wait! That's not rain, that's sleet! Then we got home and it began snowing. So, c'mon 1st day of spring! Bring the sun, bring the warmth, bring the funk(?), bring the defrost!


S'Wonderful, S'Marvelous

Somehow I don't have a nose in some of these pictures but that's okay. These are our pre-party pictures, we have some from the party yet to upload. It was fun! We both liked actually showering and getting dressed, shaving legs (well, me anyway. Adam decided not to shave his legs this time), and looking nice. The supper/dancing was fun although it is amusing to look around and think, "Wow. These are future doctors of America." But even doctors need to shake a leg, right?

Right. Moving on, we went to the peninsula yesterday with Powers. It's looking less like an Arctic tundra and more like.. something. I'm not really quite sure what.
Like big piles of sand mixed with icy terrain? A desert after a snowstorm? Something. But surely spring is coming.... Or so we thought yesterday until we woke up this morning to snow. Oh, ho hum.


Side Note

Does anyone watch LOST? I know that B & F do. What's happening? What is this story with Jin and Son? Is there a break in the time/space continuum? Well, obviously there is because of Desmond the other week. But were we watching one future flash and one flash back? Can they not be together after the Oceanic rescue thing? Is there a camera in that gravestone? Auuuuugh. So many mysteries.


Epiphany toilet

This week flew by like gangbusters. Incidentally...

NOUN: Slang A law enforcement officer who works to break up organized criminal groups.
ADJECTIVE: also gangbusters Extremely successful: an experiment yielding gangbuster results; a profitable, gangbusters quarter.
IDIOM: like gangbusters Slang With great impact, vigor, or zeal: came on like gangbusters at the start of his campaign; a career that took off like gangbusters.

Moving on, tomorrow night we have LeProm. That's right, ole Grandpa Jennings & I will get all spiffied up and dance the night away. Earlier, Bethany came over to show me her dress and get a girl's opinion, it reminded me of ole college and the apartment roommates. I love that about girlfriends. Show a dress to a guy and you're likely to get a monosyllabic answer. But consult a girlfriend and you can discuss, ad nauseum, the pros and cons of a cinched belt, drapey straps, bubble hems, etc on your particular body type. Good times.

Adam's looking at kayaks online right now. He found one that Powers can ride in, too! Coolio. We kinda got a semi-thaw going here but I still haven't driven my car since last Friday because of all the snow we got this weekend. I kinda have a block of snow surrounding the car. I like to think it's securing the wagon. Holy cow, now Adam found a kayak that you can turn into a sailboat. Crazy.

Okay, have a great night. We'll have Powers take some pictures of us all dressed up so that we can post them. Oh, delight.


Long Days Are Good!

Praise the Lord for longer days. I need them. This way, it feels like I haven't been at work all day because there's still light when I get home! Hooray! Like right now? It's 7:21 and it's still light outside and snowing but snow is pretty in the light, no?

Yesterday Adam & I took off to Peek'n Peak for a ski! We haven't been since last March and it was such a powdery day- so nice. We were like 'swish, swish, woosh woosh.' We ended the day with supper at Cold Stone Creamery- nutricious! It was a most excellent weekend- I got to hang out with the husby all weekend (and Powers) before Adam has to hit the books again- neuroanatomy. Yum.


Tired of Snow Pictures?

Well, it's a storm, alright. Complete with thunder! Adam & I had such plans for this weekend but are enjoying a more laid back, quality time sorta break instead. We have managed to make it to the grocery store and the Y but on the way back it was REALLY coming down and we saw more people stuck and pushing their cars through intersections than you'd believe. Everyone was very helpful and neighborly though and that's encouraging. So now we're here in front of the fire and planning on staying like this for some time.

'Twas snowing too hard to focus well but hopefully you can make out the numbers on the ruler. 17 inches!

He's like a ship gliding through the snow. He had some problems trying to do his business though. His hiney kept grazing the snow, very distressing, mind you. Yet, he prevailed by packing down the snow with his tight, circular stompings and victory was his.


The pepperoni balls were from Valerio's. Just so you know.


Pepperoni Balls & Ice Storms

I had my first pepperoni ball. It was really good! Not what I anticipated- there was more bread than I expected- it's like a doughnut meets a pizza. Never had I heard of a pepperoni ball until I came here. Neither had I heard of putting french fries on a salad- Erie, you're wild. Anyways- tasty on the pepperoni ball- I'd like it more if I had dipped it in spicy ranch.

Okay, moving on- we had a huge ice storm on Tuesday night. Our electricity went out and so Adam & I accidentally slept a little late- whoopsie. I wish I'd taken pictures because the ice was insane. I couldn't get my car door open so I hitched a ride with some guy (Adam) and made it in to school after chiselling at his windshield for 10 minutes. Wild times. The tree's circumference practically doubled because of the extra thick layer of ice on them. Well, the skinny tree's, anyway. I guess the fat tree's only gained a small fraction of their size. Today is beautiful, though, the sun is out and that makes me happy! Don't leave me, sun!

No class for Adam today. He has a test tomorrow so I left him studying in front of the fire with Powers, this morning. He made me tea and warmed up my car, though, so it's okay.

This week's going by so quick. Like Monday- it seemed like 1/2 a day. And then Tuesday was busy so it seemed like two hours. But then Wednesday was long, lot's of work. So it was like a day and a half...
Oh, Steve.

Freakface, you're added!

Happy Thursday!


Oh my friend, Lindsey's blog made me think of this:

My mom gave my dad an Iphone for his birthday. It's pretty stinking cool. But kinda freaky, too, because it can do so much. Iphone robot conspiracy, anyone?

Parents' Weekend Recap

*The only stinking picture I took all weekend. Mom took my place as the picture lady and took a gazillion. It looks like we just told them something horrible in the picture but we didn't, I promise. They usually look happy.

Well, we had a fantastic weekend with the parentals in Erie. I won't give you a play-by-play but here's the reader's digest version:

1. There's a little cabin at the peninsula where you can rent snowshoes & cross country skis. It's by the buggy place & the pond. Anywhoos, we decided to venture there on Saturday and try out our abilities. Well, they'd gotten a lot of snow the night before so we were kinda grooming our own trails, if you will. It was a lot of fun and I'm sure the ice fishermen appreciated our screams of delight scaring the fish away. We all fell at least once. Actually I think I'm the only one who only fell once but, in Adam's defense, he did have Powers's leash. MUSH!

2. My parents got to witness, first hand, the phenomenom that is the "Erie red light maneuver". That is, when a person is turning left at a light, instead of waiting for the green arrow or until there's a clearing in the traffic, they'll simply wait until the light turns RED, then they'll whip their left turn quickly (or not so quickly). I've never seen anything like it but it's very common here, apparently. No one ever toots their horn at them. E.R.L.M.

3. Adam & I built our first snowman together.

It's harder than one might think to build a life-size snowman. You can't tell but Frosty has a pipe. Snowmen have bad tobacco addictions. Don't be like Frosty, kids. Adam also built a "dog-gloo" but Powers wasn't such a fan. Pictures to follow.

Also, has anyone ever seen the car sculpture place? My mom took a picture of the bumblebee bug sculpture but there are several others. It's out by where we go to church. Anyone know the story?

In summary, good visit with the parents. I think they should move here so they wouldn't be so darn far away. Can everyone we love please relocate? Thanks.



The parents are here in Erie! Erie's been showing off for them- lots of snow yesterday! I'll post pictures soon but just wanted you to know that all is well- we're enjoying the weekend and the leap year baby. Obviously, had to make a big deal about Dad's Sweet 16.

Sweet 16 and never been kissed.....