Starting Point.

"Dude, you've got to come here and see this."

In the library’s computer lab, my friend, Clint, was calling someone over to our worktable. He had replaced the Baylor screensaver with one of Prince, the Artist Formerly Known as Prince, or whoever he was at the time, coyly posing in an enormous tulip.

"Isn't that awesome?" Clint laughed.

I turned back towards the computer next to his, where I was working. Clint was seriously goofy but one of my good friends at school. Ever since our Intro to Statistics class, we'd always scheduled our Psychology and Neuroscience classes together. As it was the night before our research paper was due for "Theories in Psychotherapy", we were burning the midnight oil. Preparation is so overrated.

I glanced up as his friend walked away. Hmmm. He was walking back towards his computer so I could look freely without having to worry about glancing away quickly. He had big blue eyes that looked like they were on the verge of laughing. He was soundly built ( Ha! I just read that- it sounds like I’m talking about a house or something- ‘a soundly built structure’- you know what I mean….muscular.) He was dressed like he was about to go climb a mountain, in a good way. "Clint, I'm weirdly attracted to that guy." I said.

Clint looked at me, wide-eyed. "Shut up, oh shut up. You and Jennings!! That'd be perfect! Let me set y'all up!"

"Um, no. Pass. Thanks, though." I had no interest in dating this random guy who, since I was attracted to him, would probably be a self-absorbed, too-cool shmuck- So, no thanks, okay? I had just made the comment as a breezy thing, completely normal for Clint-talk. So, he and I continued working on our paper; however, periodically Clint would glance over and say, "Jennings? Heh?" I'd laugh, roll my eyes, and change the subject before he started thinking too seriously about it.

For the next few weeks, Clint would call me on a daily basis and say things like, “Hey, me and Laura (his girlfriend) were about to go get something to eat… do you want to come?”

Me: Um, maybe. Who else is coming?

Clint: Oh, um, some friends, you know… not too sure yet.

Me: Oh, really? Who?

Clint: sigh. Adam Jennings.

Me: Forget it, thanks! Goodbye.

This continued on for a month, with both Adam and I skillfully dodging uncomfortable first-meeting encounters. Finally, the semester came to a close and my roommate, Lindsey, and I went home with our other roommate, Caroline, for a few days. After our visit in Houston, Lindsey and I caravanned to our respective hometowns- Mt. Pleasant, Texas and Ruston, Louisiana to spend the holidays with our families. On our way out of Houston, though, Lindsey’s car started acting wildly and she called me from her cell phone, “Um, can we pull over? My car is being weird.”

So, Lindsey and I pulled over for, what would become, 7 hours stuck in a ghetto of Houston waiting on her car to be towed and repaired while fearing for our lives. I waited with her until her car was all-better and then we said our goodbyes and got on the road again. However, it was getting late and I didn’t think that I could make the whole drive to Louisiana. I decided to stop in Waco (where Baylor was) and spend the night at our apartment. My roommate, Cara, was still in town because of work so she and I could hang out.

I nearly ran Cara over as I walked into the apartment. “Hey girl, late to work! See you around 11!” Great. Okay, plan B. I’ll just put on my comfy clothes and park myself on the couch. As soon as I was situated with an Uncle Ben’s rice bowl and Friends on T.V., my phone rang. Clint. How did he know?

“Hi Clint.”
“Hey, what are you doing right now?”
“Actually, I’m sitting on my couch in my pajamas. Yourself?”
“That’s lame! Come out with me and Adam!”
“Um, that’s okay. I’m already in my pajamas and I’m really tired fro-“
“Nope. No excuses. We are friends and, sometimes, you need to do difficult things for friends.”
“…what does that mean?”
“It means get ready; we’ll be over there in 20 minutes.”
“I can’t.”
“Camille, I’m serious- c’mon. Just for one hour. What can it hurt?”
“FINE. But I’m only hanging out for 45 minutes AND I’m not looking cute.”
“Whatever. See you in a few.”

I hastily got off of my warm spot on the couch and went into the bedroom. I threw on my “Indiana” t-shirt that I purchased in a Houston thrift store the day before, a zippered jacket, holey jeans, and loafers. I threw my road trip hair into two tiny pigtails and slapped on mascara (the essential). I returned to the couch to finish my episode of “Friends” and await my awkward night.


You know it was a good Christmas when...

My Recommendation....

You must read:

VEIL OF ROSES by Laura Fitzgerald

I just finished it- my sweet mother-in-law (she's an enabler) mailed it my way and it's fantastic. A great novel that opens your eyes to oppressed women in other parts of the world BUT is also heartwarming and absolutely lovely and you'll smile and laugh out loud. I love laughing out loud when I read a book, don't you?

The heroine's name is Tamila and she is a 27-year-old woman from Iran. Her parents love her and want for her a better life. So for her birthday, she is given a 90 day VISA to come visit her sister in America and, essentially, find a husband so that she can stay. The novel entails her adventures and fresh-eyed experiences from Starbucks to an O.C.D. suitor and...

May I quote every book report ever given?

If you want to know the rest, read the book!


12 days of Christmas

Hi and Merry Christmas to all! I hope you enjoyed your time with family & friends and are recovering from eating too many delicious foods like I am!

We had a fantastic time in Ruston (I’ll post pictures soon). It was weird to be somewhere that lacked snow on the ground. And what’s that up in the sky? It’s burning my retinas and warming my insides! Oh, don’t worry, it’s just (gasp) the sun. Uncle Adam and Aunty Camille played on scooters and the neighbor's trampoline with the sweet nephews. I got to go on a run with my best pal and visit some other special pals and family while I was home. My mom cooked up a storm in an attempt to force us all to make the same New Year’s resolution. The time home was rich and precious and went by far too quickly but we certainly missed ole Powers and are glad to all be reunited!

The nephews got a Wii and it is stinking FUN! My favorite was tennis. Love it. We couldn’t do the boxing on because you each have to have a virtual numbchuck (spelling?). More on that with the pictures posting.

Quick story: Adam and I flew home on Christmas night. Well, our first flight was from Shreveport to Detroit. So, we’re flying along… beginning our descent. And we were just commenting on how this was the smoothest flight ever and we were going to be early to the gate. THEN, the flight attendant comes on the microphone thingy and says, “No need to panic but the pilots are having some problems with the controls and we will be making an emergency landing in Detroit. There will be some firetrucks and ambulances that are waiting on us, but no need to panic. Also, please make sure that your luggage is securely stowed underneath the seat in front of you.”

