Random Thoughts

"It's better to live on a corner of the roof than share a house with a quarelsome, nagging wife."
-Prov. 21:9

I think that imagery of that verse is funny. Can't you just picture a little man on the corner of the roof, curled up in the rain wearing his striped pajama pants while the wife walks around inside the house? I try not to be a nag but I'll be honest, sometimes I have to fight it. I just asked Adam if he thought I was naggy (spelling?) and he said, "Nope." I'm sure there have been times that he'd disagree but I must be doing okay (today, at least!)

Last week at girls' group we were talking and a lot of the gals had read that book by Dr. Chapman about the different love languages. There are five. You've got words of affirmation, quality time, gifts, acts of service, and physical touch. It takes being intentional, though, because how you receive love isn't necessarily how your spouse or friend or whoever receives love. So you can be giving love all day long in this one way that you like to give love but your spouse or neighbor might not have their needs met & be aching to receive love in a totally different way. I just asked Adam what he thought his was. He said quality time. I think mine is touch. Not just husband/wife intimacy (sorry, Mom) but any kind of touch. I feel loved by Adam when he grabs my hand when we're walking or sits close to me. I show love to my friends with hugs and putting my arm around them, etc.

My besty Mary Lou is the ultimate queen of acts of service/gifts. I think my mom is like that too. Hmm, I should probably work on loving them better that way. Anywhoos, thoughts for the day. Hope you have a nice Wednesday even though it started snowing again this evening. Yes, it's true! It had been a dreary day but still in the upper 30's..rain, fog. However, as we were leaving the YMCA all of a sudden it was raining so we ran to the car and hopped in and I glanced at the windshield. Wait! That's not rain, that's sleet! Then we got home and it began snowing. So, c'mon 1st day of spring! Bring the sun, bring the warmth, bring the funk(?), bring the defrost!


Lora said...

I am going to think about this -5 languages. How could anyone ever limit such a huge thing like love to 5 languages?

Deb said...

There is a book similar to that but it divids people into animals and their personalities...I think I was an Otter..hahah. Anyway, it said basically the same thing about love. Jim shows love by washing dishes and folding clothes. It took me a while to figure that out...cuz I was waiting for a hug. Who wrote this book....might be the same guys.

freakface said...

This has unfortunately been one of the worst years recently for early weather. It's uncertain whether we'll even get to hit the golf course in March this year, which has never happened in my memory.

Anonymous said...

I tend to agree with your mom, but just for the record I do think you do a good job if we were giving grades. I love my letters that I get in the mail...don't know what "love language" that is, but it makes me smile! :)

ps. also think that the way you like love to be shown to you can change over time depending on what is going on in your life. just a thought.

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