Under My Bed...

I just officially looked. Currently under our bed is...

1. 1 pair of socks, 2 singles without mates
2. 4 ponytail holders
3. one of Power's bones
4. a throw pillow
5. a bracelet
6. Adam's hiking shorts
7. used kleenex
8. I Cor. 12-II Cor. 2 (Part of my paperback Bible fell out)
9. one black flipflop
10. Burt's bees wax chapstick
11. a red headband
12. Marley & Me (sweet book)
13. flyfishing magazine
14. cover of Harry Potter book
15. handtowel
16. bouncy blue toy for Powers
17. a dryer sheet
18. a red flipflop

and a partridge in a pear tree......TADA!

What's under your bed?


Lora said...

THE MIRACLE OF THIS IS THAT YOU LOOKED UNDER THE BED AT ALL- THAT USED TO NEVER HAPPEN! I would sometimes look under you bed and find an old food plate with enough mold growing on it to furnish penicillin for the entire town. Dad wants to know did you find his black gloves while fishing under the bed.

Deb said...

Ok I will bite. I don't have much variety. I have space bags...ya know you suck the air out of the bag and makes it real thin. I have blankets and old bed spreads...also all my old slippers left there intentionally for Sophie to find and think she has really gotten something. Also, there is a box...and I have no idea what I stashed in that.... oh yeah and a bun and thigh machine that folds flat. Forgot about that thing! Thanks Camille. Think I will try it out.

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

uh, nothing is under my bed. Dude, you need a maid!

Lindsey said...

only you would inventory the items under your bed... line item by line item.

if anyone is interested, i can list a few (a lot) of different things that were under camille's bed in college. i think i looked under the bed a lot b/c your laundry pile was usually halfway under the bed when i was trying to take it to the washing machine.