Oh, poop. It’s the wheels, isn’t it? The wheels are stuck and aren’t going to come out. Oh well, this is it. Lets go see Jesus! But it wasn't "it" and we landed on a landing strip (on our wheels) far away from the actual airport (in case we burst into flames?) and we were inspected by the fire engines and got to drive up. We survived. Hooray!

Then, we get into the Detroit airport and our next flight was delayed. Well, that’s okay, right? No big deal- we’ll go hang out and enjoy the Detroit airport and the psychedelic tunnel (if you’ve been to Detroit airport, you know what I’m talking about.) But then the mechanics were working on it and it kept getting delayed and we were like, its late… this flight is going to get cancelled. But it didn’t and we got home at 2 a.m. and I still made it to work the next morning! SUPERSTAR.

Trivia: Michigan state law prohibits the sale of alcohol from 9:00 p.m. on Christmas Eve to 7:00 a.m. on December 26th.

My nephew was the only one who remembered the 11th day of Christmas. Pipers piping??!? Who would've thunk it.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Currently: Sitting in the armchair at my parent's house. Dad is napping beside me, Adam is reading a flyfishing magazine on the couch, mom disappeared about 30 minutes ago, Gabe is in a car driving here, the nephews and Scott/Caroline combo are preparing for the drive from Austin- hooray for Louisiana!

It was a peculiar feeling flying from snowy Pennsylvania to humid Louisiana. I love it here, though. Its so nice to be in mild temperature in our cute little town, seeing old friends and driving familiar roads. Mom has the house all Christmased up and I feel completely peaceful and relaxed. Once the nephews are here tomorrow, it won't be so peaceful, but it sure will be fun!

Today my mother informed me that she and my husband have talked and they liked my hair pulled back. Okay? So don't wear it how you have it right now...
Oh, its good to be home.


Life is good right now.

I'm not going to work for 5 days.
Adam is done with finals and won't have school for 2 weeks.
We're about to hang out with Josh and Bethany.
I have a big glass of red wine.
Powers is licking his booty.

Life is sweet.


Here's to you, Mom!

Additionally, yesterday was my Mom’s birthday! Don’t worry, I didn’t forget- although I did have to call her over 15 times during the day before I actually got a hold of the woman! Something about running 10 miles or something.. craziness.

So, here’s to Mom! Marathon running & buff grandma. Prayer warrior & barley green drinker. Slightly OCD & has a contagious laugh. She's a heck of a woman!

Innovative Dad.

Well, to keep all you in bloggy land posted- Freeland finally made it, after spending the night in the Baltimore airport, to Erie. He interviewed and we all went on a snowy walk with Powers- success! It was great to have him here but I'm more excited for him AND Brooke to come.

Short story: When I was young, and my mom would be out of town, my dad would take me to the bank and have the tellers do my hair before school. Innovative Dad- just another reason to love him!


Poor Freeland

Our friend, Freeland should be with us right now- sitting by the fire, eating some warm stew, watching the snow dance outside the window. Instead, he's enjoying the luxuries of the Baltimore airport.

See, Freeland has an interview for med. school tomorrow. The plan was for him to land at 12:30 p.m. in Cleveland and drive to Erie to be with us at approximately 2:30 p.m. ish. Well, due to the weather outside being frightful and causing a few cancelled flights (NOT delightful), Freeland somehow ended up on a plane to Baltimore with a dying cell phone, no charger, and (worst of all) no IPOD! Poor guy, he's now been in airports/planes well over 12 hours. I'm sure Brooke will blog about it and give more details but HOPEFULLY he's boarding a plane at 8:15 to Cleveland and HOPEFULLY he'll be here by 11:00 p.m.

Side Note: Earlier, while talking on the phone to Brooke, she said, "I've never traveled at Christmas time but I always feel like its so crazy and things like this (Freeland's incident) always happen!" And that made me think of the movie Home Alone when the mom is trying to get back home from France so she can see Kevin and she has to ride in the back of that van with John Candy and his folk band. Then I pictured Freeland playing the tambourine in the back of a van with John Candy's band and it felt right, darnitt.

Right now, on the hour-by-hour weather forecast on weather.com it says "Blizzard" for Erie. And you thought it was just a shake at Dairy Queen... bum dum DUM.



Man, I feel like a Woman.

"Do you think its going to be too dark?"

I took a step backwards, holding my gloved hands up in the air so I wouldn't rub up against anything in her bathroom and dye it black. "No," I replied. " I think its going to be fierce."

I was dying Bethany's brown hair "true black" with semi-permanent hairdye from the drug store. I sectioned a new part into her hair with the applicator tip and squeezed the color onto her root area and then pulled it along the length of her hair with my gloved hand. Real fierce.

Bethany and I have had a non-official weekly meeting for a few months, now. Every Saturday or Sunday, we get together and talk/laugh our heads off, watch something, and I occasionally perform some type of beauty treatment. Like today. This week, Bethany and I had planned a color and Felicity. See, now that Gilmore Girls is over, we thought we needed a new obsession. Thats where Felicity came into play. Neither of us ever actually saw the show, "Felicity", but it seems just like the kind of dialogue-y, relationy show that we're up for. However, not even one stupid video store in Erie carries Felicity Season One! Boo!

But I digress.

Coloring people's hair always reminds me of college. As a freshman, I had a friend from the dorm color my hair practically every week. I was 18 years old, c'mon. THEN, one time, I decided that I would like to have long hair. Didn't people like Jessica Simpson go and get natural-looking extensions all the time? Sure! So, my friend Mary Hurst and I went to a place called "Queens by Latrice" early one Saturday morning. We had gone to some random shop to pick up my extension hair (Mistake #1) and showed up at "Queens" ready to go. I spent the morning getting tiny strands of my hair braided tightly against my head. Then, she sewed the store-bought hair against my head. I have to say, I definitely picked the wrong colored hair because it looked like someone else's hair on my head. (I always said Aaliyah's hair).
Anywhoos, after three days, my head was beginning to itch and feel uncomfortable and I was tempted to jam pencils into it to scratch. That's when I decided... it was probably time. I walked into Mary's dorm room with my head down and she laughed, "Come here, I'll get the scissors."

She spent the next two hours cutting the sewn extensions out of my hair. When she finished, I felt relieved, about five pounds lighter (that hair was heavy!), and, well, just a little more like myself. Although I never tried extensions again, I continued coloring, highlighting, lowlighting and returning the favor to friends and roommates. Some of my favorite talks happened sitting on the bathroom floor with a towel draped around my neck while a friend stood over me with gloved hands and a squeezie full of color. And today, while we talked and laughed as I colored Bethany's hair, I was glad I'm a girl. Because that would've been weird if we'd been two dudes...


