Parents' Weekend Recap

*The only stinking picture I took all weekend. Mom took my place as the picture lady and took a gazillion. It looks like we just told them something horrible in the picture but we didn't, I promise. They usually look happy.

Well, we had a fantastic weekend with the parentals in Erie. I won't give you a play-by-play but here's the reader's digest version:

1. There's a little cabin at the peninsula where you can rent snowshoes & cross country skis. It's by the buggy place & the pond. Anywhoos, we decided to venture there on Saturday and try out our abilities. Well, they'd gotten a lot of snow the night before so we were kinda grooming our own trails, if you will. It was a lot of fun and I'm sure the ice fishermen appreciated our screams of delight scaring the fish away. We all fell at least once. Actually I think I'm the only one who only fell once but, in Adam's defense, he did have Powers's leash. MUSH!

2. My parents got to witness, first hand, the phenomenom that is the "Erie red light maneuver". That is, when a person is turning left at a light, instead of waiting for the green arrow or until there's a clearing in the traffic, they'll simply wait until the light turns RED, then they'll whip their left turn quickly (or not so quickly). I've never seen anything like it but it's very common here, apparently. No one ever toots their horn at them. E.R.L.M.

3. Adam & I built our first snowman together.

It's harder than one might think to build a life-size snowman. You can't tell but Frosty has a pipe. Snowmen have bad tobacco addictions. Don't be like Frosty, kids. Adam also built a "dog-gloo" but Powers wasn't such a fan. Pictures to follow.

Also, has anyone ever seen the car sculpture place? My mom took a picture of the bumblebee bug sculpture but there are several others. It's out by where we go to church. Anyone know the story?

In summary, good visit with the parents. I think they should move here so they wouldn't be so darn far away. Can everyone we love please relocate? Thanks.


Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

I'm confused about the driving...I read it 3 times. I still don't get it.

Dogloo.....Loved that!

I felt the same way (bout wanting family to relocate) in the early years....now that we are 17 years into it...not so much anymore hahahah. I was 21 when we first left and now I am 37 1/2. You get used to it hehehehe.

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

oooh I want a catloo...I have a long haired brown tabby persian and the first year we got moved back to Fairview it snowed and snowed and this cat would go outside and trapse through the snow like a big eskimo...he is not an outdoor cat mind you, but if we were outside he would come out with us. He would come in w/ice all over his beard. Good times!

Sketch said...

Ah, The car sculture place on Hershey Road... If I do recal that fellow either owned a scrap yard or was a welder... Or... Maybe he simply did that on a whim. I can't recall, He was on the news in years past. And He is friendly, I think.. I guess I don't recall....

Lora said...

TRLM-Turning once the traffic light has changed to red. Yes, saw it with my own eyes. Great weekend with a great pair!

Anonymous said...

Yep, its called the "erie left" or where I live the "pittsburgh left" and its general practice in WePA! (Western PA) You will end up doing it too if you live there long enough!

Deb said...

Jim and I actually do this at times here in Ruston....thought it was normal procedure. We get right out into the middle of the intersection and as soon as the light changes we turn usually at the intersection by the track....we turn left toward TCBY. They are installing cameras there now....not sure what to do now. Jim said it is okay cuz you don't run the light if you are already "thru" the light half way.

Ray D. said...

Not only is that snowman smoking a pipe (which is really bad for snowmen), his bottom is wider than his chest. He is also appallingly underdressed.

If your husband doesn't do something about his condition, I bet he doesn't make it past April.