Craft Junkie

I just went to Michael's to run an errand- we needed some hooks to hang our keys on. Mission accomplished! No more "Where are my keys?! Have you seen my keys? Did Powers eat my keys? Geez, Powers."

While at Michael's, I perused and perused. It took all my restraint not to pick up every project kit and canvas available. Back before I knew the value of a dollar (i.e. before college graduation...or a little later.... still learning) nonetheless, back before I knew the value of a dollar, I loved craft nights. Roommates and I would go to Michael's and get canvases and paint and painter's tape and make cool random things to hang on our apartment walls- such good times. Now that we're poor med student and wife (but rich in spirit) I haven't stepped into a craft store. I think I'm going to think really hard and pick one project that I want to do and then maybe I'll go back. Meanwhile, the keys are hung.

Also meanwhile, this weekend has been nice! Sunshine...check! Powers and I enjoyed a nice run and I even had to take off my gloves(gasp!) I am ready for all the snow to melt so that we can pull out the patio furniture and grill and live outside! This summer while Adam's enjoying his last ever summer vacation, he said he's going to grill almost every night and have supper going when I come home from work. That plus a good book on the hammock and a frosty beverage will be nice.

I'm going to cook some broccoli & chicken casserole. You can find it on cookinglight.com . It's pretty tasty, I substitute half of the cooking sherry for white wine though. Adios!


Lora said...

Your favorite of all time casserole. We spent the first 20 years of our marriage looking for Dad's keys, including one year on vacation when we looked for 2 or 3 hours on the day we had to drive home. Somehow he too solved this dilemma in his life.

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

I love cookinglight.......i have not made chicken broccoli casserold in a LONG time. I really like it also. I am going to try and make chicken tikka masala tomorrow.....I have made curry chicken but not this dish.