But sometimes that IS what I'm talking about!

Oh, Cynthia. When I said your dress was really cool, especially for 1994, I didn't mean that YOU were old and therefore it was astonishing that your dress was cute. I meant that 1994 was a horrifying year of fashion. Tommy Hilfiger plaid shirts, worn untucked and hanging down to your mid thighs, tapered ankle jeans, doc martens, and let us not forget, the year of the "Rachel." Its not you, its 1994.

Moving on, the lady that I work with had gastric bypass surgery last Tuesday morning. Right now, she can only drink 1 oz. of liquid every 20 minutes. Can you imagine? Thats like one of those little cough syrup tiny cup things. And only liquids for now- chicken broth, water, and sugar-free popsicles and jello. Crazy times.

I remember when my dad got a car phone. I think I was in 7th or 8th grade and, at the time, it seemed so bizarre. Remember when "My Best Friend's Wedding" came out and Julia Roberts was always talking on that stupid, bulky cell phone? It was still new-ish then, for people to be stuck to their cellular devices. Before cell phones, I used to know everybody's number. When I was growing up, until I went to college, I just dialed my friends on my land line. How many numbers did I have stored in my head?
Now? I know probably 3 people's numbers. I rely on my phone book in my cell phone, we don't even have a stinking land line. Unfortunately, I lose my cell phone every 2 to 3 days for a minimum of 24 hours, so that doesn't work out so well.

There are no Sonic's in Erie. I thought it was AMERICA'S drive in, c'mon!

Random post exhausted.


I like...

Disclaimer: If you are a boy, disregard this post- you'll be bored out of your mind.

As I was saying, I like....

This stuff. And you thought it was for diaper rash. Now that I live in a cold place, my face is getting dry. I actually had a red, dry spot on my cheek. Someone told me to put vaseline on it but I couldn't find any vaseline at the grocery store. Sooo, I got some Aquaphor because I remembered one of my roommates using it in college on super dry lips. Well, let me tell you people. My face is smoother than a baby's bottom and it doesn't cause blemishes! I even started putting it around my eyes since I'm already starting to get fine lines at the ripe old age of 24.
In conclusion, I recommend....
for all your dry skin needs. The end.



Going to the Y makes for really good people watching. You see some interesting characters at the gym. To name a few:

1. "Sexual grunting guy". No matter which state or gym we've been in, there's always one. Thats right- illicit grunting man. He doesn't seem to notice that everyone is cutting eyes at each other and having to focus hard on their shoes so as not to burst out laughing. Or vomit.

2. "I don't pick up on signals that people want to be left alone" guy. If given an inch, this guy will talk to you for the better part of an hour- about carbs, the eliptical, his plans to be on "The Amazing Race". Even your "subtle" glances at your watch and "Welp...."s don't phase him. IPOD ear buds may do the trick if never taken out as said guy approaches.

3. Stinky guy. This guy may not have ever worn deodorant. And I think he rolled around in eggs before he came to work out. Oh, and also he doesn't wipe down his machines. Ewwwwww

4. Super laid back weight machine lady. C'mon lady, you've been sitting on the stupid hamstring machine for 6 minutes! How long are you going to rest between sets??? Wait..have you... have you fallen asleep??

5. Loud, obnoxious preteens. 12 year olds wearing tiny shorts "casually" walking by 14 year old boys over and over while talking loudly about who knows what? I don't- because I literally cannot understand them. Did I ever talk like that?! Don't answer that, mom.

6. Super Type A Business Woman. You'll find her on the eliptical. This woman is kinda like Michelle Pfeifer (spelling?) in the movie, "I Am Sam." She is perfectly outfitted in the newest Nike Lyrca, couldn't weigh over 105 lbs., has the machine's intensity cranked up to the max, and is working/reviewing a file/barking orders on her cell phone with no regard for other gymbees.

7. " I've never seen this guy workout" guy- Does he just hang out at the Y til it closes and then sneak upstairs and crash on a mat from the nursery? This guy is always sitting on a bench, knows everyone in the Y, but has yet to ever step onto a machine. It IS fun to stay at the YMCA, sir... you proved that song right.

8. ARGHHHHHH- Angry weightlifter guy. Enough said.

9. Starey-starerson. Yep, he stares at himself more than Narcissus. And he makes a face when he stares at himself. Kind of a James Dean lip curl/smirky "how you doin" look. And he says things to his workout buddy like, "I'm going to take it down to 45's and just do, like, CRAZY control bro." But "Bro" sounds like "Bra"- you know the guy.

It makes the gym interesting, eh?
Know any others? Who is your favorite gym character?


Power's best pals had an adventure.

click here:


Nice Sweaters

Brand New Man



Today, on a blogworthy note, my best pal, Mary Lou, is doing the Dallas Marathon. I technically got her into "this mess" as she lovingly refers to it, so if you're a prayer, pray for her today! She's one heck of a runner and is blowing them out of the water, UNDOUBTEDLY, but may be "slightly" tired. Go 26.2 miles!


YAY, she finished!!! 4:01- she's FAST!


Sweater Extravaganza

Don We Now Our Gay Apparel 2007.

Twas a little get together with our girls group (mostly the younger half). The insert in the invite that said, "Wear a festive sweater" was not discovered by some, but we still had a blast with apples to apples & Catch Phrase & looking ridiculous.


Mi Madre

When I was growing up, any pressing request needed to be directed discreetly to Dad. If there was a pressing request and it was mistakenly directed to the mom, or if the mom overheard you asking Dad, nine times out of ten, she replied, "We'll see."

And 10 times out of 10, "we'll see" means no.

In her defense, these requests normally had to do with sleepovers on school nights, purchasing a new pet, or buying some crappily-made yet over priced piece of jewelry/gadgetry.

My mom (whose blog you can read- see my bloggy friends) is a genius and can make you apologize a million times. As a pre-teen, I would say something flip like, "Whatever, mom, you don't EVEN know." Then.... nothing. No yelling, no punishment. She just wouldn't say ANYTHING.

Thats where she had you sweating. Thoughts start racing through your mind- "Oh, poop, what have I done?! What's she going to do? Augh!!" Panic, right? So, then you're like, "If I just play it cool and say something casual, we'll be fine." So then you crack a joke, "Oh, mom. You're such a fuddy-duddy. haha. Don't wig out or anything..." nervous laughter.


