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Does anyone watch LOST? I know that B & F do. What's happening? What is this story with Jin and Son? Is there a break in the time/space continuum? Well, obviously there is because of Desmond the other week. But were we watching one future flash and one flash back? Can they not be together after the Oceanic rescue thing? Is there a camera in that gravestone? Auuuuugh. So many mysteries.


Adrian said...

Your cousin-in-law, Caleb, is obsessed with LOST. I am a littel obsessed, but he has a problem. He has many theories. I'll be sure and get him to e-mail you with his thoughts! He refers to it as the "male soap opera."

BTW, please don't go so long between blogs again. I lead a very boring life and I depend on you for entertainment.

your favorite Ruston cousin

Brooke & Freeland said...

GREAT QUESTION!! We are so confused! I have some ideas - but still no clue whats going on! Let me think & I will re-post my conclusions! Oh did you know the episode they replay before the new episode each week has little "pop up" things explaining some of the things?? They call it the "enhanced" episode. Just learned that 2 weeks ago & its amazing!

Oh - you are out of control! Just saw your email with all the pics - I am so excited! Thank you SOOO much! I cant wait to see them! :)

David said...
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Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...


William said...

Lost was always famous for doing flashbacks (FB) throughout an episode until the end of last season where they did a flash-forward (FF). This season they have some episodes that were FF and some that were FB. This past episode with Sun and Jin was the first episode where it was a mixture of both. Jin was having FB while Sun was having FF.

I didn't hear or see anything about a camera in the tombstone, but it has been mentioned that by seeing Suns FF's that either Jin dies or is still left on the island and the tombstone is just a coverup for his death.

cece said...

Okay, I thought all of it was a flash forward and that Jin had been brain-washed after he left the island or something AND had even gotten remarried all the while Sun thought he was dead...until a friend of mine said that the parts with Jin were in fact, flashbacks and the parts with Sun were flash forwards. I felt a little dumb b/c it makes so much more sense:) There baby is precious though!