See, this is where she skillfully had you in the palm of your hand. She could bridle her tongue and not yell at you for being a smarty pants and reel you into the palm of her hand. At this point, she's still not speaking and you're starting to feel your face become flushed. "Mooooom, don't be mad, mom."

shoulders shrug.

Dangitt! She is SO mad. Oh, man, you're so busted. "Moooom, I'm sorry. I love you.. Don't be mad at me... Look how cute I am!"

Brief glance, "I'm not mad at you, Camille."

AUUUGH! Start bargaining! "Listen, mom. I'm going to go upstairs and study for my math test and go to bed early.. Is there anything I can do for you? I'll go put my dishes away in the dishwasher...and wipe down the counter! Okay? heh heh."

Mom: "That sounds fine."

(Down on my knees at her feet) "Mooooom please don't be mad at me!!!!! You're the best mom EVER!!!!!!! You are so pretty and smart and wonderful and fantastic!!! Don't be mad!! I"m going to go do all the housework! Mooooooom!!!"

See what she did there? She had me BEGGING for forgiveness. Me- a pre-teen know- it-all with a 'tude. She's gifted, that woman.

And now, a few white stuff pictures (and I'm not talking about oreos.)
Yeah, yeah. I know you people from the north are thinking, "Whats with all the stinking pictures of the snow? Who gives a rat's patooie." Well, me. and those southerners who relish the fluffy, white stuff because its new and glorious!


Pretty White Stuff

I'm starting to understand 2 things:

1. Why the eskimoes have a dozen different names for snow according to the type. (I like this kind- very fluffy and powdery!)
2. The necessity of mudrooms

I will try for more pictures later- its still snowing a lot though and I don't want my camera to get too wet. Off to work, enjoy your snow-covered day!

p.s. Megan- I forgot my stupid camera when I went to CO for the wedding- So I'll have to steal someone else's pictures to show you~


What WOULD you do for a klondike bar?

As Sally Fields would say, "Wow, you like me, you really like me!"

Thanks for the comments. You obviously know that the way to my heart is through leaving a comment. Now that NoBloPoMo is over, I feel such a release! Like, hey, man.. back off. You can't tell me what to do, Nablopomo...not anymore. You're not the boss of me! And, I didn't even win a stupid Nablopomo prize! Ah, well I didn't want to be in the jam of the month club anyways.

Yes I did.

Moving on- the wedding was, well.. it was crazy. I mean, if it had been my wedding, I would've freaked out. But Caroline is the most super laid back woman in the world and she has no concept of time. She's like, "Ah, yeah... I forgot such and such, can you and Lindsey run and get it? You can take my car." And we're like, "Sure, no problem." in true-good bridesmaid fashion. (you always act calm around a bride and never tell them if anything is running behind or stressful). But in our minds we're like "AUUUUGHHHH everythings going to go wrong! AUGH she forgot such-and-such and now we're late and augh the world's going to IMPLODE!!!!"

And then one time, me and Lindsey were taking Caroline's car and suitcase to the wedding site- where everyone was supposed to have been at like 2:00, but it was 3:00 because Caroline's hair and makeup appointment ran long (again, the time concept) and the wedding started at 3:30. So, we're taking the suitcase and then we turn on the wrong road and its this huge park and its a 1-way road that makes a gigantic loop around some big rocks (eh, Colorado) and so we're like AUUUUUUGH, gun it!!! But then we get behind the slowest mini van of tourists alive and they're going around 5 m.p.h. just gazing at the rocks and Lindsey and I are cursing them and we're like AUGH we're going to miss the wedding!!!! But then we made it and Caroline was like, "Oh, hey guys. Whats up?" I told you, she's the most laid back bride alive- role model.
And, it was fine. I mean, she got married and at the end of the day, that was the #1 goal. I had a really fun time, too! Caroline's family is crazy fun and we stayed out late and had a blast both nights. The wedding was beautiful and a bagpiper came up over a hill playing and then Caroline walked down the aisle and it was really beautiful AND she was a gorgeous bride.

AND I got to see my pals, Brooke and Freeland which made me very, very happy and very, very ready to see them when they come visit/move here to live (hopefully)!

AND I have to give a shout-out to this lady:

The winner of the "OhmygoshyouaresoniceandcaringandIfeelawfulaskingyoutodothisbutthankyouthankyou" award.
Jen- who graciously picked me up from the airport, THEN picked me up from the wedding and let me crash at her house THEN woke up at 4:30 am to take me to the airport. She oughta have many crowns in heaven for her selflessness. And props to her husband, who also picked me up from the wedding and woke up with us. And props to her dog, Bagby, who is really stinking cute.

Anywhoos, I missed my husband and was sad not to have him there to perform our choreographed dance routines at the wedding.

Please know that Erie is really snowy and pretty right now.

I will not write anymore in this entry because I read that long entries scare away readers. So, farewell.

Trivia: Adam Jennings has never seen the Sound of Music


No Mo' Nablopomo

Ah, the last day of Nablopomo.

My experience with National Blog Posting Month has taught me this;

1. I am dull.
2. I am really self-centered.
3. I really don't think I'm dull, I'm just trying to appear humble.
4. "Moving on" is a phrase that I over use.

Moving on, I thought I would close with a top 10 awesomely cool list:

10. Nailing down the mystery behind "Lost"
9. Running fast and feeling strong.
8. Wearing cold weather clothes, especially happy scarves.
7. Gilmore Girls. I wish I lived in Stars Hollow. Are there any towns actually like that?
6. All sorts of music that inspires you to spaz out, dance, cry, clean the house, love, or worship.
5. Dogs that are always happy to see you and shove their wet nose into your neck nook.
4. Watching friends live life who have encouraged, laughed, cried, and loved alongside you.
3. Having selfless parents and siblings love us well
2. Adam is a loving, hillarious, sexy beast of a husband who fears God and sacrifices for me.
1. the Lord is for me and loves me and takes me in just as I am! Thank you Jesus!

Welp, see you in 3 days- I'm off to a wedding in Colorado (good timing, right?) So, I'll report back soon and keep you posted on the hibbity jiggity.


Looks like we got us some butterflies!

What the heck, people? 0 comments yesterday?!

Ha, well I'll show You! I"ll make my blog so awful, so boring, so dull that NO ONE will ever read it again!!! So there...

Just kidding. Anywhoos, I love being able to run again now that my achilles is healed. I tell you people, there's nothing like running for me. I mean, I like the results from lifting weights but I do not enjoy the actual act of lifting weights, you know? Especially when its meathead hour at the Y.

Flashback sequence: When I was in undergrad, we had this huge, glorious fitness facility. One day me & My roommate's sister, Leah, were lifting weights. Now, the weightroom had 2 different levels- the upper level was all machines aka the girl/wimpier boy level. The lower level was free weights- aka meathead hour- 24/7. Except there was this one really hard core girl who was one of those body builders who could've beaten up a football player. So, she could hang out with the boys down there because she had the physique of one. That sounds mean but its true and I think thats what she was going for so I don't think she'd be offended.
Anyway, me & Leah were like, you know what? Lets go down there because I really want to do fly's with the free weights (5 lb.'ers! big time.) So, we nudge our way into a little corner in front of the mirror and grab the 5's. All around us are huge people doing curls with weights heavier than Powers. Behind us, also, is bodybuilder girl. In a deep voice, (altered by supplements?), she said "Looks like we got some butterflies down here."

C'mon, girl....ish. What happened to solidarity, sister? But nevermind that. Leah and I exchanged a glance in the mirror, finished our set quickly, and stole away to the safe 2nd level to giggle. Bless bodybuilder girl's heart. (Did you know you can say anything bad about anybody as long as you say "bless her/his heart." ? Its true.
Just Kidding.

Flashback sequence over. Anywhoos, the point is I like running. I'm glad I can do it again. However, its increasingly difficult in Erie in the winter. What does one do when the snow piles on and the roads are icey? And also, its dark outside when I get home. Whats that all about? I think its hibernating season. Why can't we join the other mammals and eat ourselves silly and then sleep for a few months?


I call this meeting to order.

Nablopomo peeps- Can I get a t-shirt with this on it?

I just ran to the mall to pick up a personal gift for my bride-to-be friend, Caroline. I dreaded, I dwaddled, I did not want to go to the mall- not during (dum dum duuuuum) Christmas season! But actually, it wasn't half bad, you know? First of all, there were some nice young girls ringing the salvation army bell and they held the door open for me and greeted me- well done, girls! Second of all, Christmas music was playing..score. Third of all, it wasn't very crowded and no one approached me to fill out a survey or look at their cell phones- double score!

**Edit** I had a whole section in here about personal shower gift items but then remembered that my dad reads this blog. I bet my blog would be a lot funnier if it was anonymous. But then I'd be like, "hey so-and-so, did you read my awesome post today? " And they'd be like, "You have a blog?" And then I'd be like, "Yeah, duh- just go to www.thejenningssecede.blogspot.com" and then they'd tell everyone because this blog would be so funny because I thought I was anonymous but then remembered I'm too vain.

Moving on to corrections: The entry posted yesterday entitled "Oh the Difference a degree can make" stated that Adam Jennings would eat exorbitant amounts of Hormell chili. I was corrected today, that the correct brand is Wolf brand chili. Thats, wolf brand, folks.

Next order of business: My mom and dad are going to Arizona on a trip and didn't even tell me. I found out through her blog.

And finally, a Mitch quote for today. Did you ever hear Mitch when he was alive? It was his voice that made him so funny. Oh, and also what he said.
"I like rice. Rice is great when you're hungry and you want 2,000 of something. "


oh, the difference a degree can make.

This isn't my first blog, you know. The summer after I graduated from Baylor I worked retail and it was quite slow on most days.
So, I did what any rational person would do- I stared a blog. If you think I should seek professional help after reading THIS blog, you should've read THAT one! Well, actually you still can. Its www.xanga.com/camillethedeal . However, it makes this blog look like a Dan Brown novel, that is, well written. Which it is not, lets face it. Also, speaking of xanga, although kind of ghetto, I did enjoy the "currently listening to" feature. That is, at the top of each entry, you could select the cd/dvd/book cover of whatever you were listening to/watching/reading at the moment. Obviously that was the place where you put some cool, hip, obscure band or deep thought-provoking book even though you were really currently watching the Ashlee Simpson show.

Moving on: I'm going to Colorado for my former roommate's wedding. I'm really excited to see my girls, however, last I heard the wedding was outside unless the temperature is under 33 degrees.

And the bridesmaids' dresses are strapless.

Now, this is HER day, okay? Not mine. I'm just saying, I kinda pray that the weather is 31 degrees as opposed to 34 degrees. However, I'd take a good 60 degrees, too. Okay, reverting back to supportive bridesmaid mode. Meanwhile back at the farm, Adam will be flying solo in the house. AKA eating Hormell chilli and mac & cheese- bachelor food.



Absurd Interview With Self

Because I'm not famous enough to be interviewed, I will conduct a brief interview with myself. In the following interview, "Self" will have the voice of Julie Andrew and "Inner Monologue" will have the voice of a slightly nervous, bumbling British reporter, okay? So imagine it that way when you read this entry. Got it? Alright, action.

Inner Monologue: Self, I want to thank you for taking the time out of what, I can only assume is a very busy day, to meet with me.

Self: Sure.

IM: Now, lets get right to it. You have been acclaimed and celebrated as the best blogger in the stratosphere. How do you handle the prestige?

Self: Well, I just try to live life from day to day, you know? When I initially got into "the game", I never imagined the response that my writings would draw. And, also, none of what you said contains any inkling of truth.

IM: Self, did you always know you wanted to be a blogger?

Self: Well, Inner Monologue, the internet was not around when I was born (I actually came up with vision and prints for the information super highway until DARPA slipped something into my formula and stole the plans, but thats a story for another day.) Anyways, even before the internet I knew I wanted to be a writer since I began work on my first novel (age: 18 months). That novel was actually the screenplay for LOST.

IM: Self, America wants to know, how do you stay so trim? You must work out all the time?

Self: Oh, booger. I've never stepped into a gym or counted calories. I just eat fish and rice and jamba juice and do yoga. Obviously.

IM: Fascinating! Self, what is your goal, your vision for your writings?

Self: I see my writings as a bursting chestnut. Though it may be crackling over the fire, the insides are only smoldering. Lets not smother the chestnuts roasting on a open fire, America, or else it will burst into flames. You, middle class, are the palm branch fanning the flames. And you, capitalism, are the crazy creek chairs. Lest we forget that iambic pentameter.

IM: Err, right. Well, thank you, Self, for that beautiful soliloquy.

I'm weird.


Surviving with Bear

Right now we're watching Man Vs. Wild on Discovery channel. I mean, the guy's certainly going to extremes to show us how to make a way in the Sahara desert. Sure, I get the survival education, but does he really need to crawl into a camel carcass, eat a raw goat testicle, and (worst of all) get water from squeezing camel poo? Gag me with a wooden spoon. But, like they say, Bear does it because one day, you just may need to, folks.

And if that day comes, I think I'll just lay down and die with whats left of my dignity.


As if he knew what I wrote, Bear just said, "Those who survive in the wild are those who are prepared to step out of their comfort zones so that they can go home safely to those they love." Sorry, Bear. I'll never doubt you again. Well, except for the camel poo.


Home Again, Home Again Jiggity Jig

My mom used to always say that as we pulled into the garage when we returned from any trip.

Well, we're back in Erie and happy to have our sweet friend, Powers home with us. Just FYI, if you ever want to know some good people to take care of animals- you must try Brenda & Chris at the Dog House. This was our 2nd time to have Powers stay with them and they go above and beyond. He came home clean, groomed, happy, and smelling like Polo. He played with other dogs and brought about 6 toys home with him, compliments of the ladies. Also, they just dote on him and even gave him a Christmas stocking and gift. They are good, dog-loving folks. I'll have to show you pictures later, but he is tuckered from playing and lying in our pile of clean laundry right now.

The Jennings Thanksgiving ended well and, although we were sad to say good-bye, its always good to come home.


heart & soul

Continuing our fantastic stay in God's country. Highlights include:

1. Teaching Adam the piano song, "Heart & Soul"- Adam became very frustrated when he missed notes and almost jammed his fist into the piano.
2. Driving around Ft. Worth and seeing the beautiful neighborhoods and architecture.
3. Jule (Adam's mom) backseat driving while Mike was in the driver's seat (Mike, its 32 degrees now, watch out!) She cracks me up!
4. Eating real, honest, genuine Mexican food. Ahhhhhhh. Totally worth the bloat.
5. Being with the best in-laws around.
6. The fly-fisherman salesman at Backcountry. He made me want to take up the sport.
7. Corona Lights with Mike (Adam's dad) and pool games downstairs.
8. Learning family histories and good stories about Adam's family, including a picture of Jule's mom doing a handstand on a wooden chair.
9. Adam and I playing on the Elementary school playground next to his parents' house (Tetherball (spelling?) is not as easy as it looks. And the ball hurts when its cold!!)
10. Watching college football with Grandpa (poor LSU...)

We're having a restful and great week while Adam gets a well-deserved break from medical mumbojumbo. Love y'all!


I'm fat, full, and happy watching the snow fall outside. Yes, thats right, folks. Its snowing in Texas! It was 80 degrees yesterday, yet today it snows!

Its beautiful here in Texas and as we landed we realized how much we miss this place!

Had a lovely Thanksgiving with the in-laws and will give full reports later. But for now, I'll just say that the food was delicious and Adam and I won $25.00. Happy Turkey Day!

p.s. Did anyone else see the Cherokee children singing in the horn of plenty during the Macy's parade?



Augh! Must blog before work day is over because I will go directly from work to car to Pittsburgh with husband. I will not have access to internet so this is my shot! Augh! Nablopomo will not dance victoriously over me to "Eye of the Tiger"! Cannot, mustnot, willnot happen!

What to blog about? Ummm, foreign relations? Ummm, Rachel Ray? Ummm, Bradgelina? Ummmm, thanksgiving. Yes, have a fantastic turkey day. This will be my first one without my mom & dad & freakishly close (in a good way) family friends, The Thompsons. I will miss Spinach madeline and mammaw B's dressing. However, bright side- will enjoy chilli and Cowboys game and good times with fantastic in-laws. Wipe away those tears, child!

So, I'm thankful. Hope you are too. Have a joyous holiday!



push, shove

Thoughts on Black Friday:

I actually heard today that Cole's will open at 4 a.m. on Friday morning. 4 a.m.! And, you know what? There will be a line to the state line to get inside and grab after random crappola marked at 89% off. Yow-za. I would rather jam a fork straight through my hand than go shopping the Friday after Thanksgiving. I think that any money you save on presents by "hitting the big sales" will be blown on the therapy it takes to recover from being body checked by a 250 lb. mother of 4 whose daughter wants the last Tickle Me Elmo.


Update: Just went celebrating with our pals, bethany & Josh. On the phone before, I told Bethany to wear a rose on her lapel so that I would recognize her at the restaurant. (Gilmore reference) And... she did. Except it was a huge yellow flower. I love thatg girl! Pictures to follow..

The Ants Go Marching One by One..

Hurrah, Adam is done with awful life-sucking test. We may now celebrate and not think about terriblel life-sucking enzymes and other silly doctor things for a while.

I tried to help Adam study last night. Here's me- trying to pick the perfect study tunes- Elliot Smith and slow Dispatch obviously. Then, trying to read these flashcards. Um, Peruvate Phosphate Lactate in the mitochondria must have ________ to become Metasupercalifraglisticexpialidocious? Then I ended up laughing for around 20 minutes which was very conducive to studying. Then I got sad because I miss studying. School was fun, namely studying in the library late at night for a test and being deliriously silly. And also namely, pulling things out of your wellinformed butt to write silly papers. Then I cheered up because Powers brought me a sock. Ah, good times.

Three cheers for Adam, he's a hard worker and knows things that I cannot pronounce. Now, if only he could sew clothes that look like J. Crew's and grow chocolate. Hip, Hip...



iphones. I mean, I think the new iphones are cool and all with their billions of features, but I don't really think that I would ever use them to a fraction of their capabilities. I'm not often waiting in a restaurant to meet my boss's new fiance, whose name I cannot remember until I look it up on their wedding webpage (reference to commercial).

Not too mention the fact that I have a horrible track record with cell phones, losing, breaking, setting on top of cars that drive away, etc. and so forth. Also, not too mention the other fact that I currently am only using my mother-in-law's former phone that she graciously handed down after the antenna came off my phone and I couldn't get reception anymore (It matches Adam's phone, which was his dad's old phone that became Adam's after Adam had an accident with his. Actually I think I washed his phone after he left it in his pants in the dirty clothes basket when we'd been married like 1 month... that triggered an interesting 'discussion' about pants responsibility, but thats neither here nor there.)

For this phone, we have lost the inside charger and so I have to charge it on our 1 phone charger- in Adam's car, usually. He and I are both terrible at keeping up with our phones. So, if I had an iphone, well I would probably feel really awful when I left it stuck between my car seats, in my desk drawer, in a coat that I left at a friend's house, or in some restaurant. And who needs that kind of guilt?

Meanwhile, we are holding out because we do not have moneytrees and in January our lovely contract will allow us a new phone.

A quote & a joke

I was in a casino, I was standing by the door, and a security guard came over and said "You're gonna have to move. You're blocking the fire exit." As though if there was a fire, I wasn't gonna run. If you're flammable and have legs, you are never blocking a fire exit. Unless you are a table.
-Mitch Hedberg

A guy walks into a bar with a dog under his arm, puts the dog on the bar and announces that the dog can talk and that he has $100 he's willing to bet anyone who says he can't. The bartender quickly takes the bet and the owner looks at the dog and asks, "What's the thing on top of this building which keeps the rain from coming inside?" The dog answers "ROOF." The bartender says, "Who are you kidding? I'm not paying." The dogs owner says, "How about double or nothing and I'll ask him something else". The bartender agrees and the owner turns to the dog and asks, "Who was the greatest ballplayer of all time". The dog answers with a muffled "RUTH." With that the bartender picks them both up and throws them out the door. As they bounce on the sidewalk the dog looks at his owner and says "DiMaggio?".


Your Momma

Que es mas mejor que un vaso grande de vino rojo y un fuego caliente??

Status: Watching Bridget Jones's Diary on A&E channel, enjoying a delicious glass of red wine in front of the fire- just fruity enough, and watching husband take quasi-study break from test on Monday. I Just peeled a cucumber mask off my face. Well, actually it was supposed to peel off, but I had to scrub it off.

Story: Today I went to this sweet, little old lady seamstress to get my bridesmaid dress altered. After sharing my lower bobbin frustrations with her, she took me down to her sewing room and taught me how to work the ole Singer. I want to be good at sewing, but I just wish I could just wiggle my nose and be past the learning phase. Same with playing the guitar.

Memory: When I was around 6 or 7 years old, I decided to sleep in the living room so that I could speak with Santa when he came to deliver the presents. I remember waking up around 4:30 a.m. and there were no presents under the tree. What?! What had happened??? I began to scurry towards my parents' room to immediately alert the media and when I passed the dining room, I saw that the presents had been delivered by the piano. Oh, Santa. Anything to stay incognito, eh?

If you live in Erie, this is the month to go to Super Suppers. They have their "Favorites" menu going on and it is really good. You can pick up a supper(s) or go and prepare it yourself to freeze (less expensive). You won't regret it... unless you dislike delicious food. Then you should stick with...well, nevermind.


Conjunction, junction....Whats your function?

Hooking up nouns and adverbs and clauses...

Powers has a new obsession with socks. He will search our house until he finds a sock somewhere, then he picks it up in his mouth and whips it around quickly and acts like a bucking bronco. Its very strange.

I'm off to do some mandatory volunteering for work tonight. Adam is coming to be my workhorse for the event and the box packing we will do.

Today was one of those uberbusy days at work, but everyone was positive and upbeat and we thought of a song for everything. There was also some experimentation with valley girl voices. Twas a good day.

" I like an escalator, man, 'cause an escalator can never break. It can only become stairs. There would never be an 'Escalator Temporarily Out of Order' sign, only 'Escalator Temporarily Stairs. Sorry for the Convenience.'"
-Mitch Hedberg


Close Call..

Its 11 p.m. and I just realized I haven't posted today! My schedule was a little off and I had girls' group tonight, which I thought started at 6 so I was an hour early, but oh well. Anywhoos, got home a little after 10, got ready for bed, started reading, and then BOOM! I remembered.

So, hmm... what to write about, what to write about.

Nablopomo, you are my friend.
You inspire me to work hard and write to the end
of November and I will do it, I can fend
for myself and I do not like the trend
of ankle boots with skirts but I can bend
a straw into the shape of a giraffe...the end.

Good night, bloggy friends.


apparel love

Why do clothes from J.Crew have to be so stinking expensive?? I want to marry them all....


The venting/complaining line is a hard line to walk. There's nothing to make you never want to utter a whiny (spelling?) word again like being around a constant complainer, cousin of Negative Nelly and daughter of Debbie Downer.

On the other hand, with a close friend, it is necessary to be vulnerable and open- even about things that are difficult or trying. Some people definitely err on the side of falsey-positivity with no fewer than six disclaimers before venting, "Well, its no big deal, and I really don't mind, and she's actually a really nice person, but she kicked my dog and set fire to my house."

I don't think I mind so much confessing areas I struggle in. I've definitely learned that there is freedom when you speak things into the light. However with venting/complaining, I have a hard time sometimes deciding what things to share/what things to keep inside and simply pray about. I mean, we're supposed to build up and encourage each other, right? But sometimes we need help and maybe its time for us to vent and receive encouragement, right? Okay, then.

I definitely think its something that the Holy Spirit works out in us as we learn to walk with Him and hear His voice. The best of friends you can vent to without worry. I love it when my best pals vent because they are not Debbie Downers and I feel valued and trusted that they let it out! With my best friend you have to pull it out of her somedays, but then she finally admits, "Well, its nothing and I am so grateful to have a car and a home and I know I'm not a starving person in Africa but I've had a really bad day." Ah, release.

P.S. This is my 100th post!!!!!


R.I.P., Gilmy

Today, the last season of Gilmore Girls came out on DVD. Sadly, there were a lot of complications with the producers and the last season was under a different producer's eye and the ending of the series... well, it wasn't all that and a bag of potato chips. But, moving on.

Today was onsite interviews at work and I gave a killer tour up through the 4th floor. Its fun having anxious & suddenly insecure, nervous people around and getting to talk their ears off and they having no choice but to listen and laugh politely. Maybe I should be a permanent tour guide somewhere. Good times!

I have a sweet husband, he just practiced his OMM (Osteopathic Musculoskeletal Manipulation) techniques on me after our run. And I have to say, I don't mind being a patient.. not one bit! My back and calves are feeling nice and relaxed. (Brooke, another nice point about med school...)

Fact: Its 9 days until we head to Ft. Worth for Thanksgiving with my fantastic in-laws!



Disclaimer: This post is rated "P" for Potty-talk. It may contain some material offensive to cottonheaded ninnymuggins. If you don't want to hear it, walk away....or type "google" or "anthropologie" into your browser thingy.

Okay, so the 1st floor bathroom where I work is the most disturbingly quiet room you have ever encountered in your life. Bathroom should have SOMETHING, okay. Background music, a fan quietly turning, a vent at least, right? Alas, no. Our 3-stall bathroom is horrifyingly silent. When its my time to shine, I pray that no one is in there. Because you can't relax, you know? And if you can't relax, you can't releeeaaaase. And its not like you can just flush and let THAT noise fill up the room b/c the flush is one of those stupid, supersonic flushes that only last 2.4 seconds. Boo.

Bathroom issue #2:
The floors are so shiny that you can see the person next to you's reflection.. and I mean, really well. Like, if you were next to me and I accidentally looked down on the ground, I could say what color pantaloones (spelling?) you were wearing. So, you spend your time trying to relax, focusing super hard on not looking at the floor, and also keeping your reflection as modest as possible. This is not conducive to the aforementioned "release".

Needless to say, the bathrooms are difficult to go #1 in, let alone drop the kids off. Incidentally, I walk upstairs to the 2nd floor bathroom at least three times a day so I don't have to camp out on the toilet and wait for the stalls to empty along with the stinking girl taking her sweet time at the sink. And then, you're all paranoid, like "wait, is someone coming in?" Muscles contract! And so, in summary, thank you, higher ups, for the exercise.

Good day.



Want a good recipe thats easy and delicious? Its from Cooking Light magazine and its an enchilada casserole.

copy and paste this into your window:

I add taco seasoning during phase I. I have made it twice and Adam and I like it a lot.

Pulling a Lorelai

Disclaimer: If you know me, you know I love Gilmore Girls. I can't help it nor would I want to. I've always loved their dialogue and the quirky town people. And, definitely, always loved the concept of the snowy Stars Hollow. Okay, rant over.

Now for me, growing up, August meant back-to-school; back-to-school meant back-to-school shopping. I remember even in Louisiana, where it was 95 degrees on the first day of school, the clothing stores all had their sweaters, scarves, courdroys, hoodies, warm hats, and gloves on display. I always wanted to buy those things, to be able to wear those warm, cute scarves or pull on a thick sweater and take off to school.

To the majority of these items, my mom put her foot down but I walked away with at least one new sweater, which I would then proceed to wear on the first 85 degree weather day, since it was so much cooler out and all. Then, I would be horribly hot and wishing it would be at least a little bit cooler, please. But when my mother asked, "Aren't you hot in that?" I would, of course, answer, "No, duh." But, I digress. The point is, the number of days that necessitated wool coats or fuzzy mittens were few and I always was ready for them to come.

So, for now, I'm really enjoying needing my scarves and gloves. I like dressing in the long coats I always envied Lorelai Gilmore for getting to wear. I like feeling like the holidays are coming up because I can see my breath. Maybe, come February I'll be ready for Spring to come, but for now, this is right up my alley.

Unrelated: Adam just went fishing with his friend Jim, from class, and he really liked it! Maybe when the lake freezes, he'll sit in his little hut, study anatomy, and be just like a grumpy old man!


Feliz Navidad!

Yep, we jumped the gun. And it was fantastic!!!!!!

Buenos Dias, Amigos!

Today, Bethany and I went to the All Seasons Market, aka big flea market. We bought matching snowman ear muffs, which are super warm and super soft. Yay, winter. Pics from the flea market:



Whoa, y'all are smart! She wished that the genie would pick up a nearby stick and beat her half to death.

I just returned from my ladies' night where we went to see Amy's play. Okay, if you live in Erie, you need to go see Run for your Wife. You'll laugh your pants off. Its stinking HILLARIOUS. Seriously, wear a diaper.

A riddle for You!

There was once a girl who was always jealous of her sister. One day a genie appeared and told her that he was "half magic" which meant that he could grant her wishes, but her sister would always get two times more than she did. She had three wishes. First, she wishes that she was the richest person in the world, but her sister soon became the richest because she got two times the money. Her second wish was that she was the most beautiful woman in the world, but her sister gets twice as much beauty. What was her third wish?

el grupo de las mujeres

I had girls' group last night, whoop whoop! (I hope you know what sound effect I was aiming for as I wrote those noises- kind of like the raise the roof noise, ok?) It was fantastic and I love spending time with those girls and enjoying life. By the way, fiction below is not about girls' group, is in fact, just fiction.

Adam had a whale of a test today and is going to need some relax time this weekend. We are discussing putting up the Christmas tree, even though my mother would be appalled (Camille, we are not putting up the Christmas tree before Thanksgiving!) Oh, the cardinal Conville rules. But if Starbucks has their Christmas decorations up, then I feel justified, by golly! I mean, Lowe's and Target have had Christmas stuff up since the beginning of October, so I don't trust them. But Fivebucks, I mean Starbucks? Yes.

Currently, I'm wearing purple sweater which reminds me of Elf when he says "I like your suit, its very purple-y". That would be a good movie to have on during Texas-Christmas tree decorating- great soundtrack. Yes, our Christmas tree is a Texas tree.

The stars at night...


I felt the heat creeping up my face. I had never relished speaking in front of others; preferring, intead, to hole up in a safe corner and observe. But all eyes were on me so I cleared my throat and smoothed my skirt. As I slowly rose out of my seat, I saw something surprising in these women's eyes. Where I had expected to see judgemental stares and even hatred, I saw compassion and kindness.

Why had I expected otherwise? Why had I spent the last half-hour weighing these women and looking for flaws? Why had I compared my size to theirs and contrasted complexions and shoes instead of listening to their stories?

I had been so prideful, so hesitant to even show up. But as I looked around the room, I was suddenly struck by the beauty before me. These women, who the world had shunned, who were told that they had no worth- they were radiant. I felt myself relax and felt a physical release from expectation. These women would be my teachers.



Hello beloved readers,

I'm going to a play tomorrow night that one of my co-workers is in. Its caled "Run For Your Wife" and got great reviews today in the Erie Times. Its a British, fast-talky, clever innuendo-y play. If you're interested, go here: www.allanact.net

random Camille trivia: i HATE the sound of stryofoam rubbing together and the sound of someone's finger rubbing against a balloon. Gag me with a wooden spoon. Whats your pet peeve?


Pictures up

Scroll down 2 posts to see the snow pictures!

Power Outage

I am at work for the 2nd morning in a row with wet hair. Why? Well, yesterday afternoon when I get home from work, I was on the computer posting my snow pictures and BAM something blew and the lights went out. Apparently, its widespread in Erie- 15,000 homes I think. So, we curled up by the fire, (Thank you old gas fireplace) and read/Adam studied.

I will post the snowy pictures tonight if the electricity is back on. (Prayerfully, it will be.)

Yesterday before the outage, Adam and I made a snow man and had a good old fashioned snowball fight. Powers was very confused as he wanted to be able to catch the snowballs, but they kept disappearing once they hit the ground or his paw. Good times!


2 posts for the price of 1

I'm home for lunch & the electricity is back! hooray!

As promised:

Getting ready with my headlamp

Adam studying in the dark

Powers pouncing on the snow